25 iPhone and iPad Apps for Freelance Designers

Having access to the right tools can increase productivity and efficiency for freelancers. There are a number of iPhone and iPad apps that can be used by freelance designers for various purposes to help with their work in one way or another. In this article we’ll highlight 25 apps that can prove to be extremely useful for freelancers. They involve a variety of different aspects of a freelance designers work, including time tracking, invoicing, productivity, designing, wireframes, contact management, and more.

MyPrice (free)

If you are like most freelancers pricing your services is one of the biggest challenges that you face. MyPrice can help by calculating hourly or project-based prices based on information like the client, location, your education, your experience, and more.


WorldCard Mobile ($6.99)

With WorldCard Mobile you can scan business cards and sync with your Google contacts. You’ll never have to worry about misplacing a business card or holding on to a stack of other people’s cards.

WorldCard Mobile

Freewallet ($0.99)

Freewallet was created specifically to help freelancers manage their income. You can see statistics about your income as well as details about specific projects.


FreshBooks (free)

If you use FreshBooks for your invoicing and accounting you can benefit from their iPhone and iPad apps. Track your time, manage expenses, create invoice and more while on the go.


Ronin (free)

Ronin is another popular invoicing web app that also provides a free iPhone and iPad app.


Billings Touch (free)

Billings also offers time tracking and invoicing from your iPhone or iPad.

Billings Touch

Harvest (free)

Harvest users can take advantage of the free iPhone app for time tracking and expense recording. You can take photos of receipts and store them digitally to go paperless.


HoursTracker (free)

With HoursTracker you can use your iPhone like a timecard to track your time. It provides a series of reports, and you can even email the data to your desktop if you’d like. A free version is available, and the full version costs $4.99.


Headquarters (free)

If you use Basecamp for project management you will want to check out the Headquarters app. With the free app you can manage one account and one project. With the Pro app ($4.99) you can manage unlimited accounts and unlimited projects.


Dropbox (free)

Dropbox users can take advantage of this free app for accessing files, videos, and photos on your iPhone of iPad.


FTP on the Go ($4.99)

Being away from your desktop doesn’t mean that you can’t have FTP access. FTP on the Go is a simple FTP client for iPhone and iPad users.

FTP on the Go

Paymo (free )

With the free Paymo app you can easily track your time from your iPhone or iPad.


AwesomeNote ($3.99)

AwesomeNote is a powerful app that lets you take notes, track to-do lists, manage a calendar and events, and much more. You can sync it with Google Docs and Evernote.


2Do ($9.99)

2Do is a powerful productivity app that includes to-do lists, calendars, project management, and more. It supports iCloud and Dropbox and features a UI that makes it very easy to use.


Calendars by Readdle ($6.99)

Calendars by Readdle integrates with Google Calendar and the default iOS calendar. It features a simple and stylish user interface and includes many event management features.

Calendars by Readdle

iTeleport VNC & RDP ($24.99)

If you need to be able to access your computer remotely, this is the app for you. It supports both Windows and Mac computers.

iTeleport VNC & RDP

Noteshelf ($5.99)

Noteshelf for iPad is an app for taking and organizing notes. You can write with your finger, a stylus, or a smart pen. There are more than 70 templates available to use for your notes.


Portfolio for iPad ($14.99)

If you meet with clients in person you may benefit from having your portfolio on your iPad. This app helps you to create a beautiful portfolio that can be personalized and customized.

Portfolio for iPad

Adobe Photoshop Touch ($9.99)

This iPad app includes many of Photoshop’s core features for use on your tablet.

Adobe Photoshop Touch

Paper (free)

Paper is an awesome drawing app that includes tools to draw, sketch, outine, color, and write. The app itself is free and you can purchase additional tools from inside the app.


SketchyPad ($4.99)

Turn your iPad into a sketch pad with SketchyPad. It is useful for creating wireframes and mockups, and it even integrates with Balsamiq.


Jot! Whiteboard ($4.99)

Jot! is a simple whiteboard that lets you sketch out your ideas and share them in real time.

Jot! Whiteboard

OmniGraffle ($49.99)

OmniGraffle allows you to design and draw wireframes, page layouts, process charts, and diagrams on your iPad.


iMockups ($6.99)

Create website and app mockups right from your iPad with iMockups.


TouchDraw ($8.99)

TouchDraw is a vector drawing application for creating flow charts, graphs, diagrams, illustrations, logos and more.


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  • Thomas, June 11, 2013

    Recommend the media sizes app for quick reference to paper, web banner and billboard / poster sizes, ideal for students.

    Get it here:


  • Mayo Naumann, May 15, 2013

    Thanks! I was looking for a tool like “Jot! Whiteboard” for some time now. My working “pipeline” is complete now. I am also using “Pocket Informant” as a calender and “Easy Time Tracker” for tracking my time and earnings.

  • Michael, March 5, 2013

    Very nice collection of apps. I really like and could use the Jot Whiteboard app for my business.

  • raghu sampath, March 2, 2013

    Best showcase for my developer, very creative & thoughtful apps. Can I use the apps for limited for free.

  • Michael, February 21, 2013

    mini-rant: I hate blog posters that tout must-have apps in their blog post headlines, then when you get to the appstore, you find the application they mentioned is version 1.09, and…
    I picked the kids up some cheap external batteries awhile back
    wait for it…
    has less than glowing reviews, and…
    wait for it…
    has not been updated since
    August 17th!
    of two fricking ten!
    it’s like they have written a psychologically inviting headline first, then they go to the app store and type in a key word for the subject at hand, then create a post with screen caps and links and call it writing
    and this from a site that i make sure to read their weekly posts
    could be… I can’t believe all the lame webpages I have to cull through to get _real_ info
    losing credibility enough I may rant a comment
    they’re getting paid some minor amount of money to create those articles
    just so they can get “eyes” on their page
    maybe, to follow suit, I’ll just copy and paste from my rant here. :)

  • Vipin, February 19, 2013

    Very Nice. Loved portfolio for ipad..