Guide to Setting Up a LightCMS Website from Scratch

LightCMS Screenshot

Choosing the right content management system for a particular project can be a critical decision that has long-lasting impact on the client and the success of their website. Unfortunately, with so many options out there it is difficult to get to know more than just those that you use on a regular basis.

In this post I’d like to present some basic information about LightCMS and provide a tutorial for getting a simple website working with the basic features of LightCMS. This is a very simple tutorial that only covers the basics of the system, but hopefully it will be helpful to learn a little bit more about the Light CMS engine to use it for some of your clients…

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5 Reasons Why Page Builders can do a Better Job than WordPress Themes and Website Builders


In the website design world there are today two mainstream ways to build a website: 1) use a premium WordPress theme, or 2) use a website builder. Much can be said for either approach, but there is a third way – using a WordPress page builder. This article will discuss the essential PROs and CONs of each approach as well as some overlooked facts…

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20 Beautiful Examples of Sunset Photography

German winter sunset photograph

Sunsets are a popular photography subject for amateurs and professionals alike. While the lighting often presents challenges, the results can be stunning. Dusk is also considered close to the “magic hour” which plays a big role in the quality of a photo taken outside.

In this post we’ll showcase 20 amazing photos of sunset photography from various photographers. To see any of the photos in a larger size, please click on the image and you’ll be led to the original source…

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What Makes Good Blog Design?


As you surf through the internet you’re bound to come across certain designs that you love and some that you hate. But good blog design has a few unique elements when compared to the design of a traditional website. Here are ten things to keep in mind when designing your blog. 1. Content Should be […]

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Brainstorming Techniques for Bloggers


As bloggers, we all face the challenge of creating unique content that will keep readers coming back for more. The first step to writing a blog post is coming up with an idea, but many times this part of the process is taken for granted and sufficient time is not spend on idea development. Original […]

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The Value of a Network


Every successful blogger is part of a network of other bloggers. The community aspect is extremely important for a number of reasons that we’ll look at below. Building a strong network is not difficult, but it does require you to be proactive. What can a network do for me? First of all I should clarify […]

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Designing to Save Time on Maintenance


If you’ve ever tried to redesign a website (especially one that was designed by someone other than yourself) you know how frustrating it can be. Even performing routine maintenance can be difficult if you don’t spend a lot of time on the site and you’re not familiar with the structure. There are a few things […]

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Getting the Most Out of Your FAQ Page


Frequently Asked Question pages are usually an after-thought when designing a website. They’re sometimes thrown together just to provide some basic information for visitors so they won’t have to email or call for answers. If this is the case, there’s a huge amount of potential that’s being wasting. FAQ pages can be one of the […]

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