10 Killer Tools to Launch and Build Your First Startup

As our lives continue to plunge deeper online, there is no better time to launch a killer startup than now. The increasing demand for products and services to satisfy our thirst for information and entertainment continues to open gaps in the market for new goods and services to make our lives better. But building and launching a startup is difficult and requires an enormous amount of effort. However, with the right tools under your belt, you could get off to a fantastic start.

Below, you will find a list of ten killer tools – everything from finance to design, to help you build and launch your startup geared up for success!


Launching a startup is stressful and chaotic, and the last thing you want is to experience such stress in your finances. Hiveage is designed to help small businesses manage their accounts and billables. In addition to allowing companies create elegant branded invoices, they also help startups track their expenses, time, and mileage to allow seamless billing for clients. This handy service also eliminates the need for multiple accounts and allows you to manage multiple teams and businesses by letting you set up different access levels for your employees.

This is a cloud-based platform, which helps companies reduce costs and slash the time spent dealing with administrative tasks associated with invoicing and billing. Their handy iOS app also allows access from any device at any time, so you can easily invoice on the go and keep an eye on your finances with their detailed, up-to-date reports on expenditure and accounts receivable and payable.


Do the smart thing and ensure the protection of all your files, documents, and content. Unfortunately, having multiple copies of your work does not translate into file security. That’s where pCloud comes in. This data security tool helps startups keep their computers with plenty of space by allowing users to store all files on a cloud drive with air-tight security. It’s a cheaper option than Dropbox and lets managers grant different permissions on users accessing shared files.

This useful tool also ensures that the data shared with others are secure by letting users set expiration dates on passwords and links distributed to others. They also ensure that account holders are not restricted and allow file sharing with individuals that do not have a pCloud account, by letting account holders create “upload links” that can be used by others to upload files and resources. Among other things, pCloud offers encryption of sensitive information, which you can access from anywhere at any time on desktop or iOS and Android app. This handy tool helps startups collaborate with teams and clients with ease and without the fear of compromising files.


Undsng is a team of web designers that have introduced one of the best WordPress themes of all time to the world. Their creation Uncode sits at the top of the best sellers of ThemeForest designs and managed to accumulate 20 000+ sales in its first year alone. The Power Elite Authors have created a concept theme that allows users to achieve the design they desire, rather than settle for something that’s almost what they wished it could be. The Uncode theme lets users start with a concept and then modify, mix and redesign any part of the website throughout the creation process without restrictions.

In addition to the 40+ concepts to start with, the theme allows users to create the layout they desire, right down to the fine details of spacing, positioning, and gap setting. There are no presets, and therefore users do not face the restrictions usually posed with less flexible WordPress themes. Among other features, The Adaptive Image System automatically detects the size of a visitor’s screen and resizes the content for ‘pixel-perfect’ delivery. They offer 16+ portfolio layouts, 100 handpicked items, 6+ menu options and SEO optimization to help startups land their sites on the top of search pages.


This marketplace designed for crafters, seasoned graphic ninjas and newbies are full of affordable, high-tech graphic design content. This is the perfect stop for any of your design needs – fonts, icons, themes, infographics, Photoshop brushes and much more. In addition to providing access to some of the best design resources on the internet, TheHungryJPEG also ensures that all content purchased comes with one complete license. The complete license means that all content purchased can be used for personal and commercial use, helping startups navigate the treacherous waters of getting the content licensing right.  

There’s a perfect balance between pricier and inexpensive content, with plenty of $1 deals available throughout the site. There’s also an excellent selection of free weekly bundles to choose from, and new premium packages replace the old ones every week. The monthly bundle option is where startups can save the most, currently offering seven different graphic packs with 70 fonts for $29.


This handy WordPress plugin can turn your website into a ticketing system without taking a third-party cut off your profits. In addition to helping startups set up their hosting ticketing solution, it takes it one step further by allowing users to create any number of ticket types for multiple events. Their tax administration feature allows users to collect tax fees during the purchase process and lets administrators effortlessly manage tax rates per event.

This plugin also allows managing ticket quantities and available check-ins per ticket. With their user-in-mind attitude, they also allow attendance check-ins via their iOS, Android, and Google Chrome app. The latter allows offline barcode scanning of tickets which broadens the range of the type of events and venues that users can create using this plugin. They also allow multiple ticket purchases for different events via their shopping cart feature and lets users boost sales by creating unique discount codes for various ticket types.


Strong customer relations are vital to building a killer startup, so it’s important to track and measure your performance. Teamgate offers a broad range of tools with their CRM service that can help you track your performance, daily team goals, and activities. It also provides data-driven insights to get you closer to your sales goals. Teamgate also helps startups automate the lead capturing process, lets users set reminders to follow-up on their leads using the lead calendar and allows easy tracking of the sale process using their well-designed sales pipeline dashboard.

Their iOS and Android app also provide access to all the tools they offer – from lead capturing to sales forecasting on the go.


Every startup needs a reliable, fast and well-functioning website to attract traffic, advertise their services and connect with their consumers. So, finding an affordable and trustworthy hosting provider is crucial to getting off to a good start.

Hostinger provides premium, high-quality hosting with all their hosting options. All their plans promise 24/7 customer support, easy website builder, and at least one email account. Their premium plan comes with more benefits, such as unlimited bandwidth and SSD disc space for fast loading, a free domain name and fast optimization speed for WordPress and free SSL certificate, which protects customer data and increases SEO ranking.


To get your startup noticed, you need a killer website, which is responsive and user-friendly. Im Creator is a state-of-the-art website builder that allows designers at any level to create stunning and Google friendly sites. All their templates are ready-made and include blogging and a fully equipped e-commerce solution for your website free of charge. There’s a broad range of e-commerce templates to choose from, and you can have your online store up and running in a few clicks. Professional check out and analytics console is also part of the package, which eliminates high costs associated with e-commerce websites.

All the templates they offer are mobile friendly, and the impressive animation effects can help your site stand a few inches taller than the rest. All their options are fully customizable – users can add entrance effects, top colors over images and offers an extensive library of icons to use free of charge among other features. Users have full SEO control over their content, and the clean templates ensure fast loading of every website, perfectly optimized for Google crawlers. Their unique app also allows the editing and uploading of content on the go.


This easy to use prototyping tool for mobile apps can help startups save heaps of time and money. Users can just drag and drop content to get started or to create new screens and add interactions and transitions in two clicks. The real-time collaboration option, allows teams to review the work progress as it happens and allows them to tweak and modify the designs instantly from miles away. Designers and product managers can access prototypes from any device from the cloud. MockingBot also lets users to directly export projects as HTML files, PNG files or straight as Android/iOS apps. With this tool, users can whip up prototypes in 10 minutes and preview all their prototypes using their handy apps.


This handy proposal software can help startups reduce time spent drafting offers and assist them in securing clients faster. Bidsketch lets users to effortlessly mix and match content with fees to create winning proposals in minutes. The electronic signature capability can help businesses get their projects signed faster once the client approves.

In addition to providing the tools for users to craft professional proposals, Bidsketch also lets users know when the customer has opened the project and how long they spent reading their document. Tracking the client’s engagement with your offer can help you separate interested customers from the rest and give you an idea when it’s time to follow up. You can reuse content for future proposals and automate the next steps with their Approved Message feature by sending a message to your client letting them know what to expect next.

Building a startup is a painstaking process that requires dedication and passion. The tools above will help you automate some of the tedious tasks that eat up so much of your time but bring little gratification. Implement these tools in the building and running of your startup, so that you can keep your focus on the important stuff – your mission.

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