5,000+ Free Photoshop Gradients for Designers

Gradients are commonly used in web and graphic design. Having a large collection of gradients already prepared will allow you to try new gradients quickly, speeding up your design process. Of course, there will be times when you want to create your own gradients, but for other situations a library of presets can be an effective tool.

In this post we’ll showcase 35 free sets of gradients that are being offered by various designers. If you see something you like, click through to the source where you’ll be able to download them.

Web 2.0 Gradients (1,000 gradients)

Web 2.0 Gradients

Ultimate Web 2.0 Gradients (130 gradients)

Ultimate Web 2.0 Gradients

Web 2.0 Gradients (156 gradients)

Web 2.0 Gradients

Realistic Sky Gradients (15 gradients)

Realistic Sky Gradients

Vintage Gradients (20 gradients)

Vintage Gradients

The Ultimate Gradients Pack #1 (110 gradients)

The Ultimate Gradients Pack #1

The Ultimate Gradients Pack #2 (110 gradients)

The Ultimate Gradients Pack #2

The Ultimate Gradients Pack #3 (110 gradients)

The Ultimate Gradients Pack #3

The Ultimate Gradients Pack #4 (110 gradients)

The Ultimate Gradients Pack #4

The Ultimate Gradients Pack #5 (110 gradients)

The Ultimate Gradients Pack #5

The Ultimate Gradients Pack #6 (110 gradients)

The Ultimate Gradients Pack #6

Clean Gradients Set (50 gradients)

Clean Gradients Set

iPhone Gradation Set (22 gradients)

iPhone Gradation Set

Modern Photoshop Gradients (75 gradients)

Modern Photoshop Gradients

Dooffy Gradients Set 001 (15 gradients)

Doofy Gradients Set 001

Dooffy Gradients Set 002 (30 gradients)

Doofy Gradients Set 002

Apple Gradients (54 gradients)

Apple Gradients

Landscape Gradients (100 gradients)

Landscape Gradients

Ocean Breeze Gradients (140 gradients)

Ocean Breeze Gradients

Skin Tones Gradients (126 gradients)

Skin Tones Gradients

Sky Gradients (37 gradients)

Sky Gradients

51 Gradients

51 Gradients

88 Gradients

88 Gradients

66 Gradients

66 Gradients

43 Gradients

43 Gradients

Nature’s Beauty Gradient (81 gradients)

Nature's Beauty Gradient

400 Gradients

400 Gradients

98 Gradients

98 Gradients

208 Gradients

208 Gradients

Sky Gradients (11 gradients)

Sky Gradients

For more design resources please see:

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  • dani, December 11, 2013

    really really thanks :)

  • Sandra, March 23, 2013

    These gradients tools really helped me with my web design, thanks a lot!

  • Nirav Dave, January 18, 2012

    its really great collections of gradient colors……….its helpful for me ….thanks

  • Tefft, Sarah, September 15, 2011

    Awesome, there’s a lot of great gradient colors you did a good job. As always i say i admired everything you’ve done.

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  • Partez, September 12, 2011

    Wow! Great! Thnx!!!

  • Website Builder, September 2, 2011

    That is the excellent information for me because I am doing a freelancing web and graphic designing also. So finally I got a new gradient colors for my designs.
    Thanks for the info.

  • Zoey Grace, August 30, 2011

    This is great because it is all consolidated! This will save a great deal of time Thanks!

  • SampeiMihira, August 30, 2011

    Wonderful post, this is a very high valued collection!
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  • Web Design, August 30, 2011

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  • Rawan, August 30, 2011

    Oh my God this is amazing! I am so glad I subscribed to your newsletter because you surely present the readers with awesome stuff. Thanks a million! Can’t wait to try these babies in PS.

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    I’m glad this collection can be useful to a lot of people. Thanks for your feedback.

  • Vandelay Website Design, August 30, 2011

    Thanks, I made that change.

  • christophe debruel, August 30, 2011

    wow that a big list, thanks for sharing :D

  • Julie Larson, August 30, 2011

    “Wow” is right! Almost too many to choose from! lol

    Thank you for sharing this collection! :)

  • graphixgrudge, August 29, 2011

    awesome gradients will come in handy!

  • Mark Armstrong, August 29, 2011

    Truly, truly astounding! It would be mighty hard to top this post for sheer abundance and variety! Sure to come in handy, too– thanks a million!!

  • Web Design Atlanta, August 29, 2011

    Awesome set of gradients. Love the Sky Gradients. Thank you.

  • J, August 29, 2011

    Nice collection! You spelled Dooffy wrong, though. :)

  • Matthew Wehrly, August 29, 2011

    The best collection of free gradients. Now I don’t have to search through all of my bookmarks to find other listings. Thanks!

    Matthew Wehrly

  • yoonmi, August 29, 2011

    WOW! amazing gradients!

  • Audee, August 29, 2011

    Really love the Skin Tones Gradients, as I rarely saw something like that ;)
    Thank you for sharing this awesome collection!