These 50+ Awesome Photoshop Plugins Will Save You A Lot of Time and Money

We all know that Photoshop is an extremely powerful program that offers unlimited opportunities for designers and photographers alike. However, if you want to take Photoshop even further, or improve your workflow or efficiency in some way, there are loads of plugins that can be installed.

In this article we’ll showcase more than 50 Photoshop plugins that you should be aware of. We’ve divided them into two sections: plugins for design and plugins for photography. Some of the plugins are free and others must be purchased. Some of the paid plugins offer a free trial, so be sure to check out those that interest you.

Designers will find plugins that can help with creating website layouts and mockups, converting PSD files into CSS or a fully coded web page, adding textures and filters, working with patterns, working with fonts, and much more.

In the second section, Photoshop plugins for photography, you’ll find plenty of plugins for creating different types of photo effects, applying filters, smoothing skin, blowing up photos, and more.

Photoshop Plugins for Design:

Filter Forge: $149

Filter Forge is probably the most popular Photoshop plugin with designers. With it you can apply over 10,000 different textures and effects, and you can also create your own filters. (Can be used as a plugin or as a standalone app)

Filter Forge

WebZap: $19

WebZap helps you to create wireframes and mockups very quickly by allowing you to drop elements into place quickly. (CS5+)


DevRocket: $19

DevRocket adds a panel in Photoshop that will provide you with iOS specific tools and functionalities. (CS5+)


GuideGuide: Free

For many designers, working with guides in Photoshop can be a frustrating and time consuming task. GuideGuide makes it easier. (CS5+)


Webbsy: $49

Automate PSD to HTML coding with the help of Webbsy. It creates coded pages that work in all major browsers. (CS6 and CC)



CSS Hat: $34.99

Speed up your coding process by using CSS Hat to automatically generate CSS3 from Photoshop layers using layer styles. (CS4, CS5, CS6, CC)


PNG Hat: $39.99

With PNG Hat you can export layers and publish them directly to your server. PNG Hat also compresses the files for faster load times. (CS5, CS6, CC)


Subtle Patterns: $11.99

Easily add any pattern from Subtle Patterns to your design with the help of their plugin. (CS5, CS6, and CC)

Subtle Patterns

Social Kit: Free

Easily create cover images and profile pictures for popular social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Google+ with this free plugin. (CS5, CS6, and CC)

Social Kit

iOS Hat: $19.99

Speed up your iOS development with iOS Hat. (CS5, CS6, and CC)

iOS Hat


SpecKing: $19

SpecKing helps you with measurements and creating design specs, and it generates all specs in editable overlays. (Compatible with CS5 –  CC 2014).


Pixel Dropr: $19

With Pixel Dropr you can create your own collections of design elements and easily drop them into any design. It’s ideal for elements that you use frequently (CS5 and CS6).

Pixel Dropr

JetPack: $19

JetPack includes several different features to save time during the process of designing icons. (CS5+)


Glifo: $19

Glifo makes it easy to create your own icon fonts right from Photoshop. (CS5+)


Catalist: $19

Catalist is a productivity app that integrates with Creative Suite applications like Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Fireworks, and Dreamweaver. (CS5 and CS6)


Bounce: Free

Browse Dribbble and your activity feedright from within Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and Fireworks. (CS5 and CS6)


BrowserBee: $8

Easily create browser previews of your web designs with the help of BrowserBee. (CS6, CC and CC 2014)


Easytask: $10

Easytask can improve your productivity by programming task management.


CG Surpise! Pixel Perfect Edition: $50

Easily create 3D elements with this plugin. (CS6, CC)

CG Surprise

Doco: $19

Working with several open files in Photoshop can become cumbersome, but Doco makes it easier. (CC and CC 2014)


Preview Fonts: $10

With Preview Fonts you can get a nice visual preview of your fonts, and you can filter and save them for easy organization. (CS6 and CC)

Preview Fonts

Preview Pics: $10

Easily preview images and graphics in Photoshop and Illustrator. (CS and CC)

Preview Pics

PNG Express: $29

With PNG Express you can slice and export your PSD to individual JPG and PNG files.There are also a number of other features that can help you to speed of the process of converting your design into a working website. (CS5+)

PNG Express

Export Pro: $15

Automatically export multiple layers and save time with Export Pro. (CS6 and CC)

Export Pro

Weather: Free

While you’re spending too much time indoors working in Photoshop get the weather forecast quickly and easily. (CC)


Renamy: Free or $9.99

Rename multiple layers easily, and find and replace layers as well. (CS5, CS6, and CC)


CSS3PS: Free

Converts your layer styles to CSS3 automatically. (CS3+)


Zeick: Free or $19.99

With Zeick you can select shapes or groups of shapes in Photoshop and export them as SVG files. (CC and CC 2014)


FlatIcon: Free

With FlatIcon you can easily and quickly find icons to use in your designs without needing to leave Photoshop. (CS5, CS6, and CC)


Photoshop Plugins for Photography:

Photomatix Pro: $119

Photomatix Pro allows you to create beautiful HDR photos. It can be used as a standalone app or as a Photoshop plugin (Lightroom plugin also available), but to get the Photoshop plugin you will need to purchase the Photomatix Pro Plus Bunlde for $119. (CS2 – CC)

Photomatix Pro

Analog Efex Pro: $149 as part of the Nik Collection

Get the vintage feel of a classic camera with Analog Efex Pro. (CS4 – CC)

Analog Efex Pro

Silver Efex Pro: $149 as part of the Nik Collection

Create amazing black & white conversions with Silver Efex Pro. (CS4 – CC)

Silver Efex Pro

HDR Efex Pro: $149 as part of the Nik Collection

Create stunning HDR images with HDR Efex Pro. (CS5 – CC).

HDR Efex Pro

Color Efex Pro: $149 as part of the Nik Collection

Color Efex Pro includes 55 different filters for color correction and creative effects. (CS4 – CC)

Color Efex Pro

Viveza: $149 as part of the Nik Collection

Use Viveza to easily adjust the color and tonality of your photos with precise control. (CS4 – CC)


Sharpener Pro: $149 as part of the Nik Collection

Sharpen Pro can help you to bring out details and texture and it also allows you to sharpen selectively. (CS4 – CC)

Sharpener Pro

Dfine: $149 as part of the Nik Collection

Dfine provides noise reduction tailored to your specific camera. (CS4 – CC)


Topaz Adjust: $49.99

Topaz Adjust can help to make your photos pop. It makes intelligent adjustments to color, contrast, and detail. (CS4 – CC)

Topaz Adjust

Topaz B&W Effects: $59.99

Create beautiful black and white conversions with the help of Topaz B&W Effects. (CS4 – CC)

Topaz B&W Effects

Topaz Clarity: $49.99

Create more powerful images with the help of Topaz Clarity’s intelligent contrast technology. (CS4- CC)

Topaz Clarity

Topaz Clean: $30

Topaz Clean helps you to work with surface textures like skin, chrome, and water. (CS4 – CC)

Topaz Clean

Topaz Detail: $39.99

Topaz Detail allows you to increase detail, sharpness and depth while still having natural-looking photos. (CS4 – CC)

Topaz Detail

Topaz Lens Effects: $79.99

With Topaz Lens Effects you can apply photo effects that are based on real lenses and filters. Options include bokeh, color filters, tilt shift, creative blur, graduated neutral density filters, and more. (CS4 – CC)

Topaz Lens Effects

Topaz ReMask: $69.99

Topaz ReMask can help you by making it much easier to create masks to remove elements in your photos. (CS4 – CC)

Topaz Remask

Topaz Simplify: $39.99

With Topaz Simplify you can turn your photos into painting, sketches, watercolors, and cartoons. (CS4 – CC)

Topaz Simplify

Exposure: $149

Give your photos a film look with the help of Exposure. It can be used as a standalone app or a Photoshop plugin. (CS6+)


Snap Art: $99

Snap Art turns your photos into works of art. It can be used as a standalone app or a Photoshop plugin. (CS6+)

Snap Art

Blow Up: $99

Enlarge photos without losing clarity with the help of Blow Up. (CS4+)

Blow Up

Noiseware: $79.95

Noiseware can be used as a standalone app or a Photoshop plugin to reduce noise in your photos. (CS4, CS5, and CS6).


Realgrain: $99.95

Realgrain allows you to add a warm graininess of film to your digital photos.


Portraiture: $199.95

Easily smooth and touch up skin with Portraiture. (CS4 – CC)


Machine Wash Deluxe: $99

With Machine Wash Deluxe you can add various texture and weathering effects to your photos. (CS3 – CC)

Machine Wash Deluxe

Perfect Effects 8: Free

Perfect Effects 8 includes 125 one-click effects and customizable filters that can help in your photo editing process. (CS5 – CC)

Perfect Effects 8

Tych Panel 2: Free

Tych Panel 2 makes it easy to create collages of multiple photos. (CS5+)

Tych Panel 2

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  • izdelava spletnih strani, November 12, 2009

    Thanx for the great post. Thought i was using Photoshop, now i know i wasn’t. Ok, maybe 5% of it.

  • Black Katz - rent in London, November 1, 2009

    I’m new to Photoshop so this is really useful. The possibilities seem endless. It would be useful however, in the list of plugins, to give a brief description of what they offer. In some cases it is obvious, but in others (at least to the novice eye) I can’t tell what is being offered.

  • Symptom Of Panic Attacks, October 27, 2009

    Thanks for the information I just got Photoshop a year ago and I have to say I do not know how I lived without it for so long.

  • Tampa web design, October 25, 2009

    I love it!!!! Im a photoshop junkie.

  • Pixelologist, October 25, 2009

    Some of these look absolutely brilliant but, as Ilona noted, a very large percentage of them are Windows-only. If anyone knows of a similar listing with more Mac-compatible filters please post a link.

  • visualmerc, October 25, 2009

    thanks for the list. another excellent premium plug-in i would recommend is noise ninja by picture code. it has helped me selectively get rid of noise in difficult images on many occasions. it’s a must for digital photographers.

  • Nico van Allen, October 24, 2009

    Many of these plug-ins duplicate existing content in photoshop and illustrator. Learning and utilizing the software you already have save a lot of bucks.

  • Henrik Boegh, October 24, 2009

    Great list – i’ve found a couple of interesting plug-ins to try out. I’m missing my (currently) favourite plug-in here though: Topaz Adjust. Unfortunately plug-ins suffer from the problem as lenses; once you purchase one, you’ll want to purchase another – it can be an economical run-off :o/

  • Great resource…I cant wait to try out the free ones and maybe purchase colour studio.

  • Get your mind Right, October 21, 2009

    This is great resource

    pitty they are so expensive

  • SandyPie, October 20, 2009

    Thank you for the fantastic list of resources!!! So much great stuff out there!

  • killlashandra, October 20, 2009

    Thanks so much for the free filters. :)

  • Laurie Swigart, October 20, 2009

    Thanks! Great plug-ins for scrapbooking!

  • Mayur Jobanputra, October 20, 2009

    I’m looking forward to trying sitegrinder! Thanks!

  • BlueFAQs, October 20, 2009

    Bokeh seems way over-priced, all of those effects can be created rather easily within Photoshop. I’m not bragging or anything, just saying that there are many free tuts out there that can yield the same results within a few steps. I guess if you were new to Photoshop these expensive plug-ins could be great time-savers. Great list, and I love the free ones.

    • Vandelay Website Design, October 20, 2009

      I agree with you that most of this stuff can be done pretty easily for free if you’re willing to learn. The only thing that I will say is for those who really want to save time, such as a photographer, it may be worth it to pay for the plugin if it frees up more time.

  • Ilona, October 20, 2009


    List is great thank you for that !

    I have a Sitegrinder and I am very pleased to that: as I am a designer not a coder it has helped me a lot. Although, after sitegrinder css file needs sometimes by hand corrections but for me it saves time and nerves – i don’t have to do everything from scratch.

    But back to the list: eventhough there many very nice plugins, some of the work only in Windows. It is a pity I think.

  • NJ Web Design, October 20, 2009

    Another excellent article… I’ve been wanting to get my hands on SiteGrinder 2 for a while but I’m eye ball deep in WordPress projects right now. I’m going to try 2 from your list, the “Selective Saturation” plug and the “Color Studio”. I really like puling up the saturation on outdoor shots but it’s all or nothing on a channel with PS CS3… so the selective tool could have endless possibilities. Cheers -

  • Carpet Cleaning Edinburgh, October 19, 2009

    looks great! money well spent if your going to be using it i say.

  • maria porto, October 19, 2009

    mask pro, the best plugin ever!

  • Teen Blogger, October 19, 2009

    Great plugins.

    Thanks for list.

  • InternetHow Blog, October 19, 2009

    Mask Pro looks really cool. If it delivers what it say on the package, money well worth to spend.