20 Incredible Illustrators You Should Be Following Right Now

Illustrators capture something whimsical in their quest to bring sketches or concepts to life. Illustrations can be simultaneously complex and simple, as they are meant to portray an idea clearly and efficiently.

Below we feature 20 exceptional artists you will want to remember, follow, and love. To see more work by the artists below, simply click the credits to be taken to their sites.

Matthew Wilson Dragon Boy

Matthew Taylor Wilson

With his quirky cartoons and one-of-a-kind characters, Wilson’s illustrations will appeal to your inner child. He also appears to be offering much of his work on Vecteezy.

kyle t webster

Kyle T Webster

Webster’s eclectic style boasts creativity and mastery of color. Pop culture and nostalgia both play a role in his designs. Through small details, his images often tell a broader story.

Camellie Breathe

Camellie Illustration

Like something from a storybook, Camellie’s art finds magic in little moments of everyday life. Her gifs and images cover the realistic to the fantastical, friendships, and loneliness. Like Wilson, we have found Camellie’s downloadable art at Vecteezy, too.

Lynn Scurfield The 100 percent Perfect Girl

Lynn Scurfield


A modern day Mary Blair, Lynn Scurfield’s art uses brush strokes and angles to make unique images. The layered effects of the characters and objects allow us to feel we are inside the piece rather than observing it.

Max Temescu

Max Temescu

Max Temescu’s style is comparable to whimsi-realistic animation styles, such as The Triplets of Belleville or Waltz with Bashir. Though his content varies, his pieces often feature adults and dogs in moments of tension.
alex andreev

Alex Andreev

Andreev’s surreal style combines hyper realistic elements with floating objects and landscapes. For a dreamlike experience, we recommend exploring his various series.

Natali Koromoto

Natali Koromoto

Natali Koromoto has done work for various companies, including Nickelodeon. Her bubblegum-anime artworks are available as prints, buttons, and apparel.

buff monster

Buff Monster

This mysterious artist, who goes only by the alias, “Buff Monster,” is known for his ice cream-monster images. These monsters are perhaps most famous for their frequent appearances in wall paintings. To see Buff Monster’s murals, we recommend visiting his site.

Patrick Leger Bullfighting School

Patrick Leger

Leger’s pieces have an old-fashioned charm that makes them wonderfully timeless. While his art is remnant of classic fashions and vintage sewing patterns, he sets his images apart with amazingly unique characters.

Gel Jamlang

Gel Jamlang

As we explore Jamlang’s art, we are given a small glimpse into this illustrator’s mind. The urban-Dali aesthetic provides a unique commentary on today’s culture.

Worldschooling Julian Callos

Julian Callos

Julian Callos’ pastels and dreamlike imagery serve to create visually stimulating works, many of which are fan-based. His characters are wonderfully varied from piece to piece, but each perfectly encapsulates his style.

Kate O'Hara VW Tortoise

Kate O’Hara

Not unlike Georgia O’Keeffe, O’Hara’s detailed images commonly feature skulls and flowers. Her scientific, nature-based illustrations are central to her style as a whole.

Nan Lawson Alcohol Whiskey Sour

Nan Lawson

With her watercolor designs, Nan Lawson illustrates what she loves, be it books, movies, or shows. She creates art in a fashion true to herself. If you like her stuff, be sure to check out the hand-signed prints on her site.

Cindy Fröhlich

Cindy Fröhlich

Fröhlich’s intricate illustrations are deeply colorful and and imaginative. She works to evoke specific (often upbeat) emotions in her audience.

Jesse Kuhn

Jesse Kuhn

Jesse Kuhn masters a retro color palette in his poli-comedic pieces. His art features a number of different subjects, including objects, people, animals, and creatures.

Simon Prades Series of Portrait Heads

Simon Prades

In viewing Prades’ work, you may feel you are viewing a blend of M.C. Escher and something all its own. These illustrations boast a powerful use of line and negative space to create images within images and beautiful illusions.

Alice X. Zhang

Alice X. Zhang

Alice X. Zhang is popular among fandoms for her fiery portraits of fictional characters, made to look like elaborate paintings. Her often explosive use of color works to accentuate her subjects in a way unique to her.

Stefan Große Halbuer

Stefan Große Halbuer

Adept at designing both minimalist images and detailed landscapes, Halbuer has a wonderful breadth of designs in his portfolio. Perhaps most interesting are his gifsets, which often show the steps in his design process.

Kevin Tong HARVEST

Kevin Tong

Tong uses vibrant color and exquisite detail to create larger than life images. His site features a rich curation of futuristic art. With his use of dark tones and familiar characters, his pieces truly resonate with viewers.

Miss Felidae Nebula Series

Miss Felidae

In her art nouveau style, Miss Felidae’s images appeal to an audience seeking enchantment. Her art varies in color and content, but her images are united by her specific use of line and symmetry.

As you can see, today’s artists consistently offer new styles and stories, pulling from a number of influences. To find more amazing illustrators, we recommend visiting Dribbble, Fuck Yeah Illustrative Art, Vecteezy, Creative Market, and Tumblr.

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