3 Powerful Results from Internal Linking

We all know that internal linking to your own pages and blog posts is important, but recently I experience some proof of this fact. Many of you have seen the post from about 2 weeks ago, 77 Resources to Simplify Your Life as a Web Designer. In addition to all of the external links included in that post, there were a few internal links.

In this post I want to show what can happen when you have internal links on page that gets a large amount of traffic. If you are creating a similar list post of your own that you anticipate drawing a lot of visitors, I suggest that you take a look at the statistics below and consider including some internal links to yourself.

Result #1 – Increased Traffic

I linked to 3 other blog posts in 77 Resources, and they all experienced a bump in traffic due to click-through visitors. I’ve include some before and after images below to illustrate the point.

Find the Perfect Colors for Your Website was the 3rd most frequently visited page from August 1 to today (7,797 page views), even though it was published months ago.

traffic graph 1

31 Sources of Quality, Free Icons was the 2nd most frequently visited page from August 1st to today (15,821 page views). From the image below you see a huge spike the day it was published and then another spike when 77 Resources was published.

traffic graph 2

Effectively Testing Your Website in Multiple Browsers was the 9th most frequently visited page from August 1st to today (2,065 page views). Again, in the image below you see a small spike in traffic.

traffic graph 3

If you write a list post and it gets a lot of visitors you will naturally be sending a significant amount of traffic to other pages. Why not include some of your own pages (assuming they are relevant to the list)?

Result #2 – New Inbound Links

One of the reasons a lot of bloggers use list posts is to gain backlinks from other bloggers. However, the effect can be multiplied if you also get some new links to your other posts.

Find the Perfect Colors for Your Website:
– Technorati shows a current total of 83 inbound links.
– 27 links have come since the publishing of 77 Resources.

31 Sources of Quality, Free Icons:
– Technorati shows a total of 50 inbound links.
– 23 links have come since the publishing of 77 Resources.

Effectively Testing Your Website in Multiple Browsers:
– Technorati shows a total of 22 inbound links.
– 10 links have come since the publishing of 77 Resources.

The farther down the link was on my original post, the less external links it drew. Part of the reason for this is that some bloggers that linked to 77 Resources copied and pasted the first part of the list, and then linked back to the original post for readers to see the rest. As a result links that were located at the top of the post were more likely to also get links on other blogs that re-produced part of the list. So if you are planning on creating a similar links post, consider including some internal links near the top of the post.

Result #3 – It Helps to Identify Scrapers

Other bloggers that scrape your feed can be a real problem. If they don’t link back to the original article it’s hard to know when someone is scraping your feed (although there are methods to prevent and detect this). If you have links to some of your other blog posts in the feed that is scraped, you’ll probably get a pingback which will help you to identify the scrapers. I don’t have statistics on this one, but this did help me find a few scrapers. In most cases I just left a comment asking for a link to the original article.

I hope this scenario encourages you to use more internal links, especially on posts that you expect to get the most traffic.

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  • “One of the reasons a lot of bloggers use list posts is to gain backlinks from other bloggers.”

    I didn’t understand this.Can’t see how you can get a backlink from me while I’m posting here on your page.

    Hmm…maybe you are talknig about posting here with title name of this page and link of this page, but who would do that?

    Anyways, I’m just trying to figure out what you said, otherwise I think it’s really cool that you posted this info. Thanks

  • Free Web Traffic Guy, December 16, 2007

    When it comes to link building…
    Internal linking does really matter.
    Using google’s webmaster tool i can see
    that most of the links to my main page are coming from highrank
    internal links from my site.


  • dave @ Seo blog, December 4, 2007

    Internal Linking is indeed very powerful if you know how to do. You just have to figure out which other pages within your site are relevant to the page you are linking from. Once you can do this in a correct way, you will not only see increase in your traffic but also in the SERPS.


  • web design hunka, November 28, 2007

    excellent method for internal linking. Its really improves the visitors and drive huge traffic towards the site. thanks a lot for this post.

  • unTECHy, October 14, 2007

    I’ve always used copyscape.com. I’ll have to check into google alerts. Great post backed up by great comments.


  • Vandelay Design, October 4, 2007

    Yes, Google Alerts is a great option. Internal links definitely can help rankings too.

  • Karthik, October 4, 2007

    Steven, you could also use Google Alerts, it sends you the latest “updates” of scrapers/linkers to you by mail too. Its easier than Copyscape!

    Regarding the Link a Dink plugin you mentioned, it really is low on customization – the aLinks plugin would be better IMHO, but that’s just me :)

    Also, one other advantage of using internal linking is the obvious SEO benefits – Google loves internal linking.

  • Vandelay Design, September 29, 2007

    Yes, that can work for finding scrapers. But having a pingback get emailed to you will require less time on your part.

  • Clickfire, September 28, 2007

    One way to bust scrapers is to just paste a snippet from your post into Google. Sites that copy your post word for word will usually come up in the first results.

  • Average Joe Blogger, September 28, 2007

    Excellent post and evidence to support one of the most highly talked about blogging techniques.

  • Madhur Kapoor, September 28, 2007

    I wish i could have known about it earlier . I will very much use it now .

  • vincent, September 28, 2007

    I have seen a blog once where the webmaster had put links of all his post on his sidebar. Does this help in increasing pagerank of the posts?
    Thank you also for mentioning the plugin, very useful.

  • vincent, September 28, 2007

    I will implement that too.

  • Hoto, September 28, 2007

    this are really powerfull linking ideas. thx for that.

  • Karen Zara, September 27, 2007

    Thank you. Actually, I had already seen that post because you’ve stumbled it. ;) But yes, that plugin might help indeed.

  • Vandelay Design, September 27, 2007

    Take a look at Kevin’s recent post.
    This is a plugin that can help. Personally, I do it manually, but if you’re looking to automate the process a plugin would help.

  • Karen Zara, September 27, 2007

    I’ve read a lot on this subject before, but now, with the evidences and the practical examples you provided, I’ve definitely bought the idea. :) I’m going to try this technique when I have the chance.

    Is there any WordPress plugin that may make this process easier? If there isn’t any, then how can one remember everything he/she has written (assuming that we are talking about a blog with many posts), so he/she can pick the right articles for internal linking purposes?