20 Beautiful Nature Inspired Websites

How do I make a nature-inspired website?

A nature website is a website inspired by natural surroundings. These websites are ideal for travel-based companies, photographers, organic e-commerce, and adventure/travel blogs. Nature websites often have photos of spacious, rural surroundings, which take up much of the negative space on the site. Additionally, nature sites often have familiar and recognizable icons, logos, and graphics (i.e. a mountain logo or a leaf icon).

In this roundup we’ll showcase websites that use the sky, space, trees and plants, landscapes, or other elements from nature within their design. You’ll notice the use of large background videos and photos is becoming more popular. You’ll see a variety of different approaches, so hopefully it will provide you with some inspiration for your own work.

Designers Trek Tahoe 

Designers Trek Tahoe

Visit Humboldt

Visit Humboldt

Moonlight Glamping

Moonlight Glamping Website by Wix

Getaway Tiny House

Getaway Tiny House Nature Website

Wild Renfrew

Wild Renfrew Nature Inspired Website

Arctic Wild

Arctic Wild Nature Site



Kenauk Nature

Kenauk Nature Website

Travel Photographer

Travel Photography Nature Inspired Website

Fell and Mountain

Fell and Mountain Nature Inspired Site

Iceberg Quest


Cason’s Cove


Stephan Siegrist


Arizona Tourism and Travel


Jurassic World


Blackberry Farm


Charleston Visitor’s Bureau


Francis Ford Coppola Winery


Cheekwood Botanical Garden


Chris Dimond – Architect


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