50+ Designers to Follow on Twitter

Twitter seems to be gaining popularity almost every day. As a new user I decided it would be helpful to do some research to find designers who would be worth following. This list is not intended to be all-inclusive (so please add a link to your profile in the comments if you like), but it should give you a great start to following some talented designers. This is a list of over 50 designers, in no particular order, with a link to their Twitter profile.

cssglobe – Alen Grakalic of CSS Globe

shawnrubel – Shawn Rubel of Eezy

chriscoyier – Chris Coyier of CSS Tricks

snookca – Jonathan Snook of Snook.ca

zeldman – Jeffrey Zeldman of Happy Cog

vpieters – Veerle Pieters of Veerle’s Blog

randaclayRanda Clay

cameronmoll – Cameron Moll of Authentic Jobs

andybuddAndy Budd

simplebits – Dan Cederholm of SimpleBits

danbenjamin – Dan Benjamin of Hivelogic

mollydotcom – Molly Holzschlag of Molly.com

adactio – Jeremy Keith of Adactio

clagnut – Richard Rutter of Clagnut


collylogic – Simon Collison of Colly.com

mezzoblue – Dave Shea of Mezzoblue

orderedlist – Steve Smith of Ordered List

ryancarson – Ryan Carson of Carsonified

jophillips – Jon Phillips of Spyre Studios

blogdesignblog – Vinh Le of Blog Design Blog

bartelme – Wolfgang Bartelme of Bartelme Design

tdhedengren Thord Daniel Hedengren

justcreative – Jacob Cass of Just Creative Design

imjustcreative – Graham Smith of ImJustCreative.com

gracesmith – Grace Smith of PostScript5

feather – Derek Featherstone of Box of Chocolates

danrubin – Dan Rubin of Superfluous Banter

ilovetypographyI Love Typography

jcroft Jeff Croft

tonychester – Tony Chester of OnWired

meyerwebEric Meyer

larissameekLarissa Meek

stillframe – Brad Smith of The Big Noob

elliotjaystocksElliot Jay Stocks

shauninmanShaun Inman

markboultonMark Boulton

rsgRob Goodlatte

sarahparmenter – Sarah Parmenter of You Know Who Design

iamluc – Luc Melgar of Octwelve

collis – Collis Ta’eed of Envato

abduzeedo – Fabio Sasso of Abduzeedo

bgardnerBrian Gardner

corymiller303 – Corey Miller of iThemes

youthedesigner – Gino Orlandi of You the Designer

dustinbrewerDustin Brewer

tkadlecTim Kadlec

seanHodge – Sean Hodge of AiBurn

chrisspooner – Chris Spooner of Spoon Graphics

Woork – Antonio Lupetti of Woork

As I mentioned at the start of the post, please feel free to add a link to your profile in the comments. My profile is stevensnell.

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