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Articles by ‘Raul Dumitrescu’

Full Smashing Library (60+ eBooks + 1 year of updates) – only $45 (SPONSORED CONTENT)


Fact: Smashing Magazine puts out some of the most informative and helpful articles around for Web Designers. They even go 1 step further and collect some of their best articles into a series of printed and electronic books.

And now, thanks to this incredibly rare super deal, you can get full access to the entire eBook library from Smashing Books for 1 year.

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FluidMask: Professional Image Masking Tool Ever – 55% off! (SPONSORED CONTENT)

Ask any designer and they’ll tell you that masking is painful, tedious work. But it’s necessary. For some images, it’s easy. But what if there are tons of different colors, a busy background, and some real fine details like crazy hair styles?

Yep, masking is painful, tedious work. And lucky for you, Mighty Deals has found a way to not only speed up the process, but make it infinitely easier to do as well. TheFluid Mask tool from Vertus will be the greatest edition to your designer’s toolbox yet and it will really speed up your work.

Fluid Mask 3 Highlights:

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    Deal of the week: 10 Premium Responsive Bootstrap Templates – only $10! (SPONSORED CONTENT)

    Building a new website?
    Giving your old site a facelift?
    Completely lost either way?
    Not to worry! What you need is a simple yet elegant solution. Less is certainly more, and that’s exactly what you’ll get from a Bootstrap responsive template.

    But with this Mighty Deal, you won’t get just one measly Bootstrap template.
    Not 3 Bootstrap templates.
    Not even 5 Bootstrap templates.
    No, what you’ll get is a collection of 10 HTML5/CSS3 Bootstrap responsive templates all ready for you to integrate into your glorious website! And you’ll get them for 75% off!
    Bootstrap Templates Highlights:
    -10 Premium Bootstrap Templates
    -Responsive Templates
    -Simple to Customize
    -Slick Modern Design
    -Tons of Popular Features

    Take a look at the 10 Bootstrap Responsive Templates included in this deal here

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    8 Web Apps to Make Online Life Easier

    Here you have a collection of 8 apps that will make living online a lot easier and more pleasurable. Make sure to click on a few and try them out.

    Mighty Deals – Great deals on services for web savvy consumers.

    Everyone is always looking for a good deal, and Mighty Deals does have quite a few of them. If you’re a web expert there are items here, like font packages, themes and other web design tools that you can actually use. They have a ‘daily deals’ section that sometimes has a great item, and they usually don’t have a lot of junk although, unless you make a lot of websites, you probably won’t use a lot of what they have to offer.

    Best feature –Absolutely no registration fees.

    Mighty Deals

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