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27 Specialty Themes for WordPress

WordPress is an incredibly popular CMS for a number of reasons. It’s free, open source, powerful, and it can be used for a wide variety of different purposes aside from a traditional blog or corporate website. One of the best ways to see that potential for flexibility is to take a look at the different types of themes that are available. You can find quality themes for all kinds of different purposes, which makes WordPress even more useful.

In this article we’ll showcase 27 examples of specialty WordPress themes. Here you’ll find themes for question and answer websites, job boards, crowdfunding sites, directories, deal sites, and much more. Hopefully it gives you some ideas of what is possible.


Explorable, from Elegant Themes, is a location-based theme that pins your posts on a map. It is a great option for travel blogs, travel guides, and local business directories. It uses a responsive design and also includes functionality for user star ratings. You can get access to Explorable with a $39 membership to Elegant Themes (also includes access to more than 80 other themes).



Comment Systems and Options for WordPress Users

There are a lot of different factors that help to make a blog successful, and reader engagement is one of those factors. A blog that has a high level of reader engagement is likely to receive a lot of quality comments from readers, and a blog that gets a lot of comments is likely to benefit from that high level of engagement.

The commenting functionality was a key issue in the rise to popularity for blogging several years ago. Visitors who were accustomed to reading static pages with no option to leave their own feedback typically appreciated the opportunity to interact with the blogger and other readers. Over the past few years it seems like more of this discussion has shifted to sites like Twitter and Facebook as many blogs have seen a decrease in comment activity. However, the opportunity is still there for blogs to benefit greatly from an active comment area.

In this article we’ll take a look at the different commenting options that are available to bloggers who are using self-hosted WordPress to power their blogs. Most of these options are also available for other blogging platforms as well.


A Comprehensive Guide to Becoming a WordPress Developer

Since WordPress is one of the leading content management systems out there it spurs countless people to become developers themselves. Some of the best I know in the industry emerged from these “DIY developers” – people who started looking at code as a hobby.

WordPress is a good medium to start out in because its functions are clear, the coding style is extremely transparent and easy to understand and the documentation is phenomenal (not to mention the huge community). With this article I hope I can give you a quick primer on where to start your long but – hopefully – fun journey!

Note to developers: There are quite a few instances where what I explain is not the full story. This is what Terry Pratchett calls “Lies to children”. It is difficult to explain programming concepts to beginners by going into maximum detail. When you learn acceleration in school you are not told that this is actually integral calculus, the sum of the area under a graph. You simply learn the result (speed over time). The idea is the same here :)



40 New WordPress Themes Released in May, 2013

Each month we like to publish a roundup of new WordPress themes, and today we have a collection that showcases some of the most notable themes released in May. You’ll find a wide variety of themes, everything from blog and news themes, to portfolio themes, to corporate themes, and even some specialties like a wedding theme. You can see live demos of any of themes themes from the source (click on the links to go to the source, and from there you can preview a live demo).

Metro Vibes
Price: $59
Available at: ThemeFuse

Metro Vibes


The Best WordPress Plugins for Growing Your Mailing List

If you’re looking to build any top of business online, growing a mailing list should be a priority. However, with so much spam and unwanted email in most inboxes it can be a challenge to convince your website visitors to subscribe to your list. Fortunately, there are some really effective tools that can make your list building efforts exponentially more effective.

If you’re a WordPress user there are a number of quality plugins available that have been created specifically to help with building a mailing list. In this article we’ll take a look at some of the best plugins that can turn your list building frustrations into success.

PopUp Domination

PopUp Domination


27 WordPress Mobile Themes

Responsive web design gets plenty of attention, and rightfully so, but in some situations you may prefer to use a separate theme specifically for mobile visitors rather than going with a responsive design. WordPress users have a number of themes available that have been specifically created with mobile visitors in mind.

These themes will not replace your desktop theme, instead the mobile theme will only be seen by visitors on mobile devices. This setup typically includes a plugin to determine what device the visitor is using, and then it will display the appropriate theme. In this post we’ll showcase 27 different options for mobile sites on WordPress. Most are themes, but some are plugins.


Handheld is a plugin from ElegantThemes that will display a mobile-friendly version of your site to visitors on mobile devices. Visitors who are not on mobile devices will see your regular theme. It is available to ElegantThemes members with a Developer membership level. The cost of that Developer membership level is $89 per year, and it also includes more than 80 themes in addition to the Handheld plugin.



35 WordPress Themes for Personal Websites

WordPress is a good CMS option for anyone who wants to maintain a personal website or blog. It’s free, easy to setup with most hosting accounts, offers all the functionality needed for a personal website, and there are plenty of quality themes available. In this post we’ll showcase 35 WordPress themes that are excellent options for personal websites. Most of them are premium and must be purchased, but a few are free to download and use.

Memoir – $39



40 Beautiful and Minimal WordPress Themes

Finding the right WordPress theme for your website or for a client’s website is not an easy task. Even with the huge selection that is available, if you have some specific things in mind for your site you may find that it’s very difficult to find a theme that would be a good match.  In these situations, you may be better off to start with a theme framework or a minimal theme and customize it through the use of a child theme to meet your needs.

In this post we’ll highlight 40 minimal WordPress themes that are worth a look. The themes showcased here are not necessarily bare bones minimal, but rather they are minimalist in style which often makes it easier to use as a starting point.

Hardy – $49

Hardy is a responsive theme from ThemeTrust. It includes all the necessary functionality for portfolio websites, but it could also be used for a wide variety of other types of sites. It comes with features like column shortcodes, page templates, Google Web Fonts integration, slideshow shortcodes, custom widgets, button shortcodes, a theme options panel, and more.



The Best WordPress Themes for Churches

Many churches in need of a quality website at an affordable price are turning to WordPress. One of the main reasons for this is the number of themes that have been designed and created with the needs of churches in mind. Common features of church themes include things like support for sermon audio and/or video, and event calendar management, which are both important for almost every church website.

WordPress also makes it easy for church staff or volunteers to manage the content of the website, and with features like custom post types, customizable navigation menus, and widgets, WordPress is a practical option for most churches.

Of course, budget is always a factor with churches and other non-profit organizations. WordPress is free to use as a content management system, and some free church themes are also available. Most of the themes designed specifically for churches must be purchased, but with prices ranging from about $40 – $80, the cost is much lower than most other options for church websites.

In this post we’ll take a look at the best free and premium WordPress themes for churches, including some of our own free church themes.

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Free WordPress Themes for Churches:

Zion Theme for Churches

Zion is a feature-rich theme for churches that can be downloaded and used for free. It features an adaptive layout, so your visitors will experience a usable site on smartphone and tablets, in addition to desktops. Zion comes with 4 different color schemes. It also includes features like a customizable homepage slider, support for sermon audio and video, an upcoming events list, and a homepage template that can be customized using WordPress widgets. Zion also includes a staff page template.

Zion Theme for Churches


20 WordPress Travel Themes

Those who are traveling or working in the travel industry often need a website to share their experiences or to allow visitors to research information and options related to their own travel. There are a number of WordPress themes that have been designed and developed especially for the travel industry and for travel blogs. (You may also be interested in 17 of the Best WordPress Hotel Themes.)

If you’re looking for the right theme or template for your own travel website, this post is for you. Here we’ll showcase 20 different WordPress that could be just the right option for you.

Voyage – $99

Voyage, from ThemeFuse, is one of the best-looking travel themes available. It is an ideal choice for travel agencies. Voyage features powerful search and filter options that will allow visitors to find the perfect trip or vacation. It also uses a responsive design and layout so that it will look good on phones and tablets as well as desktops.


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