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Secrets of Web Copy That Converts

Whether you’re planning a website for yourself, or for a client, one thing remains the same: Conversions are King. Many elements go into a page that successfully convinces a potential customer to take the plunge and buy what you’re selling. Large-scale images have been known to boost conversions, as do explanatory videos.

But the most important (and most commonly overlooked) piece of the puzzle is the written word.

Compelling web copy that actually convinces people to convert is a nuanced business, and shouldn’t be taken lightly, or treated as an afterthought. I’m going to share a few tricks you can keep up your sleeve when tasked with writing marketing copy for the web.

Take note, the following tips might make the difference between making a sale or taking a dive…


35 Fresh and Free Photoshop Actions

Every now and then we like to showcase freebies that can designers can use to save some of their own time. Quality Photoshop actions can be great resources to have in your arsenal because in the right situation they can drastically reduce the amount of time that you have to spend to get the photo effects that you are after.

There are actions that can help you to get all kinds of different effects and looks for your photos. Some of those actions can be downloaded for free, and others must be purchased. In this post we’ll put a spotlight on free Photoshop actions. With freebies the quality is sometimes not up to the standards that you would get with premium, but the free actions showcased here are very good quality and should prove to be quite useful for you.

In this post you’ll find a variety of different types of actions to create all different types of effects. Hopefully you’ll find a few that can prove to be useful by saving some of your own time. Whether you work on photos for clients or photos of your own, the right Photoshop actions can be a great resource to have on hand…


10 Reasons Why I Shopified All My Clients

Over the years, I’ve managed to accumulate a large handful clients that are using various types of terrible e-commerce platforms. I’ve struggled through these different solutions – wasting my time and my client’s money. I totally understand that finding the right e-commerce platform can be really difficult. There is no solution that is the right fit for every situation, it just depends on the details of the site you are building.

However, in my research and battle with the awful e-commerce platforms, I’ve come to love Shopify, a hosted e-commerce platform.  After finding Shopify, I quickly realized that my clients and I would be way better off utilizing their platform. I saved so much time, they saved so much money, and it’s so much easier for all of us now.

In this article, I’ll walk you through 10 of the reasons why I “Shopified” all of my clients.


6 Pillars of Engaging Mobile UX

A mobile phone is an intensely personal device and possession. We use them to make calls, send messages and share content that we like, all very intimate actions that are also highly user-centric. Naturally, mobile users expect a personalized browsing experience as well.

Engaging users and retaining their attention is not an easy job in today’s world. It takes more than compelling content to get your mobile users interested and enthused about your site. Advanced analytics on mobile platforms have made it possible for you to gauge user interaction and involvement, thereby tweaking your site till it achieves the desired results.

Below are a few tips for you to keep in mind as you perfect your mobile ux strategy. Also, you can consider these tips for successful mobile user engagement…


Ultimate Round Up of Free Photoshop Patterns

Photoshop users can save a lot of time and create beautiful designs by using patterns. Photoshop’s presets (like brushes, styles, patterns, custom shapes, and gradients) are highly-powerful tools when used effectively.

Whether you are creating your own custom patterns or using pre-made patterns that you have downloaded for free or purchased, having an arsenal of patterns at your disposal will allow you to quickly create high-quality work. Patterns can be extremely useful for a variety of different types of design including websites, business cards, flyers, posters, and much more.

Patterns are often used as backgrounds. Sometimes more subtle patterns are used to give a background some texture or character as opposed to just using a flat, solid color. This is especially common in web design.

In this post we’ll showcase over 50 sets of free Photoshop patterns for your own use. I think you will find them to be highly useful for quickly giving great effects to your designs in Photoshop…


Adobe Stock: Shaking Up The Stock Content Market

Adobe Stock has introduced a stock content service that’s directly integrated into creative tools and workflows. Approximately 85% of creatives who buy stock use Adobe tools; and over 90% of stock sellers use Adobe’s tools to create their images. Adobe is working with buyers and sellers to create a streamlined experience that makes the flow […]


New Vandelay Premier Subscription Options!

Here at, we work everyday to make our products and services better for you, so I’m excited to announce that we have new, more affordable pricing on Vandelay Premier subscriptions!

We now offer a completely NEW monthly subscription that gives you unlimited access to all of our premium graphics and resources for just $10 a month. With this plan, you’ll be able to try out a subscription at an even more affordable price, and since it renews monthly and you can cancel or upgrade your subscription at any time…


The Ultimate Guide on How to Create a Font

Every digital typeface from free to a $1,000 font pack goes through a similar design process. It’s rigorous for a beginner and does require an understanding of foundational typographic principles. But for what it’s worth, learning how to create a font from scratch is one of the most fulfilling creative endeavors in digital design.

Professional font design takes years to master, but this shouldn’t dissuade you from learning the process. Once you understand the steps needed to create a new font you may be surprised how easily they can be replicated.

This guide is meant for hobbyists and typographers who want to get into the world of font design. Bear in mind I won’t be covering specific techniques in font creation software, but rather the steps necessary to go from initial idea to completed font. At some point you will need a font creation program and I’ll cover the most popular choices to guide you along the way…


Animated Websites: 10 Designs that Wow

You as a web designer have the responsibility to suggest the right style and amount of animation necessary. A website should have enough humanity (via motion) for viewers to connect but not so much animation that it distracts from the message. Animation should increase the usability of a site, not make it more confusing to navigate. But of course, the nature of some websites allow for much heavier animation than others.

The following are 10 websites that utilize animation in varying degrees. Some are fully interactive animated websites, while others only include animation in certain sections of the design. All are great examples of when and how animation works for a variety of purposes…


Best Design Blogs to Follow To Keep Your Skills Sharp

Designers who keep up with the latest tricks, tools, resources, and trends remain competitive much more easily than those who never check in on what’s new. And one of the easiest ways to keep your skills sharp and savvy as a graphic or web designer is to follow the best design blogs in the industry.

The only problem? There are way too many to choose from, it seems, especially if you are a newbie to online blogs. And, not every design blog is worth your time. So, I have put together a list of web and graphic design blogs that are my favorite and what I believe to be the best for a designer’s “continuing education.”

While there are many more excellent blogs to be found, the following list is limited to those geared to both graphic and web designers as well as developers. The list excludes blogs of a purely inspirational nature, since these, while certainly inspiring, don’t offer much in the way of actual skills. Another important part of this list are several blogs that offer freelance/ business advice and a few that help designers stay on top of the latest industry news.

Now I know that you don’t have the time to follow all of these, but my recommendation is to browse through each one and subscribe to those that interest you the most. You can always unsubscribe later if you find that some of the design blogs aren’t helpful to you…

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