Comparison of WordPress Theme Clubs

In recent years the popularity of premium/commercial WordPress themes has steadily increased. With the huge number of websites using WordPress as a CMS and with the demand for quality themes constantly increasing, the market for quality themes includes a large selection for buyers. Many designers/developers have an interest in WordPress theme clubs that provide access to a selection of themes rather than paying for each individual theme that they need. Likewise, many people who own several websites also prefer theme clubs as a way to get quality themes for all of their websites.

While there are a number of good options, things can get a little confusing when you are trying to decide which theme club to join. This article takes a look at the specifics of 11 different theme clubs with the goal of helping you to compare the options. You’ll also find a table at the end that shows the details in a summarized manner for easy comparison.

Before we start looking at the different theme clubs, let’s talk about that factors you’ll want to consider, and what you should expect from any theme club. For starters, any theme club should provide customers with:

  • Professional-quality themes
  • Support
  • Theme updates (specifically for compatibility with new versions of WordPress)

While things like pricing are important factors to consider, even a low price doesn’t make it a good deal if themes are of low quality, if they are not updated as needed, and if you can’t get support.

When comparing the specifics of each theme club we will look at the following factors:

  • One-time fees to join the club
  • Recurring fees to keep your membership active
  • Length of membership
  • Number of themes available
  • Usage restrictions (can they be used on unlimited domains?)

All of the information about the specific themes clubs is up-to-date as of November, 2015. Details of the theme clubs can change frequently, so please be sure to verify the specifics with any theme club before joining. We’ve attempted to have the most accurate info here, but check it for yourself before signing up.

Elegant Themes

Elegant Themes

With well over 200,000 customers Elegant Themes is certainly one of the most popular WordPress theme clubs, and they were one of the originators of the membership model for theme shops. They currently have 87 themes, and they release new themes fairly frequently. One of the benefits of signing up as an Elegant Themes member is knowing with their track record and their success that they will continue to run a very active theme club for the foreseeable future.

The themes available to Elegant Themes members range from portfolio themes, to business themes, to blogging/news themes, to eCommerce themes, to personal themes. Their recent theme releases use a responsive layout, and the style and quality of design is always at a professional level. Their most recent theme, Divi, is an extremely powerful and versatile theme that has quickly become their flagship product.

Elegant Themes offers a few different membership options. The Personal and Developer options both involve an annul membership fee (which can be canceled any time). With the Personal membership you’ll get access to all of the themes for $69 per year, which equals less than $0.80 per theme.

The Developer membership also provides access to all themes, but it also provides PSD files for each theme, and access to all of the plugins from Elegant Themes. They currently have 4 plugins. The Elegant Page Builder plugin can be used to create drag-and-drop custom pages without the need to code. The HandHeld Mobile Plugin gives you a mobile-optimized theme that will be displayed to visitors using mobile devices. The Maintenance Mode Plugin allows you to create a “coming soon” page before your site is ready to launch. The Elegant Shortcodes pack also provides the ability to add elements like buttons, image sliders, tabs, and much more in your pages and posts without coding. The Developer membership costs $89 per year.

The last option is the Lifetime membership, which comes with all of the same access as the Developer membership, but with a one-time fee of $249 and no yearly fees. With all membership plans you can use themes from Elegant Themes on an unlimited number of domains and on client websites.



StudioPress was founded by Brian Gardner and has since become a part of Copyblogger Media. Brian has been as influential to the commercial WordPress theme market as anyone, and the association with Copyblogger media also helps to ensure that StudioPress will be around and creating great themes for years to come.

StudioPress is different from Elegant Themes in that they sell themes individually in addition to the club membership. StudioPress offers all of their themes (currently 37 themes) in a bundled purchase for a one-time fee of $499.95. Buyers get lifetime access to all of the current StudioPress themes, all future themes, and updates to all themes as they become available.

The Genesis framework from StudioPress is one of the more popular WordPress theme frameworks, and their themes function as child themes of Genesis. Genesis is also a popular framework for designers who want to create custom themes for their own use or for clients. With the Pro Plus All Theme Package you’ll get the right to use Genesis and all of the child themes on an unlimited number of domains, including client websites.

StudioPress offers a wide range of different types of themes including business themes, portfolio themes, news themes, and their real estate theme is also very popular.

Themes Kingdom

Themes Kingdom

The WordPress themes at Themes Kingdom used to only be available to members, but they now also sell themes individually. For those who are interested in the club membership Themes Kingdom offer is pretty straightforward. They offer all of their themes (currently 49 themes) for $97 per year. A lifetime membership is available for $247. Members can use the themes on an unlimited number of domains, including on client websites. Alternatively, themes can be purchased individually for $25.

Themes Kingdom members get access to attractive themes in a wide variety of categories, including portfolio themes, business themes, blog themes, news themes, and more.

CSS Igniter

CSS Igniter

In a recent change, CSS Igniter now offers their themes individually – for $39. They also have three membership options.  For $49 per year you can get access to all of their themes (currently 68 themes), $79 per year you’ll get the  PSD files and static HTML versions of each theme as well. Lastly, they offer a one-time lifetime purchase of $399 which includes all resources, forever. As a member you can use the themes on an unlimited number of domains, including client websites.

CSS Igniter provides quality portfolio themes, business themes, eCommerce themes, hotel themes, music themes, magazine themes, and more. Many of the themes use a responsive layout.



Themes from WooThemes can be purchased individually or through their all themes package. With the all themes package you’ll get access to all of their themes (currently 27 themes). WooThemes made some changes to their pricing within the past year, so if you looked at their details in the past but have not recently, you may notice some changes. The all themes package now costs $399, which includes 1 year of theme access, updates, and support. Themes can be used on unlimited domains.

Since WooThemes has been around for several years they have quite a large selection of themes that includes business themes, portfolio themes, magazine/news themes, personal themes, and eCommerce themes that are designed to integrate with their WooCommerce plugin.



WPZoom also sells themes individually or as a club membership. With the club membership you’ll get access to all of their themes (currently 50 themes). Membership costs  a one-time fee of $159. You can use the themes on an unlimited number of domains, and you get access to PSD files for the themes.

WPZoom theme club members will get access to high-quality business themes, portfolio themes, news/magazine themes, and more. Their recent themes all use responsive layouts.



ThemeFuse also sells themes individually or as a club membership. With the club membership you’ll get access to all of their themes (currently 33 themes). As a member you will be allowed to use the themes on an unlimited number of domains. The cost is a one-time fee of $195 per year. They also have two lower-tier options for one-time fees.

ThemeFuse members get access to a selection of attractive themes in a variety of categories including portfolio themes, business themes, blogging themes, news themes, travel themes, and more.



Themify sells themes individually and they also offer a club membership. As a club member you’ll get access to all of their themes (currently 49 themes). They offer four types of memberships, Standard, Developer, Master and Lifetime Maset. The prices range from $79-$399 for these club memberships. With any membership you can use the themes on an unlimited number of domains.

Themify members get access to quality themes like portfolio themes, corporate themes, eCommerce themes, blog themes, magazine themes, and more. Most of the themes use a responsive layout.

Tesla Themes

Tesla Themes

Tesla sells themes individually as well as in membership format. There are 3 types of membership available: Standard, Developer, and Lifetime. Each plans offer access to all of their themes (currently 48 themes) and they can be used on unlimited domains. The difference is that the Developer plan also includes PSD files. Standard membership costs $59 per year, Developer membership costs $79, and the Lifetime is $199 as a one-time fee.



iThemes, one of the oldest WordPress theme shops, sells themes individually or with a membership. With their All-Access Theme Pass you can get 90themes for $150 per year. The themes can be used on an unlimited number of domains.



At MyThemeShop you can get themes individually or with a membership. With an extended membership you’ll get access to all of their themes (currently 98 themes) for $199 per year. You’ll get PSD files for the themes, and you can use themes on an unlimited number of domains, including client websites.

Theme Junkie

Theme Junkie


Themes from Theme Junkie are only available with a membership. Membership includes access to all 62 themes, and they can be used on unlimited domains. There are two different membership options available: Standard and Lifetime. The Standard membership costs $49 per year, and Lifetime membership costs $100.



Tokokoo sells their themes in a club membership. Members get access to all of the Tokokoo themes (currently 20+ themes) and can use themes on an unlimited number of domains. The membership costs $99 per year

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  • Alex, November 8, 2013

    Theme clubs are awesome for developers/designer. I’ve used a few, my favourite has been ET (but I do with they would publish more regularly).

  • Doug, August 18, 2013

    I guess my main compliant about all these them clubs is their lack of corporate type responsive sites. Most are geared toward news, media or blogging type sites and not the standard business type site that most developers will be working on.

  • Nicholas, June 26, 2013

    Thanks for the great info!!

  • Lasantha, June 10, 2013

    Nice themes. I love them. Excellent designs.

  • ossie, April 18, 2013

    For me iThemes with Corey, Jean, Bradley have the best themes and frameworks(builder). The training they have for wordpress developer and designers is great. If I were to choose one i would go with iThemes

  • Sridhar Katakam, March 27, 2013

    and last but not the least, there is also

  • Ed Selby, March 19, 2013

    In response to Awais Raza – as much as I like the incredibly large number of themes available through ThemeForest, I have found developer support to be hit or miss, and mostly miss.

    100% of the time I have needed a fix to a themeforest theme the developer required an admin login in order to make the fix and then never explained or documented what the fix was.

    I prefer a theme site with a built in and robust support system or network

  • Brad Crawford, March 18, 2013

    I’m thinking about moving my site to wordpress but I have a lot of custom PHP code. I don’t much about WP yet but I’ve noticed a few comments about theme frameworks. Can anyone shed a little light on this? How does this affect someone like me who might want to get my hands a little dirty and do some tweaking not offered in a theme’s settings or add a custom PHP page or div? Would a theme framework affect any of that?

  • Bruno, March 14, 2013

    Don’t forget AppThemes:

  • Steven Snell, March 13, 2013

    Wow! That’s a lot of WordPress themes.

    Thanks for sharing your experiences. Their themes look good, but I don’t think I have ever used any of them, so I don’t have experience with the coding.

    Awais Raza,
    There are some good themes at ThemeForest, but you need to be careful there because some authors don’t code the themes very well.

  • Andra, March 13, 2013

    I haven’t seen a post like this one before. It’s really helpful, because there are so many options out there. Thank you, Steven!

  • Awais Raza, March 13, 2013

    All of them are good, but I stick to themeforest wordpress themes.

  • Mars, March 12, 2013

    Haven’t tried some. And thank you for making this post so I and everyone will have a preview of what they are paying for

  • Chris, March 11, 2013

    There is also

    Great themes!

  • EGA, March 11, 2013

    I just recently bought one of Theme Fuse themes (Newssetter), to my disappointment the design is superb but the coding not, they do not stick to standard wordpress functionality, like featured images, also they lack good documentation and support for their products. They weren’t even able to code the wordpress theme to match the HTML template they sell on Theme Forest, the answer to this nag: we’re trying to make our themes compatible with older wordpress installation!!!

    I’ve been using for quite some time Themify and Elegant Themes, they both rock.

    Hope this will serve others to make better decisions when shopping for a theme

  • chrismccoy, March 11, 2013

    great post, im a member of 8 of the ones listed, all are great ;)