Best Membership Website Plugins for WordPress

Once purely known as a blogging platform, WordPress has developed in to a powerful and popular content management system, used by millions of websites worldwide. WordPress also has an active and loyal reader-base and this has led to a huge variety of themes and plugins that are available. Membership plugins are popular for giving webmasters the chance offer subscription and membership to fans, providing them with premium content that is not available to those that are not signed up.

As membership sites become more popular, the number of available plugins grows, and there are now dozens of these add-ons, ranging from simple free plugins with limited support to premium professional plugins with numerous features.

If you’re looking for the best membership plugin for your WordPress site, the following list maybe of some benefit:


Before WordPress was the force it is today, and before numerous membership plugins started popping up, there was aMember. The original add-on is still one of the most popular and has many great features, the most notable of which is its full integration with WordPress. Content drip is another standout feature of aMember and affords users the ability to protect downloads, and change subscription lengths. Users can also benefit from multiple language support.


Wishlist Member

This membership plugin is heralded by many as the best available. Wishlist Member comes in two different licences: single or unlimited sites, and has a 30-day money back guarantee. Amongst the range of excellent features, Wishlist offers a shopping cart, custom log-in pages, multiple payment gateways, partial content levels for different membership levels and auto responder integration. Customer support comes in the form of a ticket system which is unlimited for one year, and there is a whole host of tutorials and documentation available.

Wishlist Member

Restrict Content Pro

Restrict Content Pro does exactly as the name suggests – restricts content. With this premium plugin, you can create an unlimited number of membership levels including free trial and premium and make specific posts and pages available only to members on a particular package. What’s more, the simple to use plugin can also be used to manage memberships, track payments with full PayPal integration (other options available), and offer discounts with a discount code system.

For a regular licence of $30 dollars, you are able to gain full access to Restrict Content Pro and receive full support from the developers’ dedicated support forum.

Restrict Content Pro

WP eMember

Although it is currently only available on a single site license, WP eMember is a solid plugin with features including category based access limitation, member management area, and the ability to restrict content for different membership levels.

WP eMember

Magic Members

Magic Members is an excellent choice of plugin for anyone that is looking to build a custom membership site on WordPress. Features include drip feed content and post/page delay, coupon creation, unlimited number of membership levels, protected RSS feeds, and plenty more. The plugin comes with 30-day no risk guarantee, but its cost will depend on how many sites you intend to install it on. A ticket support system is free for one year and there are tons of video tutorials and how-to guides to help you along.

Magic Members


If you’re looking for some unique features in your membership plugin, MemberWing could be the ideal choice. Amongst the range of cool features is Google First Click Free, which allows you to optimize search traffic, and content theft protection, whereby users can identify anyone trying to steal your posts and articles.

The payment integration system of MemberWing is also more advanced than some other plugins, with options including 2Checkout, PayPal, Google Checkout, TrialPay, PayDotCom and e-junkie.

Three licenses are available: Professional One (for a single site), Professional Unlimited (for unlimited sites) and a free non-commercial license.



Suma is a fairly basic WP membership plugin that comes with a free 14-day trial. While the features are limited in comparison to some of the other plugins available, it does allow the restriction of content based on whether or not the visitor has a membership and has a few extension add-ons. Support for Suma is done via a ticketing system.



s2Member is a plugin available in two versions: s2Member and s2Member Pro. The former is a free version of the plugin, while the latter is a premium licensed version. Naturally, the free s2Member is much more limited than Pro, although, it does offer the ability to create up to four membership levels, drip feed content, and restrict content based on membership level.

s2Member Pro comes with PayPal Website Payments Pro integration and user information importing and exporting tools, as well as other features that cannot be found on the free plugin. Both single and unlimited licenses are available and premium subscribers receive lifetime unlimited support and updates. Support on the free version is provided at the plugin’s homepage through comments.

By choosing one of the WordPress membership plugins from this list, your site can soon be transformed into one that rewards its members.

About the Author:

I currently work at Byte Technology as their content writer. Most of the content i write is all about tips and tricks on web design.

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  • Ravi Jayagopal, October 27, 2013


    Was hoping to add (DAP) to the mix here.

    Those considering starting a membership site definitely owe it to themselves to check out DAP as part of their research, and it would be great if you can list it here.

    Thank you for your time and consideration :-)

    – Ravi

  • Tahmid Ahmed, July 6, 2013

    Like the post. Nice reviews. I liked the WP eMember. Also going to buy it!

  • Chris, July 4, 2013


    We are looking for a membership plugin specifically for our site Any suggestions?

  • Bruce, May 2, 2013

    YourMembers would be great if it worked with Zomabio. Unfortunately, they have not managed to get the integration working reliably so far and the response from ‘Premium Support’ has been slow and not entirely customer friendly.

  • Carol, April 23, 2013

    If you compare os commerce, wordpress and magento, of course magento would be more stable and professional. You will need more powerful hosting for magento, but other than that it’s same expenses in future. I saw a private sale solution, developed by Plumrocket company. I think you can find it on their site. Its basically a package of magento extensions and magento private sales theme. You can also extend it with cart reservation, magento invite friends functionality with ability to import address book and magento reward points extension. If you really like or you can add some magento social shopping extensions such as live feed plugin, inspiration wall, faves… etc.

  • steve, April 9, 2013

    Anyone who is considering using WishList Member in conjunction with WPEngine host is in for a very frustrating ride!

  • Will, February 15, 2013

    I tried to use Your Members but with the best will in the world, its one of the worst plugins I have ever encountered. The support is useless (and rude) and the plugin is terribly designed & coded.

    Switched to Restrict Content Pro after reviewing the alternatives & its a joy. Really well crafted bit of software. Recommended.

  • Mike, December 28, 2012

    I can say that I’ve used aMember since 2008, and I am not happy with the product. We’ve encountered major billing issues (members getting charged 20 times, for example), and countless bugs. Migrating from one membership system to another is not easy! Pick your partner carefully. We are going to move to a cloud-based membership platform (Recurly).

    • Steven Snell, December 31, 2012

      I agree with you completely that choosing a membership platform is a big decision and one that should be made carefully. It is definitely a major undertaking to change from one system to another.

  • JayfromPlymouth, December 22, 2012

    I can highly ecommend a plugin called ‘Magic Members’. I’ve used it before in the past. Simple, but effective!

  • John @ Best Web Hosting, December 21, 2012

    This is a nice list as far as it goes. I’d love, however, to see the author go out on a limb and actually recommend a plugin (or plugins). That would require a more systematic comparison, of course. But it would be enormously useful. Even some educated pros and cons would be helpful.

    We’ve used S2Member on several sites, and found it to be very well coded with a nice interface and just about all the functionality we’ve wanted or needed. But without having used the others in depth, it’s basically impossible to recommend or choose between alternatives.

    In any case, maybe you can tackle that in a future post.

  • Gary, December 18, 2012

    For a free members plugin check out wp-members with lots of flexibility.