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Shape Up! New Fitness Flyers and UI Mega Packs

Ready for the latest and greatest from the Shop? We’re certainly ready to show off these hot off the press design packs. Performance Fitness Flyer PSD Template Fitness classes and bootcamps are popping up all over the country, and it’s high time that designers grab on to this client opportunity. Use this new Performance Fitness […]


Brand New! Career Resource PSDs

Starting a new career? Trying to jump start your business? Maybe you just need sure fire designs to use for your client work. New to the Shop this week are all kinds of career resources to help you make that buck. Identity and Brand Mockup PSD Kit With so many platforms to grow your business […]


New PSDs: UI Kits and Web Elements

New in the Shop this week are all kinds of bright and bold PSDs to help you up your design level. Web Elements PSD Pack Brand spankin’ new to the site today is this Web Elements PSD Pack! With bright corner ribbon PSDs, image viewers, and a even world map navigation PSD, you’ll have more […]


All About Contract Templates

This week in the Shop we’re all about contract agreements. We know as designers, you hardly have enough time to finish your work before the all-approaching-deadline, much less have time enough to write up a contract for each job. Enter these new contract templates! Outsourcing Agreement Contract Template All too often we take on multiple […]


Beautiful UI Kits and Perfectly Practical Contracts

Hope everyone had a Happy St. Paddy’s Day! This week sure is flying by, so to slow it down a bit, let’s take a look at some of the new premium files added in the Shop this past week.

Blue Flash UI PSD Kit

UI kits are just about the all around, catch all, perfect resource for web designers, and this new Blue Flash UI PSD Kit is no exception. Download and see for yourself how simple creating user interfaces can be.

Blue Flash UI Kit


Business and Marketing Must Haves: Contract and Brochure Templates

Happy Wednesday! On this first Wednesday in March, we’d like to once again bring you the newest files uploaded to our Shop this week!

Logo Design Services Contract Template

Lots of times in the past when we’ve worked on logo projects (or projects of any kind, for that matter), we ran into problems with the clients and their expectations that sometimes turned a bit ugly. Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could prevent that kind of confrontation? With this new Logo Design Services Contract you can. Use this contract template to clearly spell out services that will be rendered, payment expectations, and more, all while keeping your hair in your head, where it belongs.

Logo Badge PSD Pack Three


This Week’s Newest & Popular Premier Files

As you have probably noticed by now, we have shut down and moved everything back over to this domain. With so much new content being added each week, we are going to start highlighting our newest and most popular items added to the shop from the previous week. Every Tuesday, expect to see what all our members are downloading in our Shop each week.

Be Mine, Valentine!

With Valentine’s Day coming up soon, you’re sure to need high quality, professional graphics that still have a lovey-dovey feel for yourself and your clients. Use this subtle blue Valentine’s Day vector background to share your love with the world on the 14th.

Be Mine Valentine Vector Background


Our Top 10 Vandelay Premier Downloads of 2013

Are you short on time? Does it seem like your day rushes by, and yet again, you were unable to check off as many items on your to-do list as you had hoped?

If this rings true for you, as it does for most designers, you simply don’t have the time to sort through the virtual piles of online designs to find that ‘needle in a haystack’ to fit your latest design. So we’ve done some of the legwork for you. We’ve sorted through our extensive resources at Vandelay Premier to find what’s popular with web designers to bring you this list of Top 10 Vandelay Premier product picks! So sit back and relax, and enjoy these highlights of what other designers think are our most useful resources.

10. Illustrator Brush Stokes
This is a huge set of 55 art brushes that will allow you to easily create vector brush strokes in Illustrator.

Adobe Illustrator Brush Strokes Brushes


Limited Time Offer: The Mobile Design Bundle!

Mobile Design Bundle

If you offer design or development services to clients, chances are many of your clients are interested in mobile websites and apps. With that in mind we’ve put together a bundle of resources specifically to make your work on mobile websites and apps easier. The resources are from our sister site Vandelay Premier, and for a limited time this bundle is available at a savings of 86% off the regular price of these resources! You can get it for just $29 instead of $201.


Limited Time Offer on the Menso UI Bundle

If you’re looking to save some time and improve efficiency in your own web design work, this limited time offer could be a great opportunity. Now through Monday, February 18th we are offering a bundle that includes all 4 variations of our massive Menso UI set for just $19. The 4 styles normally sell for $19 each, so you can get all 4 for the price of 1! In total you’ll get 16 PSD files packed with stylishly designed elements ready to be used in your own web and app design projects. You’ll get Menso Light, Dark, Colorful, and Metal (all previewed below).

All of the PSD files are layered and well organized, so you can easily customize the elements to meet your own needs. And best of all, the license allows you to use the resources on an unlimited number of personal and commercial projects. Click on the preview images below to see the elements in full size.

Menso Light

Menso Light


Our Most Popular Products from 2012

Throughout 2012 we have released more than 260 resource packs at Vandelay Premier. It’s been a great year for Vandelay Premier membership as we have continued to add the new resources, making the membership more valuable and useful. We’ll continue to do the same in 2013, but first we wanted to highlight some of our more popular products from the past year.

If you like the products that are highlighted in this post, you may be interested in our current promotion that will save you $30 on a one-year membership. When signing up for our “annual subscription plan” use the coupon code “vp2013” to get it for $49 instead of the normal price of $79. This promo ends December 31, 2012.

UI Sets:

One of the biggest improvements at Vandelay Premier in 2012 was the addition of several massive UI sets. These sets include hundreds of design elements that can be used to quickly create beautiful web and app designs.

Menso UI Set Light

Menso is a very stylish UI set with a clean design that can be used in a wide variety of projects. The preview image below shows only 25% of the set. A full preview is available at the product page.

Menso UI Set Light


Introducing the Precio UI Set, Free and Premium Versions

Today we are releasing our latest mega UI set, Precio. This set includes well over 200 individual elements that can be used in your own designs, which can greatly reduce the amount of time needed. Precio includes a wide variety of elements like navigation menus, buttons, ribbons, badges, infographics elements, comment boxes, pricing tables, form fields, media player elements, dividers, progress loaders, ratings elements, calendars and timers, notifications, login forms, testimonial boxes and more.

The goal of Precio is to make it easier and faster for designers to create mockups and website layouts. The full version of Precio includes 4 PSD files loaded with UI elements, and it comes with an extended multi-use license that allows for use on an unlimited number of personal or commercial projects. The premium version costs $19, or if you are a Vandelay Premier member you can download it here.

Here is a preview of the elements included in Precio. Click on the images to view the elements in full-size to be able to see the detail.

Precio UI Set


Create Wireframes in a Snap with Wireframe Pro: Free and Premium Versions

Our latest product, Wireframe Pro, makes it fast and easy to create amazing wireframes for your own web design projects. The massive premium version includes over 400 individual pre-designed elements so you can simply drop them in your designs to create wireframes in minutes. In addition to the UI elements, the set also includes 13 sample wireframes that can be used as is or customized to suit your needs.

In addition to the premium version, a free version is also available that includes a number of elements. A preview of the free version can be seen at the end of this post.

Wireframe Pro


Zephirro E-Commerce UI Set, Free and Premium Versions

Today we a new product that we’re excited to release! It is a huge UI set that includes the elements most commonly used when designing e-commerce websites. With Zephirro you can quickly and easily design e-commerce sites for your own use or for clients.

Zephirro includes elements like pricing tables, feature boxes, shopping cart, shopping cart widgets, checkout progress bars, checkout, product listing, product detail, user reviews elements, product options like dropdowns and checkboxes, badges, ribbons, notifications, chat support, a login form, navigation menus, and even newsletter sign up boxes. With all of these elements, much of the design work is already done for creating an e-commerce website.

The set includes a total of 4 PSD files. Each element is layered for easy customization and editing. You can make some customizations for each e-commerce site you design and use some of the same elements over and over again to save time in your design process.

The premium set costs just $19 and comes with our standard multi-use, extended license. That means you can use it on as many projects as you would like, including templates and themes that will be sold or given away, with no need to buy a developer’s license. Full license details are available here. And if you’re a Vandelay Premier member you can download Zephirro at no additional cost here.

Click on the images below to view them in full-size.

Zephirro E-Commerce UI Set


Introducing Exotico UI Set, Free and Premium Versions

Today we are excited to release an extensive UI set called Exotico. It’s one of the largest UI sets available anywhere and it includes elements for navigation menus, buttons, media players, calendars, sliders, and much more.

The premium set includes 4 PSD files full of UI elements that are ready to be added to your own designs and mockups. You can use this set to drastically speed up the design process, and it helps you to create a stylish and attractive design. Each PSD is layered to allow you to edit each individual resource to suit your own needs. The elements included are previewed in the images below. Please view the detail by clicking on the images to see them in full-size.

The premium set costs just $19 and comes with a multi-use, extended license. Use it on as many projects as you would like, including templates and themes that will be sold or given away. Full license details are available here. And if you’re a Vandelay Premier member you can download Exotico at no additional cost here.

To make the set useful to as many people as possible, we’re also giving away a free version of Exotico that includes just some of the resources. See the bottom of this post for details and a download link.

Exotico UI Set, Free and Premium Versions