15 Amazing WordPress Slider Themes


Strong visuals are indispensable for making your site appealing to the audience. Even if you run a financial or business website, bold photography will help you promote your project more effectively and attract crowds of new clients. Do you run an eCommerce site? Then images are just what you need to generate profits!

A lot of businesses tend to use sliders on their websites. With their help, marketers grab users’ attention and make them focus on the most effective and appealing aspects of your business. Sliders are especially useful to photographers, artists, designers, interior and furniture companies, and other creative businesses that need to exhibit a breathtaking web presence.

We’ve hand picked and put together 15 WordPress slider themes that come loaded with stunning sliders that make the designs look more fresh and modern. The templates, all featuring fully responsive layouts, will adapt smoothly to any screen size and resolution. It goes without saying that the templates were designed in line with the latest web trends, so you may be sure that your website, powered by any of them, will look appealing to the most demanding customers…

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45 Clean and Minimal WordPress Themes


Although there are thousands of different WordPress themes available, finding the right one can be a challenge. Sometimes the best choice is a theme that features a clean design without unneeded design elements and distractions.

WordPress themes with a clean or minimalist design and layout are often easier to customize and use as a starting point, and they can also look great on their own without the need for customizations.

In this post we’ll showcase 45 different WordPress themes that avoid excess in terms of design and style. Some are very minimal, and others use clean layouts…

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25 Creatively Designed Clever Logos

Cafe A Roma clever logo design

The logo is obviously an important part of a company’s branding. Logos can make an impact in any number of ways, and one possibility is through creativity. If you browse logo galleries for inspiration you’ll find some examples of very creative logo design. In some cases the logos may be in use be a real company. In other cases the logo concept could have been rejected by the client, or in some cases the logo could have been created by the design for a fictional company just for some extra practice or a portfolio piece.

In this post you’ll see 25 examples of logos that are clever and creative. The logos shown here have been created by various designers. If you see something you like, click on the link or image and you’ll be led to the source…

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7 Great Tips for Effective and Engaging Mobile App Design


Right from games and to-do list organizers to monitoring your heartbeat and eating pattern, there is an app for everything today.

According to a Harvard Business Review article, an average person interacts with his/her mobile device 150 times a day. The majority of time is invested in engaging with a wide range of apps.

Mobile apps allow customers to have the needed information at their fingertips, which is why several businesses consider mobile apps as the standard components of their marketing strategies. Investing in mobile apps is no longer an activity limited to big brands such as Walmart and Best Buy. Many small and mid-size businesses are also following this trend.

This is where you need to break through the noise and create apps that have an edge over the others in the market. Only then will you be able to achieve the desired outcomes through your mobile marketing strategies.

However, creating a brilliant app isn’t a piece of cake. Design is one of the most important aspects of a mobile app. The native app UI design doesn’t give the developer a lot of room to work with. But, by keeping certain important elements of app design in mind, it is possible to create an app that can help gauge user interaction and involvement.

Here are a few tips that can help you develop effective and user-friendly mobile app design…

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Elements Every Successful Mobile Design Must Have


Whether designing an app or working on your website’s mobile design, there are a few key elements every successful mobile design must have. In fact, these highly critical components are so important that without them, you won’t be able to design what your client really needs. And today, more and more users interact with content via their mobile devices, many times more often than a desktop device, so make doubly sure that your mobile design makes sense, is usable, and looks stellar!

While I can’t go into great detail in a single article, I want to give you some food for thought on each of these paramount elements. As a quick overview, I’ll be going over…

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How to Increase Conversions on Your Blog


Do you often find yourself frustrated at the lack of sign ups on your blog? Perhaps you’re receiving traffic, but nobody is sticking. You then find writing content a laborious task, that ultimately won’t bring you the results you need to further your business.

However, if executed correctly blogging is a fantastic way of generating leads through email signups, encouraging downloads, increasing your social media following and inviting people to register for events you might be running…

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Psychology Of Color To Improve Site Conversion


Studying the psychology of color is crucial for maximizing your site’s web design. Using the right colors can help put your customers in the frame of mind that compels them to take action. Color has the power to improve conversions by grabbing customers’ attention and triggering the right emotions for sales.

Colors often define the public’s perception about your brand and what you stand for. However, the ultimate question remains unanswered: Which color is right for my brand? What color should I choose for maximum impact?

It’s important to understand that the psychology of color plays a big role in persuasion. Keep in mind that persuasion is different from coercion, manipulation, or simply being pushy. Instead, it’s about bringing the change in attitude necessary to encourage customers to take action. In this case, the action would be a conversion or purchase.

Of course, an essential aspect of the psychology of color is value. If devoid of value, your products or services won’t sell regardless of the color scheme. For the psychology of color to work in your website’s favor, the content, design, loading speed, call for action, and other landing page factors must work in tandem…

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