10 Unique & High Quality Freebies from DealFuel + Coupon

It’s not easy being a designer. Besides the erratic workload and weird clients who have sky high expectations but expect you to work for peanuts, you also need to create masterpieces of every project.

So be it! Use these freebies to make your work easier and quick without spending any money. And create the masterpiece the clients expect you to. And maybe, just maybe that might prompt them to give you a bonus.

An Amazingly Stylish Free PSD template


Whether you are contracted to make a website for a university, college, a school or a training institute, this PSD template will save you a lot of time and effort. And given how online vocational and non vocational training too are being preferred over hands-on courses, you would probably need this template more than once.

The template, that can be converted into a WordPress or an HTML website, comes with cross browser compatibility, one page design for the homepage, an accordion gallery, and a slider with thumbnails. The website gives readers a tour of the university, lists courses sequentially, and has a separate blog and press page for the latest events.

Or you can design this in any format in tune with the needs of your project. This freebie is otherwise worth $125, but you can get it for free!


50 Unique Tessellation Pattern Vector Backgrounds


Tessellation patterns, that closely resemble the beehive, are a great resource for designers looking for versatile graphics to use in their work. You can use them in web related projects as backgrounds for text and images, and they can also be worked into posters and flyers. Plus they can also be printed out as wall decals. The calm soothing feel associated with a tessellation pattern isn’t topic-specific making it open to limitless possibilities.

There are 50 different patterns to choose from so you can use unique patterns in several of your future projects.


32 Free Vector Ribbon Objects


There are some things that never get old, and ribbons are one of them. While they are generally used to declare news or announcements, you can also get creative with these 32 vector ribbons and place them on headers and footers to spruce up a webpage or print project. Or they can be used to announce a sale, a top-selling product or service, or even to highlight important information to your readers. And they can even help boost conversion rates by bring your readers’ attention to the call to action.


Smashicons: 200 Free Flat Icons


Smashicons has the world’s largest collection of icons – with a whooping 14,000 icons! And while that would be way too much for you to sort through, we have made things a lot easier by handpicking 200 of the best and most popular icons from among a wide variety of subject matters.

This eclectic pack of icons is a must-have for designers. They will come in handy when you’re working on different types of projects. Need something to put in your user manual or need smaller icons to be printed out on posters? You’re sure to find the perfect pick in one of the 200 icons.

From graphic essentials like fruit graphics to specific ones like Yoda and Pacman icons, this amazing vector pack will prove to be a useful over and over.


Royalty free graphics


So you have this really important project you are working on. You have visualized the layout, and it looks amazing. The only problem? The images you need cost a whopping amount that might even exceed what you are getting paid for the project.

It’s not uncommon for designers to key down a project because of a lack of royalty free images. This freebie pack bridges that gap. Inside this pack is 34 royalty free graphics that includes 9 vector illustrations, 22 other stellar vectors and 3 high-res images. And since it comes with an extended license, you can use them in any media without having to give credit.


16 Business Vector Badges


Don’t badges have an important feel associated with it? These small graphics have continually conveyed the appearance of something that’s noteworthy through the years, whether it is on the collar of a colonel or on your website. Badges can highlight an important aspect of your website without spelling it out simply in words.

Each of the badges in this set convey their own unique, important message like Certified or Authentic. Of course, e-commerce and product related websites will find these badges to be indispensable, but they can also be worked into different types of projects too, even on sale flyers and blogs.

There are 16 badges in total, and you can download the entire set in just one click.


48 free social media icons


Social media isn’t the rage anymore – it’s become a part of our lives. Checking your Instagram while brushing your teeth or updating your status while busy attending lectures is routine these days. And since it has become so commonplace, they need to be included on every website.

Whether you use these icons to place links to social media pages on your website or you use them in instruction manuals or presentations, this set of icons will help you with everything related to social media and will be a great addition to your kitty. Use them abundantly on any type of background as the bold vibrant colors don’t get overshadowed by any color combination.


Vector Infographic Elements on the house


Till a few years back, no one had heard of Infographics, and now they have become such an important part of websites, especially ones that deal with a lot of data and information.

If you’re repeatedly asked to design Infographics for clients, whether you are a novice or a seasoned professional, you would find this freebie particularly helpful. The thought bubbles, charts, and other elements regularly used in Infographics are all included in this pack, so they will have you set for all types of Infographic related projects.

Inspire your creative juices, and get working!


96 Free Vector Icons to Increase your Click Rate


Icons don’t just make communicating and linking to other pages easy and convenient, but they also help to break the monotony of text. These icons are segregated under three categories – Business, Food/Restaurant and Medical – and can be worked into websites, user manuals, presentations, and any other graphic project you’re working on.

Communicate a lot without making your page too text heavy–grab this icons set now!


Creativity Enhancing Design Resources


This freebie is touted as a creativity enhancing resource – it includes a variety of textures, illustrations and vectors that can be used as they are, or you can use individual pieces to build your own unique creation.

This set includes a royalty free license for both personal and commercial projects and includes 8 vector illustrations, 4 textures and a horde of vectors will make your next project quick and effortless.

So download this pack now, and when you find the creativity block creeping in, use these resources to get the creative juices flowing and get back to doing the awesome creative work that you do!


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