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8 WordPress Plugins That Will Turn Your Blogs Into Powerful Lead Generation Tools

A solid content strategy can help you turn casual blog readers into qualified leads?

Your content strategy is never without lead generation tools. Leads generation can be quite tricky. According to recent study, “the biggest challenge that 61% of B2B marketers face is “generating high-quality leads.”

If you don’t have a good system, you might struggle for years to grow your email list. But successful bloggers already know user behaviors. Behaviors that stem from their needs.

When you understand users, you’ll be able to create the right content, tailored to meet their needs.

This is the true essence of content marketing, and why a lot of digital marketing companies use it. Data from Content Marketing Institute shows that 83% of B2B marketers use content marketing for lead generation…


Website Designs that are People-friendly are Google-friendly

Google has always had the goal of making sure that their search engine provides the most relevant results to searchers. Through the use of algorithms, Google determines how related a site is when an Internet user completes a search for a certain keyword or keyword phrase. Recently, though, Google has made some very drastic changes to its algorithms. These updates have left many unaware website owners wondering how to make their sites appear on Google searches.


Promoting Older Posts With Social Media

For any blogger or website owner, traffic is at least somewhat inconsistent, and ups and downs are a natural occurrence. However, during those slow times most of us would like to be able to turn the tables and get some new traffic flowing to the site. The common thought for bloggers is that new content should be created and promoted to get things moving. This isn’t always necessary.


Long Term Traffic Analysis: Learn from the Trends and Improve the Future

Most bloggers and website owners check their stats on a regular basis. For some that may be weekly, daily, or every 2 hours. I’m like most people and I log in to check stats briefly at least once a day. At the end of the month I’ll also check on the monthly stats as a whole, but that’s typically as far as it goes.

Now that the blog has been around for a while I thought it would be interesting to look back on six months worth of data. The blog technically launched in March of 2007 but was not taken seriously until late June or early July, so 6 months goes back to mid July.


Give Your Linkbait a Boost

Linkbait is a proven method for growing traffic to your blog and increasing your search engine rankings. But sometimes your linkbait might not take off like you hoped it would. In these cases a little bit of creative marketing can make all the difference. Although the whole premise of linkbait is to gain links without […]