10 Beautiful Pre-Built Website Examples and How They Can Increase Your Productivity

Website building techniques, including wireframing, using online website building tools, or outsourcing design/development activities have their pros and cons.

  • Wireframing is a popular approach, but it can be difficult and time consuming when designing complex websites, and it does not address website development.
  • The quality of online website builders can vary, and most are subscription-driven, which can add to project costs.
  • Outsourcing can yield excellent results, but it can be an expensive approach and the website owner has minimal control over his project. Incorporating changes can significantly add to a project’s cost.
  • Pre-built websites get a project off to a rapid start, and given the right tools, will maintain that momentum.

Coding is not necessary when using a pre-built website together with efficient editing tools. Thus, a website-building tool that includes pre-built websites is an affordable approach.

The net result – a significant increase in productivity at a lower cost.

10 Examples of Pre-built Websites
















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How to Install a Be Theme Pre-Built Website and Edit It with Muffin Builder 3

BeTheme offers a selection of 155 pre-built websites. Whichever one you choose can be installed with 1 click, and each one is completely customizable. The majority of these pre-built websites feature multiple pages, which can allow a website project to proceed at an even faster rate.

Assume for a moment that you have chosen one of the examples shown above, or you’ve looked over Be’s entire selection and made another choice. Now it’s time to install your selection and start building pages with Muffin Builder 3. The video illustrates just how straightforward and rapid the installation/editing process is.

If you have a good idea of what your final product should look like, and the content you need is close at hand, the video demonstrates how you can have a website up and running in a matter of hours, as opposed to a matter of days.

There is no need for wireframing or coding. You own the package, so there are no subscription costs to bother with, and you don’t have to outsource anything. It will also quickly become apparent why website complexity is not an issue. Just give one-click-at-a-time directions, and let Be Theme do the work.

Be Theme – a Quick Overview


BeTheme, with its 155+ pre-built websites is the biggest WordPress theme ever, and the number keeps growing. All if the most popular topics are covered. Add to this Be’s 40 core features and the number of copies sold (more than 22,000), and you can see why it is the biggest and the best.

These pre-built websites were designed with ease of use and increased productivity in mind. 119 are multipage pre-built websites and 8 new ones are added every month

  • Pre-built websites address all of the common website themes, including business, blogs, portfolio, shop, entertainment, one page, and more.
  • No coding skills are required, and users can use Muffin Builder 3, Visual Composer, or both.


  • 20 Customizable Header Styles, 5 Base Grid Layouts, and 6-Column Support opens the door to an unlimited number of different page styles and formats.
  • Take any pre-built website, and with only a few clicks you can create website pages that are totally unique.
  • The Shortcode Generator and BeTheme’s 200+ shortcodes speeds up the website building process even more.
  • Building an eCommerce website is easy; WooCommerce can be installed in 1 minute, products can be uploaded quickly, and BeTheme even features a payment control mechanism.
  • BeTheme is Responsive, SEO and Retina Ready, and RTL and WPML Ready.
  • Be is always kept up to date. You can receive update notifications or have the theme updated automatically, and new features are constantly being added.

These and other features are why selecting BeTheme and its pre-built website approach will increase your productivity and give you a competitive edge when seeking out potential clients.

What Our Customers Like about BeTheme

Although flexibility and feature availability are often cited, Be’s customers find favor with just about everything Be has to offer. The pre-built websites, coupled with Be’s 40 core features, is a major reason why this WordPress theme is offers more flexibility in website creation than its competitors. More than a few of our customers find that Be’s speed of operation, compatibility features, and the overall quality make it a worthy investment.



Awesome Customer Support

A well-designed WordPress theme that is loaded with features would not be a top seller for long if it was not backed up by a competent customer support team. Be’s customer team is more than just competent; they are World Class. As you can see from the examples given here, their teams’ responses to customers’ questions or problems are detailed and to the point. There is none of the “see our FAQ page” nonsense. Their support staff is professional, and they treat their customers as professionals.




What you have seen so far should give you an idea as to how BeTheme and its use of pre-built websites can do wonders for your productivity, and give you a competitive edge. Clients will be impressed with your workmanship and by the speed in which you can deliver a product.

Set your wireframing tools and programming manuals aside, and forget about outsourcing of or finding just the right online website building tool.


This is a sponsored post on behalf of Be Theme.

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