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10 Excellent Sources for WordPress Design Inspiration

CSS galleries and collections of inspirational designs are nothing new to designers, but sometimes you may be looking specifically for examples of great WordPress themes. Whether you’re working on a theme to distribute to others or if you’re building a custom theme for your own site, it can sometimes help to look at examples of what others have been able to do with WordPress.

We Love WP

The best, most up-to-date gallery for WordPress sites and blogs. We Love WP has been around for over a year and they have a ton of designs for your inspiration (in June they passed 1,000). And of course, you can also subscribe to their feed.

We Love Wp

WPCandy Gallery

WPCandy is a popular blog about WordPress that includes a gallery of excellent WordPress-powered sites.


Unmatched Style WordPress Tag

Unmatched Style is one of my favorite galleries, and fortunately they include a tag for WordPress sites so you can easily separate them from the rest of the gallery.

Unmatched Style

CSS Glance WordPress Category

With over 300 designs in the WordPress category, CSS Glance is certainly an excellent place for inspiration. Also, CSS Glance is up-to-date and regularly adding new designs.

CSS Glance

I Heart Blogs

I Heart Blogs is a pretty cool site with a lot of potential. Too bad it hasn’t been updated in several months. It’s a gallery especially for blogs (variety of platforms). Even though it hasn’t been updated recently, the archives can still provide some inspiration.

I Heart Blogs


LoopPress is a showcase of beautiful WordPress websites, blogs and themes. Decent archives, but not updated very frequently.


Best CSS Gallery

45 Excellent Blog Designs from Smashing Magazine

I’m sure you’re familiar with Smashing Magazine’s inspiration posts. They have several that showcase excellent blogs, and one of them separates the blogs on display according to their platform. This list Includes almost 30 that are powered by WordPress.

Smashing Magazine

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