Best Blog Design Showcase: Creative Ideas for Web Designers

best blog design showcase

The key to any good blog, regardless of the topic or industry, is content that interests readers and keeps them coming back for more. Although content is the number one priority, part of providing a positive user experience involves having an effect design and layout. With millions of blogs already online, and more coming every day, having a unique or high-quality design is a great way to stand out.

In this post we’ll showcase 23 examples of well-designed blogs. These examples should provide you with plenty of inspiration for your own blog designs and for client work. You’ll find a variety of different types of blogs and styles of design here, so you’re sure to find something that you like.

Noel Tock

Noel Tock

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30 Cringeworthy Photoshop Disasters and Goof-Ups

photoshop goof mistakes

Photoshop is an amazing tool that allows designers and photographers to do some incredible things. But not every Photoshopped creation works out exactly as planned. Whether it is poor execution, going too far, or oversight of something important, Photoshop disasters are not uncommon. In this post we’ll showcase 30 examples that come from,, and

Holding a Hand

Photoshop Disasters

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Overcoming Blogger’s Block


A never-ending challenge for bloggers is to constantly produce quality content on topics that will generate interest. At times it can be a struggle to even decide on a topic to blog about. When you have hit this wall, or better yet, before you have hit this wall, there are some proven methods that will […]

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Generate an InDesign Table of Contents from a Template

indesign cc table of contents

Once you get the hang of it, the Table of Contents generator in Adobe InDesign is a breeze to use, and if you’re using an InDesign template, most of the work is already done for you, making your job flow that much easier and faster.

Here’s why:

InDesign’s Table of Contents generator works with Character Styles and Paragraph Styles to generate a Table of Contents. The generator searches your document for Styles of various titles, subtitles, headings, and subheadings, as specified by you, the user, and generates a Table of Contents based on these Styles, along with certain formatting options that you choose from the generator dialogue.

Your InDesign template most likely comes with a handful of Styles predefined, and you can make new ones easily by formatting your text with the Character and Paragraph palettes, highlighting your text, and choosing New Paragraph Style from the dropdown menu in the upper right hand corner of the Paragraph Styles palette. Be sure to name your new Style by double clicking it in the palette’s list and entering a name that you can remember.

Text styles are pre-defined

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Free Adobe Illustrator CS6 Tutorials and How-Tos

Free Illustrator CS6 tuts

We recently took a look at some of the new features and highlighted helpful tutorials for Photoshop CS6, and we thought it would be appropriate to do the same thing for Illustrator. The new features and changes in Illustrator are probably not as drastic as the changes in Photoshop, but there are still some improvements and new tricks to be learned for working with Illustrator CS6.

Here we’ll link to 15 tutorials that teach new features and guides that explain the changes in CS6. Some are step-by-step tutorials for new and improved features like creating patterns and applying gradients to strokes, and others are guides that explain new features or changes to the user interface.

Image Trace in Illustrator CS6

Image Trace in Illustrator CS6

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10 Keys to Effective Writing for the Web


Writing for an online audience is much different than writing for a traditional print publication like a book, magazine or newspaper. Online readers are obviously reading from a screen, and as a result they will more likely scan the article as opposed to reading it word-for-word. In order to maximize the impact of your articles […]

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Common Web Design Mistakes


1. Horizontal Scrolling – Users on an average-size monitor with average resolution should not have to scroll left and right to read the contents of your pages. Designing with fixed widths that will fit onto smaller monitors or designing with fluid layouts will avoid horizontal scrolling. 2. Invalid Code – In order to have the […]

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Seven Things Your Business Website Must Have


1 – Your Own Domain Name Some free website hosting services, such as geocities and tripod, will provide you with a free domain name that is an extension of their domain. Any business that hopes to have a professional internet presence should purchase its own domain name. They can be purchased from for less […]

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