Options for Easily Adding Flickr Photos to Your Website

Flickr is of course the most popular photo hosting and sharing service online. Many Flickr users also want to display their photos on their website or blog. Fortunately there are a number of different options for users. Here we’ll take a look at some of the best choices.

Official Flickr Badge – Flickr allows you to choose between two types of badges – HTML or Flash. Photos can be selected by using tags. (You’ll need to be logged in to Flickr to access this page).

Flickr Badge

flickrSLiDR – A quick and easy way to embed Flickr slideshows into your website or blog. Enter the URL of the user, set or group that you want to use, and choose the tags, width, height and a few other options. FlickrSLiDR then gives you the code to insert into your site.


Inserting Flickr Photos into a WordPress Website:

flickrRSS for WordPress – This plugin (updated to work with WP 2.5) supports user, set, favorite, public and group photostreams. This plugin works by using your Flickr RSS feed to display the pictures. It offers the ability to show pictures according to their tags (most recent photos will be shown).


FAlbum – A popular WordPress Plugin to create an album using Flickr’s API. The album is configurable and can be maintained through the WordPress administration panel. You can set it to show the most recent photos, photos according to tag, and a few other customizable options.


SimpleFlickr Plugin – With this plugin (updated for WP 2.5) you can embed a flickr integrated simpleviewer into your website or blog. You can customize a ton of different options.


Flickr Photos for TextPattern:

vdhflickr – Now run through Google Code, vdhflickr is a plugin for TextPattern that enables you to show your Flickr photosets as a gallery directly on your site.

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