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Articles by ‘Brent Weaver’

Try This One Simple Trick That Will Help You Sell More Web Design Projects

Prior to selling my web agency, HotPress Web, last year and starting uGurus, a new venture to help web professionals become more profitable, I pitched a lot of website projects.

I have lost more deals than I have won. Many more.

There were times in my early days when I was pitching so many website deals, I would lose track of proposals I had sent out. My process was broken.

I have created and sent over 950 website proposals to date.

Now, when I say that, you might picture in your mind that I just quick fired a bunch of documents in response to contact form inquiries or RFPs (Request for Proposals). But that’s not my style.

I like the hustle.

Each and every one of those 950 proposals consisted of countless phone calls, in person meetings, driving to remote offices, and sitting through more meet and greets than I care to go into. I have sat in the most ornate conference rooms and the smallest kitchens.

With only one objective: sell as many website as I can muster the energy to do.

The Biggest Waste


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