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Articles by ‘Claire Roper’

A Showcase of Beautiful Office Spaces

You spend a massive proportion of your life there, so it goes without saying that where you work really matters. Gone are the days when offices had to be beige and grey boxes where workers were kept captive from nine to five. Modern offices can be playful, cool, stylish and – dare we even say it – fun. That’s right, fun. At work of all places.

So, if your workstation is currently a mess of papers, sandwich packets and unwatered plants this post is for you. Or perhaps you’re seeking some inspiration to help set up the perfect home office. Whatever your motivation, this collection of beautiful and exciting work spaces should get your creativity flowing. So put down that bog-standard office-supplies catalog and start getting inventive with your work space – here’s how you do it.

Google, Zurich

Google, Zurich


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