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Tools & Webapps for Clean CSS Code

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There are a number of free online tools that can help you to create and maintain effective CSS code. These tools include validators, optimizers, and compressors, to name a few. They can all help you maintain clean CSS code across every project big or small.

Try out a few of these tools and see how they work to maintain efficient CSS stylesheets.

CSS Tidy

CSS Tidy is an open source CSS parser and optimizer from SourceForge. It is available as an executable file for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X. CSS Tidy is often able to achieve a compression ration of 30% or more.

In addition to compression, CSS Tidy can also format CSS code for higher browser compatibility.

CSS Tidy Screen Shot

Clean CSS

Clean CSS is another simple online tool that gives you a few options for formatting and optimizing CSS. Clean CSS gives you easy control over how much you want it to do. It is also available in German and French.

Clean CSS Screen Shot


Insert the URL of your style sheet and CSSCheck will quickly run a report that gives you some feedback on the code. It will give warnings for items that may cause problems.

CSSCheck Screen Shot

CSS Analyzer

The CSS Analyzer from Juicy Studio allows you to validate your CSS code, and it also tests the color contrasts and the units of measurement. Just enter the URL of your style sheet and it will produce the report.

CSS Analyzer Screen Shot

CSS Compressor

CSS Compressor is another tool for reducing the file size of style sheets. Unlike some of the other tools, it offers the option to upload a file from your computer in addition to the option of entering a URL.

CSS compressor webapp

Flumpcakes CSS Optimizer

The CSS Optimizer from Flumpcakes gives you several options and provides the save features as many of the other optimizers on this list.

Flumpcakes Screen Shot

CSS Drive CSS Compressor

CSS Drive provides a CSS Compressor with options for “Light”, “Normal”, or “Super Compact.”

You simply paste your code into the page and it does the work.

CSS Drive Screen Shot

CSS SuperScrub

CSS SuperScrub offers less features and options than some of the other tools, but it still functions essentially the same. It works to reduce the size and complexity of the file by eliminating unnecessary elements and organizing the file.

CSS superscrub Screen Shot

Robson CSS Compressor

Another option for compressing your CSS files, the Robson CSS Compressor offers many of the same features as the other choices listed here, but it is still in development, so “it may not work correctly.”

Robson CSS Compressor

W3C CSS Validator

The W3C offers a free validator for CSS files. Simply enter the URL and see how your style sheet does.

W3C Validator Screen Shot

Other Choices:

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