25 Epic Stock Photos to Take Your Designs to the Next Level

The title of the post may have been a little misleading. We hope this post will start your April Fool’s day off with an absurd amount of really bizarrely epic stock photos. Please, don’t use these in your designs.

Creepy Knight + Waffles = 10x conversions amiright?

Someone call Chips Ahoy becuase this photographer is ???

I’m not sure why she is so upset? If cheeseburgers were flying around my head I would be so happy.

He’s not wearing any pants which makes it extra creepy and gross.

At least he has a glass of wine, right?

Nice hat lady. Weighing the pros and cons of gluten-free have never be so obvious.

This is how I arrive to every client meeting. Not sure why she’s so angry?

Becuase that toy fish needs prayers.

So does that one.

Hey kid! You know thats not the Frozen DVD right?

Just eat it bro. And why are you not wearing a shirt?

“Oh yeah this would totally go crazy on Reddit! Lets use it!” – Client

Who the… I mean, what? Why!

So many questions. Why is he floating? Why no shoes? Why the look on his face? Everything else makes perfect sense.

She’d totally convince me to buy whatever it is you’re selling.

Lady you’re not actually driving anything. And your scarf is ugly.

But that eye shadow! Also, that avocado isn’t even ripe yet incase she had planned on making guacamole any time soon.

Because organic is so hot right now.

At least she is wearing a hard hat.


I hope he got an eyebrow waxing kit in his Easter basket.

Sweet dreams: more delicious than the flip side of my pillow.

I remember my first beer.


No thanks. I’ll pass.

Golden chicken feet: every model’s dream accessory.

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