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Design faster, design better, and run a more profitable business with a Vandelay Premier membership. Our members get access to all of our resources with a Premier membership. There’s no need to buy resources individually when you can download all of them as a member. Here is a look at just some of what you can access as a member:

  • Freelance Starter Kit

    The Freelance Starter Kit is our most popular resource because it is priceless to freelancers and independant designers. The kit includes a variety of resources to help you run a sucessful business, including contract templates, invoice and proposal templates, letterhead and business cards, marketing materials like brochures and portfolio books, interviews with successful designers, e-books, and more. The resources in this kit alone are worth hundreds of dollars. View the product page to see everything that is included.

  • Wireframe Pro

    Wireframe Pro is a huge set of design elements that makes it possible to create beautiful wireframes within Photoshop in a matter of minutes. The set includes well over 400 elements, plus 13 pre-designed wireframes. Simply drag or duplicate layers from Wireframe Pro to create your own stunning wireframes in no time. Provided elements include nav menus, buttons, sliders, image holders, form fields, and so much more. View the product page to see details.

  • Menso UI Set

    Menso is a stylish and thorough UI set. Each element was designed with care and with great attention to detail, and the end result is a UI set that makes it easy to design stunning websites and web apps. Menso Light is our first version, and several other varations of the set will be released in the near future. Menso Light uses a very pleasing color schemes, and it comes packed with 4 huge PSD files full of various design elements. Preview Menso to see everything that is included.

  • Exotico UI Set

    Exotico is a massive UI set that includes 4 PSD files with hundreds of UI elements that are ready to be used in your own work. The set includes things like navigation menus, buttons, media player elements, sliders, calendars, progress bars, form elements, ribbons, notifications, infographics elements, pricing tables, and more. You really have to see this set to believe it. Exotico can help to make your next website layout or mockup a breeze.

  • Precio UI Set

    Precio is another massive UI set that includes 4 PSD files packed with hundreds of elements that you can use in your own designs. Precio has a stylish look and with the variety of elements included in this set you will be able to create beautiful designs in no time. Visit the Precio UI Set product page to get a preview of the resources included.

  • Zephirro E-Commerce UI Set

    Zephirro is another gigantic UI set, this time desiged specifically for e-commerce websites. The next time you are designing an e-commerce site you could save hours of your time by taking advantage of pre-designed elements like product listings (grid view and list view), product display areas, user reviews, pricing tables, shopping cart and checkout UI elements, and much more. Like Exotico, Zephirro also consists of 4 PSD files loaded with UI elements that are ready for your own use.

  • Wireapp Mobile UI Set

    Wireapp is huge UI set created especially for designing mobile apps and websites. The set comes in 5 different styles: original, wooden, leather, metal, and fabric. The UI elements are provided in both retina and non-retina versions, so you can create sites and apps that will look great on the most recent devices. All of the most commonly needed elements for mobile design are included in each set.

  • Product Mockups

    Showcasing your designs can be a lot easier and more effective when they can be shown on a realistic product mockup. We have several PSD files that allow you to apply your own designs to create professional-looking mockups for products like books, magazines, product boxes, identity sets, CDs, DVDs, coffee cups, posters, shopping bags, and more. Take your product designs to the next level by quickly applying the design to the mockup using Photoshop's smart objects.

  • Premier Texture Bundles

    As a member you’ll have access to well over 1,000 high resolution textures that can be used to create backgrounds or to add texture to any element in your own designs. We’ve compiled some of our best and most popular textures in the Premier Textures Bundles. Each of the three bundles includes 125 textures from a variety of different materials like stone, concrete, paper, wood, metal, and more. Download these three bundles and you'll have a huge library that will probably include any type of texture you could need. View the Premier Texture Bundle, Premier Texture Bundle 2, and the Premier Texture Bundle 3.

  • Premier Photoshop Brushes Bundles

    Every designer loves Photoshop brushes! Sure, you can find some brushes to download for free, but finding quality brushes that are licensed for commericial use can take hours of searching. Save your time and download our Premier Photoshop Brushes Bundle and Premier Photoshop Brushes Bundle 2. Aside from these bundles, we also have hundreds of other brushes ready to be downloaded and used in your own work. Browse the brushes category to see all that are available.

  • Hand-Drawn Resources Bundle

    Creating designs with a hand-drawn style can be done much faster with the help of this bundle of vectors and brushes. It includes a total of 360 Photoshop brushes, 288 vectors, and 73 Illustrator brushes. The resources include a variety of different types of elements with a hand drawn style. Save some of your own time and use these ready-to-use resources to give your work some hand-drawn character. View the product page to see everything included.

  • Nature-Inspired Design Bundle

    If you like to use elements from nature in your design, you'll love this bundle of resources. It includes 204 vectors, 184 Photoshop brushes, 153 textures, and 61 stock photos. You'll find textures from nature, plus brushes and vectors for things like trees, animals, birds, fish, and more. The stock photos include various nature scenes that can easily be used in your own work. See the product page for details.

  • Paper Textures and Brushes Bundle

    Paper is one of the most commonly used-types of textures for web and graphic designers. There are so many different types of paper textures, and they are so useful for designers that we put together a bundle exclusively made up of paper textures and brushes. With this bundle you will get brown paper, stainded paper, vintage paper, grunge paper, and more. View the bundle details for more specifics.

  • Premier Icon Bundle

    Every web designer needs to have access to quality icons. This set includes 278 icons from several different sets that have been released at Vandelay Premier. Each of the icons is available in .png format (64 x 64), plus the source Illustrator files are included for added versatility. The icons are designed with a common style to make this extensive set a valuable resource for desiging any type of website. Preview all of the icons at the product page.

  • Premier Icon Bundle 2

    This set is a follow up to the original Premier Icon Bundle. The second bundle includes another 240 beautifully-designed icons. It includes all of the most commonly needed icons, making it a great resource for web designers to have on hand for client websites or personal projects. Each icon comes in .png format (64 x 64), plus the source Illustrator files are included. Preview the full set on the product page.

  • Vector Icon Set

    Vector icons are extremely versatile and every web designer should have a quality set at their disposal because these icons will be needed so often. This huge set includes 368 different icons. The come in PSD format, with vector shapes being used for each icon. You can quickly and easily scale the icons to suit your needs, or change layer styles to give the icons a customized look. Preview the full icon set.

  • Minima Icon Set

    Minima is another set of vector icons that can prove to be highly valuable. The set includes 200 icons with a minimalist style. Each icon comes in PSD format in a vector shape that can be resized as needed. Each icon also comes in 3 different colors (black, gray, white) in .png format. Visit the Minima product page to preview the full icon set.

  • Imperfect: A Hand-Drawn Icon Set

    This icon set uses a hand-drawn style for those projects where you don't want to use more typical icons. Imperfect includes 270 icons in PSD format. Each icon is a vector shape, allowing for resizing to meet your needs. Simply use a color overly on the Photoshop layer and you can change the color to suit your needs as well. Preview the full set at the Imperfect product page.

  • Logo Templates

    Members also get access to a growing library of logo templates that can be used in their own projects or for client projects. Logo design can be a long costly process, and not every project can justify a full custom logo design. In situations where you need a quality logo design quickly, why not start with a template? Each icon comes in Illustrator format (as well as .eps and .png format), so you can edit them as needed. These logos are ideal for creating your own product/website mockups and for lower-budget client projects. Browse the logo templates category.

  • Business Card Templates

    Members have access to a growing library of print-ready business card templates. Whether you need a business card design for your own use, or if you need one for a client project, these templates can give you a great-looking business card that will get attention, and you won't have to do the design work yourself. Browse the business card templates that are available.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does membership work?

    As an active member you will be able to download any and all of the resources on our site. You can login and instead of having to pay for an individual resource you will see a download button.

  • Do members have to pay to download resources?

    The membership fee is the only money paid by members. You won’t pay anything per download or per resource used. Plus, all of our resources are royalty-free, so you don’t have to worry about giving credit when using the resources.

  • Is there a difference between the different membership levels?

    As an active member you will have the same privileges regardless of the plan that you have chosen. The only difference is the length of the membership and the amount paid. The monthly plan costs $10, and that charge will recur each month. The six month plan costs $49 which is a savings of $11 over paying monthly, and that charge will recur every 6 months unless you cancel. You can save the most money by going with the one year plan that will charge $79 and recur annually–that’s a savings of $21 over the monthly plan.

  • Am I committed to a particular length of time?

    Membership can be cancelled at any time to prevent future payments.

  • What software will I need to use your resources?

    Most designers use the Adobe Creative Suite, so that is the format we use for our design resources. The textures are .jpg files, which can be opened in any image editing program. The UI sets and mockups are provided in Photoshop format. Some other programs open Photoshop files, but some of the files, especially the mockups, use some advanced features and not every program can handle them. For this reason, we recommend Photoshop. Also, the Photoshop brushes and pre-sets will require Photoshop. For the vector files we recommend Adobe Illustrator. Other vector software may be able to open the files, especially the .eps and .svg files. Most of the print templates have been created with Adobe InDesign.

  • Can I continue to use resources after I cancel my membership?

    Yes. Any resources that you download while you are an active member can continue to be used after your membership has been cancelled. We understand that you may not be a member until the end of time, and we don't want to hold our members hostage. We're always releasing new resources, which we hope is enough to convince you that keeping your active membership is an amazing value.

  • What are the details of the product license?

    Resources can be used on an unlimited number of personal and commercial projects (no single-use licenses here). You can also use the resources in items that will be sold, such as website templates, WordPress themes, t-shirts, etc. You can see more details of the license here.

  • Still have more questions?

    Email us and we’ll try to answer any question you may have.

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