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99 Ways to Promote Your Blog for Free

This post was originally published 6 years ago. During the past 6 years the blogging world has changed drastically, and as a result, the content of this post was horribly outdated and no longer relevant. We’ve totally scrapped the original post and re-wrote it to provide insight that can be applied by today’s bloggers.

With millions of blogs out there, getting noticed can be quite a challenge for the new blogger. Simply posting content won’t lead to visitors. When you’re trying to establish your blog you’ll need to work on some promotion to help kick start your blog’s growth. In this article we’ll focus on free options and we’ll look at 99 ways to promote your blog for free. Since most of our readers are designers, some of the points are specifically applicable to design blogs, but the majority of the content is relevant to blogs in any industry or niche.

99 Ways to Promote Your Blog for Free

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12 Ways to Avoid Blogging Burnout

I think everyone who has consistently maintained a blog for any length of time has faced the issue of burnout. Sometimes it’s difficult to keep moving forward, and these situations lead many bloggers to quit. With the tips listed below you will be able to prevent a major burnout in your blogging efforts. 1. Choose […]

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Monetizing a Website Without Alienating Your Visitors

One of the goals of most websites and blogs is to make money. Whether the intention is to build a profitable business or just to cover the costs to operate the site, most website owners need to get something back from their work monetarily to justify the effort that is going into the website.

Unfortunately, sometimes monetizing a website comes at the expense of its readers and visitors. Obviously, in order to maintain a successful web presence, the site must be monetized in a way that is acceptable to visitors.

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Make Your Website Linkable

One of the most important aspects of marketing and promoting a website or blog is attracting inbound links. A great deal of effort goes into creating link bait and sometimes into directory submissions and requesting links from others. But before these link building attempts can truly be successful, your site or blog will need to be ready. Here are some tips to making your website more linkable:


Of course, the most important aspect of drawing links is the content. Typically when others link to you they are doing so because there is something on their site that they consider to be useful, interesting, funny, or entertaining. Link baiting focuses primarily on the content, and rightfully so. Without good content it will be hard to draw links regardless of the other factors involved.

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Redefining Your Purpose

I believe most of my readers who are bloggers or online marketers have been online for several months or longer. When you started your website/blog you obviously started it for a reason. Maybe you wanted to make money. Maybe you just wanted to share your thoughts and opinions with others. Have you stopped to think […]

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On the subject of social media, Digg and StumbleUpon seem to get almost all of the attention right now. While the traffic potential for these two is considerably higher than other social media sites, can be one of the most powerful resources for your link building efforts. Quick Overview of is a […]

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The Effects of Creative Blog Content

In recent years the rise in popularity of social media websites has paralleled the rise in popularity of blogs. Search engine optimization (SEO) used to be the primary way for websites to draw traffic. Now social media optimization (SMO) has the potential to draw far more visitors very quickly, whereas with SEO there is going […]

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Who is the Focal Point of Your Design?

Many times during the web design process the focus gets lost. Sometimes we try very hard to create an impressive visual appearance. Other times too much priority is given to designing for search engines. While an attractive design and search engine optimization are both important, ultimately the design should be created for the user. Nine […]

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