15 Advanced Tips for Young and Aspiring Entrepreneurs

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The idea of starting and running a business of your own is exciting yet intimidating to new entrepreneurs. There is no perfect formula for creating a successful business online out there, but there are wise pieces of advice from the “been there, done that” entrepreneurs, that you can follow and skip unnecessary mistakes to stand a better chance of achieving success.

In this article, we note down 15 advanced tips to guide young and aspiring entrepreneurs who want to start on this journey.

1. Do what you love

Before starting a new business, ask yourself reflecting questions: what your passion is, what life values you truly embrace, and if there are any market niches where your interests can blend in.

While many entrepreneurs choose to earn quick profits despite going against their own beliefs and values, young entrepreneurs are advised to stay true to themselves and do work that they love in order to build a sustainable business which they will always feel passionate about over the years.

2. Follow trends: Shopify

If you haven’t figured out what kind of business you want to start with passion and the only goal is making only, then you should look into the eCommerce world and start it out with Shopify.

While new eCommerce entrepreneurs find it extremely tough to promote their new stores and get the first customers, there are certainly provenly effective tactics to solve the puzzle, including working on SEO, running ads, collaborating with influencers, and building brand trust with product reviews. Opinew Shopify Product Reviews App and Importer is an awesome tool that automates the review requesting process and imports reviews from third-party marketplaces to your Shopify store.

3. Keep it simple and focus on the minimum viable product (MVP)

Sometimes, spending too much time on perfecting your products and delaying launch will get you nowhere. In order to build the right thing your customers want, you need to release a simple version with basic features for early adopters and get their initial feedback, from where you continue improving your products to satisfy customers.

Don’t be afraid of getting negative feedback. When you have a minimum viable product, you should invite beta customers to try out and push future development. Your MVP will take you to the next levels much faster than your first perfect version.

4. Create a memorable logo

A logo tells many things about your business. It lets people know what your business sells at first sight, subtly conveys values your business embraces and helps people memorize you as a unique brand. Designing a business logo is an essential step when you build your business.

Have no design skills and no idea where to start? 48hourslogo makes this challenging task become exciting for you, by allowing you to host a logo design content on its platform. Talented freelancing designers will work on your brief and compete for the prize. With just a small investment, you can have a variety of design options to select the best one for your business.

5. Use beautiful images

Every image that you use to showcase your business on websites, social profiles, marketing printouts has an impact on how customers perceive your business. That’s why businesses, large and small, invest a lot of resources into professional photography. The good news is you have another option to locate beautiful stock photos that you can use for multiple business purposes on stock image websites that provide free downloadable high-definition images on the Internet.

6. Get well-known on social media

In this digital era, social media is where people hang out, talk, make friends, and shop. If your business is nowhere to be found on social networks, it literally doesn’t exist at all. If you don’t want to miss the majority of your potential customers, make your brand well-known on social platforms where most of your prospects gather.

7. Start collecting emails and convert to leads

Email marketing is far from dead for businesses. Because it is targeted, personal and purposeful, email marketing plays a crucial part in the success of businesses. Thus, building an ever-growing email list is a vital task in your sales and marketing plan. Emails can be captured via opt-ins in websites, landing pages, and social ads.

Once you collect emails of subscribers who show interest in your offerings, you can start nurturing them through drip campaigns and convert them into customers.

8. Create landing pages that convert

Landing pages are an essential element in today’s digital marketing. While a website’s homepage provides general information, landing pages contain customized content that targets the right customers, thus ensuring a higher conversion rate. If you don’t have time and skills to code custom landing pages, you can try one of the best landing page builders to create high-converting landing pages with their pre-built tools.

9. Want to start an agency?

You have the expertise and competitive edges in an area like design, web development, content marketing, but don’t know how to start a business from there? Think about creating an agency.

If you want to focus on making great works for your clients and get freed from the hassles of doing business, you can build websites for your clients by joining Bookmark’s Agency Reseller Program, which handles everything from conversion optimization to orders management and billing processing, to make your life as an agency founder much less hectic and struggling.

10. Brand yourself

While small-business owners have enough vision and determination to launch companies, they often neglect their personal brand. One’s whole business is tightly attached to his or her personal brand and can benefit much from that. A strong public reputation will help you hit big deals and stand a better position at negotiations. When you know how to leverage your personal image, your business will thrive.

11. Always keep regular backups of everything

Online businesses possess a huge amount of data, including images, videos, sounds, and content documents. It’s better to store your files digitally to avoid costs to maintain servers. The best cloud storage will give you instant access anywhere, anytime you want, with unlimited storage capacity, high security, and at affordable costs.

12. Grow a community of loyal fans

Any business starts with zero customers. When you start driving the very first ones, think about building a community where they can gather and share their interests. If you give control over the community to its members and let them openly discuss your business, the community will thrive healthily and attract more like-minded people to join through invites by members who receive real values from the community. Communities can be built on social platforms or website forums where your prospects hang out most often.

13. Focus on customer support

Retaining current customers to make them come back for more purchases is much more difficult than attracting new ones. Loyal customers stay because they feel that they are treated with respect. A wise thing to do if you want to build a sustainable business instead of a seasoned one is to focus on optimizing customer service that prioritizes customers. There are many ways recommended for small business owners to improve customer service, including remarketing, setting up customer relationship management systems, and making use of autoresponders and chatbots.

14. Build a stunning website that sells

Nowadays, building a functional website is not a challenging task, even to non-techies. What truly matters is that if the website can really help you sell. A stunning website built with a perfect user experience design gives visitors the very first impression of a credible and professional business, which they will carry on throughout their whole lifecycle with the business.

For business owners who build their websites on WordPress, they certainly find that its free themes are limited in designs and features. It is highly recommended that you should switch to premium alternatives, like Uncode – Creative WordPress Theme, to customize the look and feel of your website with high levels of flexibility and personalization.

15. Balance passion with wisdom

Finally, never lose focus and remember to be practical along the way. Entrepreneurship is not all about passion and emotion. At the end of the day, you need to make growing profits so you can stay financially healthy and live a comfortable life. While your passion keeps you inspired and motivated to sail through the tough times, wisdom, knowledge, and hands-on experience will help you stay focused on the right direction to success.


At this point, you should have a better idea about where to start with building your online venture. It’s great to start things from what you are passionate about, but make sure that you do have a well-thought out strategy and make good use of available resources.

For starters, eCommerce might be a great option. Only in the USA eCommerce grew by 16% in 2017, reaching $453.46 billion. By the year 2021, worldwide retail eCommerce sales should reach around $5 trillion in total. I think these numbers show that staring and now is a great time to start an online venture.


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