Photoshop Layer Styles for Buttons – Part II

Photoshop Layer Styles for Buttons - Part II

This is our second set of layer styles for creating buttons (see Photoshop Layer Styles for Buttons). This set includes another 92 layer styles that make is simple to create attractive buttons in a wide variety of colors. Just create a shape layer and apply your style of choice.

To use the styles follow these steps:

  • download and unzip the file.
  • save the .asl file to your computer.
  • open a Photoshop file and go to Window > Styles to open the styles palette.
  • click on the down arrow in the styles palette and select ?load styles?.
  • find the .asl file on your computer and click ?ok?. The style is now loaded.
  • create a shape in your Photoshop file and double click on the layer in the layers palette to open the Layer Style options.
  • click on ?Styles? to the left, find the style that you want to use, and click ?ok?.