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50 Inspirational E-Commerce Website Designs

For e-commerce websites the design and layout of the site can have a huge impact on sales because of usability, in addition to just the importance of making a good first impression with new visitors. A well-designed e-commerce site will provide the user with a much more pleasant experience and will make it easier for them to browse, search, and complete the checkout process.

In this post we’ll showcase 50 e-commerce sites that look great. You’ll notice that product photography is equally important to the look of an e-commerce website as the layout and graphic design. Sites that showcase the products effectively will be far more successful as a result. Hopefully this selection will provide you with some inspiration that can be put to good use in your own work.


40 of the Best Websites of Non-Profit Organizations

Too Young to Wed

Budget limitations are common with non-profit and charitable organizations. As a result, organizations often compromise on the need for an effective and attractive website. However, the websites shown here represent some of the most well-designed websites of non-profits. These organizations prove that non-profits can have great websites, and we hope it serves as inspiration for your own work.

Those organizations that put a priority on the website can have see benefits like increased donations, better involvement from members and supporters, increased visibility and awareness for their cause, and improved promotion for organization events. All of these things can make it worth the time, effort, and cost to create an effective and attractive website.


50 Startup Websites for Design Inspiration

Whenever I’m looking for design inspiration, i always end up on startup websites. They are, in my opinion, the best of the best in terms of what you can see online. And this, for one simple reason. The performance of a startup, online, directly correlates to how well designed their website is. This is why startup websites act as a great guide for me in my design process.

I think there is no better inspiration.

Below are 50 of the best startup site designs that i have seen out there, for your inspiration.

If you have any more, then let me know in the comments!





25 Colorful Website Designs that Stand Out

Deciding on a color scheme for a website design can be one of the most difficult decisions during the design process. Not only is it a challenge, but it also has a huge impact on the end result. Color decisions can make or break a design.

It’s very common for designers to use subtle colors and to avoid extreme use of color when designing a website, but sometimes the use of extra color can be a great decision. If you’re looking for a way to make a design pop or stand out from the crowd, the use of color is one option.

In this blog post we’ll showcase 25 example websites that are colorful and attention grabbing. Hopefully these examples will provide you with some ideas and inspiration that can be put to use in your own work.

Worry Free Labs

Worry Free Labs


Design Inspiration: Green Websites

Last week we published a collection of blue websites for color scheme inspiration, and this week we’ll take a look at green websites. Green is a very common and popular color for web design, and as you will see in this showcase, there are a lot of other colors that can be used in combination with green. If you’re designing a site with a lot of green, take a look at the sites shown here and you’ll get some ideas of other colors that could complete your color scheme…


Our Top 25 Amazing Sketches for Your Inspiration

Browsing the work of other artists and designers can be a great exercise for finding inspiration for your own work. You can find inspiring examples in web design, photography, art, and all different types of graphic design. We often showcase the work of various artists and designers (please see the Galleries category archives) for the purpose of providing inspiration for readers and visitors, and today we’ll put the spotlight on sketches.

We have gathered 25 different sketches from various artists to showcase in this blog post, and I’m sure you will find them to be an inspiration.


by Zhang Weber


Showcase of Beautiful Text Effects and Typography

If you’re looking for inspiration for your own work with text effects and typography, there are plenty of amazing examples available. Gallery sites like Typography Served, Behance, and deviantART are great sources of inspiration. In this post we’ll showcase 35 different examples of design featuring typography and text effects. You’ll find work from many different designers, a wide variety of styles of work, and and plenty of inspiration that can be put to good use in your own work.

Typography Inspiration

by Chris LaBrooy


25 Magazine or News Style Web Designs for Inspiration

With more websites and blogs publishing large amounts of content on a daily basis, one of the priorities in designing these types of news sites is to create a layout that allows visitors to find the content that they are looking for. The more content that is published, the bigger the challenge this becomes. Many sites and blogs are turning to magazine or news style layouts to display excerpts, headlines, and links to full content.

Most magazine-style sites include image thumbnails for some or all of the excerpts, and many also category those excerpts to make it easier for visitors to find specific content. If you are working on a magazine or news style layout this showcase of 25 websites should help to provide some inspiration.

This is Fake DIY



25 Beautifully Designed Bar and Pub Logos for Your Inspiration!

Inspiration is an important part of the design process. Whether you are designing a website, a logo, a business card, or anything else, inspiration and creativity will be critical to achieving the best results.

That inspiration can come from any number of different sources, and each designer has his or her own preferences. When you’re looking for inspiration you can browse online galleries and design blogs, take a walk and be inspired by nature, pick up a magazine and draw inspiration from print-based design, visit an art museum, or any number of other things,

In this blog post we’ll provide some inspiration for your logo designs. We’re specifically focusing on the topic of logos for bars and pubs. You’ll find 25 different examples here, and hopefully they can spark your creativity for your own projects.

Barrigas Snack & Bar

Barrigas Snack & Bar


25 New Minimalist Web Designs with Big Background Photos

Making an immediate impact on visitors is a goal during the design process of many websites. One approach to making that impact in a visual way is to use a large, full screen background photo. As you will see in this showcase, there are many websites that are able to use big background photos effectively.

The photo could be static, or it could be a full screen slider that rotates several different images/photos as the background. From the sites being showcased here, you’ll see that all different types of photographs and subjects can be used, and websites in just about any industry can take this approach.



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