Comparison of WordPress Theme Clubs


In recent years the popularity of premium/commercial WordPress themes has steadily increased. With the huge number of websites using WordPress as a CMS and with the demand for quality themes constantly increasing, the market for quality themes includes a large selection for buyers. Many designers/developers have an interest in WordPress theme clubs that provide access to a selection of themes rather than paying for each individual theme that they need. Likewise, many people who own several websites also prefer theme clubs as a way to get quality themes for all of their websites.

While there are a number of good options, things can get a little confusing when you are trying to decide which theme club to join. This article takes a look at the specifics of 11 different theme clubs with the goal of helping you to compare the options. You’ll also find a table at the end that shows the details in a summarized manner for easy comparison.

Before we start looking at the different theme clubs, let’s talk about that factors you’ll want to consider, and what you should expect from any theme club. For starters, any theme club should provide customers with…

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Choosing a Website Hosting Company


There are a number of important factors to consider when deciding on a web hosting company. 1 – Price – Web hosting services come in all different prices, including free. While free hosting may sound tempting, it’s not a good idea for any business that takes its website seriously. Using a free hosting service will […]

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What Makes A Website Search Engine Friendly?


Search engines view websites completely differently than humans do. To a search engine this page looks like this: The same appearance of a website can be achieved with a number of different coding methods. Some are more effective for search engine rankings than others. Simply by looking at a website in an internet browser it […]

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Top Photoshop Plugins for UI Designers


Adobe Photoshop is still the premiere editing suite for most graphic designers. It’s been around for over 20 years and has a massive library of Photoshop plugins for all types of creative work.

But of all the graphic design disciplines it seems UI design is one of the fastest-growing markets. This is why I’ve collected the most significant Photoshop plugins as they pertain to interface designers for web & mobile apps. You’ll find 20 recommendations of both free and premium plugins to dramatically improve your typical Photoshop UI design workflow.

Also if you’re a Sketch user then take a look at our list of Sketch plugins made specifically for UI designers…

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15 Beautiful and Modern Pre-built Page Layouts for Online Stores


Shopping malls are being killed by online stores according to a Forbes article. The increasing demand for eCommerce stores has led, among others, to the appearance of eCommerce pre-made page layouts to help you get started. You can easily edit them with a drag and drop page builder like Visual Composer. Editing here means replacing images, text, prices, logos, […]

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25 Professional Shots of Rain Photography

Rain Photography

Although rain can make photography difficult, there are some amazing photos that have been captured in the rain. In this post we’ll showcase 25 photos that fit into this category. If you see something you like, click on the image or the credit link to be led to the source. Many of those pages will have a larger version of the image to be displayed, and you can also browse through more work by the photographer…

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Desktop IDEs: Our Top Choices for Web Developers


To successfully develop PHP sites, you’ll naturally want to have a great development environment. When creating a website, you will likely also need to edit HTML, CSS and even JavaScript files, which is why utilizing an IDE will help you easily and effectively develop your site.

In this article we’ll walk through the most popular IDEs: Codelobster PHP Edition, Eclipse, Komodo IDE, NetBeans, PHPStorm, and NuSphere. Each of these programs has different advantages for programmers, and our goal is to briefly describe the coding possibilities…

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15 Amazing WordPress Slider Themes


Strong visuals are indispensable for making your site appealing to the audience. Even if you run a financial or business website, bold photography will help you promote your project more effectively and attract crowds of new clients. Do you run an eCommerce site? Then images are just what you need to generate profits!

A lot of businesses tend to use sliders on their websites. With their help, marketers grab users’ attention and make them focus on the most effective and appealing aspects of your business. Sliders are especially useful to photographers, artists, designers, interior and furniture companies, and other creative businesses that need to exhibit a breathtaking web presence.

We’ve hand picked and put together 15 WordPress slider themes that come loaded with stunning sliders that make the designs look more fresh and modern. The templates, all featuring fully responsive layouts, will adapt smoothly to any screen size and resolution. It goes without saying that the templates were designed in line with the latest web trends, so you may be sure that your website, powered by any of them, will look appealing to the most demanding customers…

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45 Clean and Minimal WordPress Themes


Although there are thousands of different WordPress themes available, finding the right one can be a challenge. Sometimes the best choice is a theme that features a clean design without unneeded design elements and distractions.

WordPress themes with a clean or minimalist design and layout are often easier to customize and use as a starting point, and they can also look great on their own without the need for customizations.

In this post we’ll showcase 45 different WordPress themes that avoid excess in terms of design and style. Some are very minimal, and others use clean layouts…

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