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Is WordPress Moving Too Fast?

It is common knowledge by now that WordPress is the world’s most popular CMS, and it powers nearly 25% of the total websites. With millions of users as well as developers that rely on WordPress, it is only natural that WP keeps growing at an exponential pace.

That said, is WordPress growing too fast? Recently, this debate has been ongoing in the WordPress community. 

WordPress generally gets three major releases per year, in addition to minor releases about security and bugs. Quite naturally, with each major release, themes and plugins often undergo updates, and as such, some developers might find it tough to match pace with such rapid development.


This issue first surfaced during Matt Mullenweg’s State of the Word 2015 address last month, wherein Mike Epstein shared concerns about developers who might be struggling to keep up with the pace of WordPress development. Mullenweg responded by citing examples of companies that have automated their development process, and also mentioned the need for involving users in the plugin review process.

However, Matt dismissed any chance of reduction in the pace of development.

So as of now, WordPress development is expected to continue at the current pace, with three major releases per year. If you are a WordPress developer, how are you keeping up with WordPress release cycle? Share your views in the comments below, and you can also follow the discussion over at WP Tavern.

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