Finding Blogs in Your Niche

Blogging is very community-oriented in nature. Each industry or niche has its own community of blogs. As a blogger, becoming a respected and trusted part of that community is key to achieving blogging success.

Why Do I Need to be an Active Part of the Blogging Community?

  • Bloggers link to other blogs – Regardless of what industry you’re in, leading blogs will have a lot of inbound links from other blogs and websites. These links will bring click-through traffic and increased search engine rankings and visibility.
  • To demonstrate your expertise – Blogging is a very effective way to show your industry about your knowledge of a particular subject. Readers of your blog will become more familiar with you and your work and they will be more likely to trust you.
  • To stay up-to-date with the industry – Being an active participant in the blogging community will help to keep you on top of current news, events and trends as they develop.

Becoming a Part of the Blogging Community Involves:

  • Staying up-to-date on industry news by reading other blogs regularly.
  • Providing valuable feedback through comments on other blogs.
  • Creating a blog that welcomes other bloggers and readers to participate.
  • Consistently producing valuable, original content through your blog posts.
  • Linking to other blogs and websites that will interest your readers.
  • Getting to know other bloggers on a personal level, if possible.

Before you can start getting involved with your blogging community you must first know who is a part of that community. Depending on your industry and your background you may or may not be aware other bloggers that cover subjects related to yours.

Finding Blogs in Your Niche

  • Start with those that you are already aware of, and follow links. Most blogs link to other blogs. Whether it be in a blogroll links section, in the content of the post, or in comments left by readers, you should be able to find plenty of new, related blogs just by following these links.
  • Use Google’s blog search or other blog-specific search engines and directories. Blogarama and Ice Rocket are two of the best blog search engines. For a more complete list, visit Ice Rocket’s advanced search option can be especially effective. With the advanced search you can look for blogs with particular words in titles, tags, authors and more.
  • Technorati. A favorite resource for bloggers, Technorati will not only help you by offering a search engine, but its link tracking can be very useful as well. To start, enter the domain name of a popular blog in your niche. Technorati will the list all blog pages that link to that blog. Most of these links will be coming from other blogs that are also in your niche, or at least in a related niche. It’s a quick and easy way to find a lot of blogs.
  • Follow trackbacks. Another technique for finding links from blog to blog is to follow trackbacks on a popular blog post. Many blogs will display the URL of pages that are linked to a particular post. At the end of the article by the reader comments you may see these URLs displayed as trackbacks. A very popular post may show numerous other blogs that are sending links.
  • Read comments. One of the best ways to find active bloggers in your community is to read comments on other blogs. The majority of readers that post comments will be other bloggers. By clicking on the name of the person making the comment you may be taken to his or her blog. Pay attention to who is consistently providing quality feedback. These people are bloggers that you will want to get involved at your blog.

Now that you’ve found some blogs in your niche, you can start getting involved and drive more traffic to your website.

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