Why Your Business Needs a Blog

By now most businesses have a website and at least appreciate the fact that it can benefit their business in some way. Most businesses, however, see their website as a way to sell more products or simply as a glorified yellow pages ad. Millions of internet users around the world use blogs to communicate online, but relatively few businesses have taken advantage of blogs. Most blogs that are run for business purposes exist to either directly generate income or to build authority by becoming a respected source of information.

While these are perfectly good reasons for businesses to maintain a blog on its website, there are a number of other more subtle ways that businesses benefit from blogging.

1. Increased learning
– Bloggers are forced to be continually learning in order to always be producing quality content. An active blogger will be up-to-date and knowledgeable about the subject of interest.

2. Better relationship with website visitors
– A blog gives your visitors a way to interact, which leads to more repeat visitors and more loyal customers.

3. It’s quick and inexpensive to add content
– A blog can be edited online without the need to know html. Rather than paying a professional designer every time something needs to be added, a blogger can do it himself/herself, and the content is added right away.

4. Gives your business more ways to be found – There are a growing number of search engines and directories that are dedicated to blogs (see www.vandelaydesign.com/blogging/blogdirectories.htm for a lengthy list). Without a blog your website will not be found by users of these search engines and directories. Google also has a blog search that does not include results from websites without a blog.

5. Gets your content to the search engines faster
– Blogs ping search engines when a new post is added to alert the search engines of the new content. Search engine spiders then crawl the website and content may appear in search results immediately. Traditional websites take weeks and sometimes months to be indexed. Many blogging platforms automatically ping the search engines. If you are a FeedBurner user you can also choose to activate their free PingShot service. For another free service, try ping-o-matic.

6. Increased content - If posts are made consistently, over time the blog will add considerable content to your website that will increase your traffic from search engines.

7. Increased Links
– Blogs generally draw a lot of links, particularly from other blogs. Getting a lot of quality inbound links will increase the search engine rankings of your entire website.

This is not an exhaustive list, but rather just some of the benefits of blogs for businesses. If you are interested in adding a blog to your website, visit www.wordpress.org, www.movabletype.com, or www.blogger.com. For more information about our custom blog design, please contact us.

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