Free WordPress Themes for Churches

Is your church or organization in need of a quality website? Are you working with a limited budget? Over the years we’ve been in contact with hundreds of organizations that need an effective website but don’t have thousands of dollars to pay for a custom design. As a solution, we’ve designed several WordPress themes to distribute for free. With these templates/themes your church or organization can get an attractive website with all of the needed functionality for no cost (aside from web hosting).

Our themes can be used with your choice of web hosting companies, but we recommend Bluehost* for reliability, support, and affordability. You can read a more detailed review here. You’ll see preview images of the available themes below with links to demos and more detailed information about the features of each theme. We have documentation for each theme, so you won’t need any technical experience to get your website set up. Installing WordPress with Bluehost is easy, and we’ve got this video to take you through the steps in just a matter of minutes.

Zion Church Theme

Zion is our most feature-packed theme to date. It uses an adaptive layout to make your site look great on desktops, tablets, and mobile phones. It comes with 4 different color schemes, and features like an upcoming event list, sermon audio/video, a homepage slider, and more.

Theme Details and Download

Stylish Church Theme

This theme features a simple but stylish design that will present a positive image to your visitors. Choose from 4 color schemes, display upcoming events, post sermon audio files, customize your homepage slider, and more.

Theme Details and Download

Versatile Church Theme

This theme is versatile because it gives you complete control to change the colors of almost every element on the site, allowing you to easily match your church’s existing color scheme. It also allows some content options for the homepage and it features an adaptive design to provide an optimal experience to users of mobile devices.

Theme Details and Download

Green Grunge Theme

This theme uses a textured background that gives it a youthful, grungy look. It includes functionality for adding sermon audio files and listing upcoming events. It also includes a customizable slider on the homepage that can be used to showcase anything that needs attention.

Theme Details and Download

Simple Church Theme

This themes uses a simple, basic design that works well for many churches. You can add sermon audio files, post details of your upcoming events, manage the homepage slider, and more.

Theme Details and Download

Theme FAQ

Why are the themes free?

We created the themes because of the significant need for affordable church and non-profit websites. Having free templates available makes it easier for us to have something to offer to organizations that can’t afford a custom design. Also, when an organization signs up for hosting with Bluehost we are paid a commission, which makes it possibile to dedicate time to the design of these themes.

How do I get started?

Find a theme that you like and download it. If you don’t have a hosting account already you can sign up with Bluehost. We have a video that shows how to sign up for hosting and install WordPress in just a few minutes.

Are there any hidden costs?

You’ll need a domain name and web hosting. We don't sell domain names or hosting ourselves. We recommend Bluehost, but you can use the company of your choice.

Can I edit your themes?

Yes, you can. When you download the theme you will get all of the themes files. You can edit the HTML, CSS, PHP, and JavaScript if you have experience. However, our themes come with a number of features that allow for customization without any need for coding (adding your logo, customizing the navigation menu, customizing the slideshow, etc.)