Free E-book: Freelance Designer's Guide to Multiple Income Streams

Over the past few years while running this blog we’ve come in contact with countless freelance designers from all over the world. While there is a great deal of diversity in those designers in terms of where they are in their career and where they want to go, one thing we’ve heard over and over again is that finding enough clients to earn a living can be a major challenge.

During the same period of time we’ve also seen designers who have been able to earn a living, either in part or in full, from things other than traditional client work. We’ve also had the privilege to diversify our own income by selling resources, blogging, and a few other smaller income sources. With that experience we decided to put together an e-book that will hopefully help those of you who are working to improve the results of your own efforts.

Freelance Designer's Guide to Multiple Income StreamsThis e-book is a quick read (32 pages) that can help you to identify some opportunities that you may have been missing without even realizing it. The purpose of the e-book is to show that in today’s marketplace most designers can earn a higher and more stable income by making money in a few different ways. Client work isn’t the only option. The e-book covers many other methods for making money as a designer, and provides information that can help you to decide on the right approach for your own situation.

The e-book is free for download to our email newsletter subscribers. If you’re not already subscribed to our weekly newsletter, enter your email address in the form right after this paragraph and after you have confirmed the subscription (for spam prevention purposes) you will be led to a “thank you” page with a download link (you can unsubscribe at any time). If you’re already subscribed, enter your email in the form right after this paragraph and you will be lead directly to the “thank you” page with the download link.

We hope that you’ll find the content of the e-book to be both helpful and practical. By making some changes in your approach as a freelancer we believe that you will be able to create a better income for yourself, and probably enjoy your work more at the same time.

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    I’ll definitely read this book.
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    nice book. thanks for sharing

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    Helpful book, thanks for your sharing.

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    Great book! Thanks for sharing.