Top 10 Blogs for the WordPress Community

One of the great things about the WordPress platform is the excellent community surrounding it. Whether you are looking for help with a specific problem or if you’re just interested in finding some blogs to follow for occasional tutorials, there are plenty of resources available. Here is a look at 10 of the best sites for WordPress users and theme designers.

Weblog Tools Collection

There is probably no better resource for staying up-to-date with theme and plugin releases than Weblog Tools Collection. Whether you want to find new themes and plugins from others or get some exposure for your own, Weblog Tools Collection is a great resource. In addition, it’s a great resource for general WP news.

Weblog Tools Collection


WPCandy is one of my favorite sources of WordPress-related content. The blog publishes a lot of content that’s helpful for WordPress designers and users, and the site also includes a gallery of WordPress-powered sites, and a place for readers to submit news. You can also find reviews of new themes and plugins.



NETTUTS is not specifically a WordPress-focused site, but if you’re looking for high-quality tutorials for WP development, this is the place to go. Not all of the content is WordPress-related, but NETTUTS provides some of the best, and most detailed, tutorials for building or customizing WordPress themes.


Daily Blog Tips

Daily Blog Tips is one of the leading blogs about blogging, and Daniel consistently publishes content for WordPress users. In addition to WP-related blog posts, Daily Blog Tips occasionally releases a free theme.


Cats Who Code

Cats Who Code is another excellent blog for finding tutorials for WP designers and users. The blog is updated frequently and the quality of content is high.

Cats Who Code

Pro Blog Design

Michael Martin of Pro Blog Design writes some of the best articles and tutorials for WP theme designers. The archives at Pro Blog Design provide plenty of content on a number of important issues for WordPress designers and developers.

Pro Blog Design


WPZOOM is a blog that focuses on all things WordPress. You’ll find collections of themes, theme announcements and reviews, and other information that WordPress users and designers can appreciate.


The WordPress Podcast

The WordPress Podcast is not updated extremely frequently, but for WP-related news it’s a good resource to have in your your feed reader.

WP Podcast


WpRecipes provides a lot of tips and brief tutorials for working with the WordPress platform. This site is only a few months old, but posts are published on a daily basis.


WordPress Hacks

WordPress Hacks publishes frequently, with an archive full of useful content. The posts focus on WordPress news, tips, tutorials, and reviews.

WordPress Hacks

Other Great Resources for the WordPress Community:

Aside from blogs, these resources are excellent resources for both users and designers working with WordPress.

We Love WP

We Love WP is an excellent design gallery that showcases only websites powered by WordPress. If you design WordPress themes of any kind (free, premium, custom), you certainly could benefit from seeing what others are doing on the WordPress platform.

We Love WP


WPscoop is a social media site that focuses exclusively on WordPress-related news and content. Like any niche social media site, the audience is considerably smaller than major social news sites; however, if you’re looking to find the best WordPress tutorials, news, theme and plugin announcements, try WPscoop.


The Official WordPress Forums

If you’re having an issue with a WordPress theme or just have a general question about the platform, the WP forums should be one of your first stops. Often you’ll be able to find what you’re looking for just by searching the existing threads, and if that doesn’t produce an answer you can always post your question. The community at the forums is very active and you’re likely to get a quick and helpful response.

WP forums

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    WPCandy is always my first port of call if I need to find something out about a plugin. It’s a great resource.

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    Thanks for including WPscoop on your list, behind the scenes we have been working really hard on making the site stable and implementing our spam filters for submitted content. We have also been working on and testing some new features which we will be introducing in the coming weeks like more advanced profiles, groups and a dynamic external voting buttons for websites and blogs.

    Thanks again for the mention.

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    And yes, I have been VERY busy lately trying to finish up a few projects, but I’m not going to use that as an excuse. :mrgreen:

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    Thanks for adding WPCandy to the list :)

    A few other of my favorite Ian Stewart’s and Justin Tadlock’s blog.


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    Thanks for the list! The only one of these sites I had ever heard of before is Daily Blog Tips. This gives me nine new Word Press blogs to check out.

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    If you’re serious you must be very busy with work to keep you away from NETTUTS for this long.

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