15 Beautiful and Modern Pre-built Page Layouts for Online Stores

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Shopping malls are being killed by online stores according to a Forbes article. The increasing demand for eCommerce stores has led, among others, to the appearance of eCommerce pre-made page layouts to help you get started. You can easily edit them with a drag and drop page builder like Visual Composer. Editing here means replacing images, text, prices, logos, changing colors etc. It doesn’t mean editing or adding code. Being able to build an online store faster than ever means in the end more pocket-money for designers.

Below are some beautiful examples of pre-built page and store layouts taken from a top selling eCommerce WordPress Theme on Themeforest.















Case Study: Shopkeeper’s pre-built page and store layouts

Demo content and pre-made layouts similar to those shown earlier will get your eCommerce project off to a fast start. The beauty of pre-made layouts is they serve both as idea generators and as conceptual designs. It is rarely necessary to start page building from a blank screen since the layouts are completely customizable. The popular Visual Composer’s drag and drop features allow you to rapidly create a web page one click at a time. Coding is not required.

Shopkeeper has every feature you need to create your website and start selling products online. Shopkeeper is a responsive theme–a critical feature if you want mobile shoppers to have easy access to your store and have a great user experience while visiting it.

Ample user documentation is included in Shopkeeper’s package, and dedicated user support stands ready if needed. You will find this theme easy to install and easy to use. Most if not all of its page building functions are intuitive, and you will rarely run into problems as you go along.

Here are a few examples of online stores created with Shopkeeper’s pre-made layouts:


As you can see, it is not difficult to install a layout and create precisely the look and feel you want. Shopkeeper’s authors created a tool that not only makes page building quick and easy but is a tool that anyone can use. Better yet, Shopkeeper is dedicated to eCommerce website building.

WooCommerce can be used with many other WordPress themes. Where Shopkeeper differs is that it was specifically developed to be used with WooCommerce. When you choose this theme, you are choosing a theme that is reliably supported by its authors and a theme that is constantly being updated and improved.

Final thoughts

WooCommerce is the most popular eCommerce platform on the web. Roughly a third of all online stores depend on it. It only makes sense to select a WordPress theme that was specifically developed for use with WooCommerce, and Shopkeeper is such a theme. It enables you to create beautiful online stores, and it contains everything you need to build them. It is powerful, easy to use, and as a user you can expect nothing short of quality support.

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