25 Super-Useful Web Tools And Services

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Web designers and web developers, prepare yourself for the best showcase available out there. Below you will find 25 super-useful web tools and services that will heavily help you and your projects. There are different resources (a cloud storage solution, the best web development agency on the internet with an excellent track record, WordPress themes, Logo creators etc) that will cover almost any needs that you may have.



pCloud is your personal cloud space where you can store all your files and folders in a safe and professional way. This solution has more than 7 million users, 7 PB maintained files and is among the top 5 clouding services in the market, many people considering the first option. pCloud can be used on any type of devices and platforms, that will synchronize immediately between them: Web browser extension, iOS, Android, OSX, Linux or Windows. On your desktop computer, you will have a virtual drive that will be directly connected to the cloud. Everything you put there will be stored on their safe servers. The security level is like a Military base or maybe even better. For 6 months they have put 2,800 hackers, including different people from top universities and other organization to crack their software and the result was outstanding. The mission was impossible, nobody could do it. pCloud can be used by teams for collaboration as you can easily share documents. If your company is looking for a business solution, they have it. Check their website.

What is truly unique to pCloud is their lifetime license which starts from $125 and has great thing included: 500GB storage, 500GB download link traffic, Unlimited remote upload traffic and 30 days trash history.

You can start with the free plan which offers you 20 GB and after that upgrade. Use it 1 day and you will never let it go.

2. Tickera

Using the brilliant Tickera WordPress plugin, online ticket selling becomes super simple. Tickera has already been downloaded more than 80,000 times and based on the feedback of the customers, they are more than happy utilizing it. And before you ask, Tickera can be used with any well-crafted WordPress themes so there is no need for graphic designers and developers to modify the templates. Installation and setup process is as straightforward as it gets after which you will quickly have your online ticketing store.

Tickera is a complete solution having everything you may need included either directly to it or provided through 26 professional plugins (Bridge for WooCommerce, Seating Charts, Barcode Reader, MailChimp Newsletter, to name just a few). Tickera ticketing system comes with smartphone apps for iOS and Android platforms that are used to check the tickets in using your phone’s camera. They also have a cross-platform Chrome Desktop app which is perfect for checking attendees in on larger events or events and even without Internet coverage. So you can now finally host your event on the Moon or in a desert and still be able to check-in the tickets.

The pricing starts from $49 / year + a one time fee of $70. Keep in mind that there is 0% service fee, your money is yours.

3. Xfive


Xfive is delivering on time outstanding results since 2007 when they were working under the XHTML brand. It’s a complete web development agency that can do everything you need from them: front-end and back-end development, WordPress, Javascript, eCommerce, Sketch to HTML and much more. They have developed partnerships with several other agencies and companies that are short on manpower or they have won projects that they cannot handle alone. Whenever you need an extension of your company, hire them and they will help you finish your projects or respect the deadlines. These developers are friendly and they have a different approach. The process is transparent, you know every moment where your project is. They easily adapt to any kind of needs as they have worked with small companies, but also with huge corporations like Twitter, eBay or even Microsoft. Let them know the details of your project and they will gladly help you.

4. WhatFontIs


WhatFontIs is a great web platform where graphic designers, bloggers, advertisers, web developers, photographers and many others can find the font that they have seen and loved on a certain website or picture. It is totally free to use, it’s fast and the results are outstanding. There are only 3 steps to identify the font and the platform will suggest your alternatives. You start by uploading the image or you indicate the picture URL. Then WhatFontIs is doing its magic and finally, you find out which font is. If there isn’t a perfect match, you will receive 100 alternatives from which you can choose the one that resembles most your font. Most of these fonts are available for free. Try WhatFontIs, is free to use.

5. Ultra Theme

Ultra Theme

Ultra Theme is one of the most popular WordPress themes for web designers, developers and any guy who needs a complete, professional solution for intelligent websites. It comes loaded with 60+ pre-designed layouts, 11 great add-ons, a powerful drag & drop builder and much more that will help you customize your website. It can be used to create unlimited gorgeous websites and the standard license of $49 includes 1 bonus theme and 1-year support and updates. Check the Ultra theme.

6. Argento


Looking for one of the best Magento themes? Stop and check Argento. It was build from ground having in mind the e-commerce stores practices and according to Magento developers guidelines. Argento comes bundled with powerful 18 addons which will help you have a professional and friendly store. That means happy customers and more sales. The price is $125 for a Lifetime license.

7. MeridianThemes

Meridian Themes

MeridianThemes is among the WordPress themes players on the market, growing fast from month to another. Their themes are fully responsive, fast and secure, using the latest technologies. On their website, you will find gorgeous templates that can fit almost any kind of project. The pricing starts from $49 / theme.

8. Activello WordPress Theme


Activello is a clean, minimal multi purpose WordPress blog theme developer using Bootstrap front end framework making it fully responsive and mobile friendly. The theme is SEO friendly with Schema compatible structure that will make Google love your website. Activello theme is also fast to loads providing additional SEO and usability boost. Get it, it’s free to download and use.

9. HostingBooth

Hosting Booth

The competition is stronger and stronger and we all need a fast and secure hosting solution. After investing lots of money in building the website and after that advertising it, an offline website will be a catastrophic event. Check the hosting solutions that are the most popular and safe to use.

10. Codester


Codester is a complete marketplace for web designers and developers, pretty new on the market but having the whole WordPress community and others eyes on them. You can find pretty much everything on their website, starting from website themes to plugins, scripts, code, and apps. Check it.

11. Wideo


Wideo is the best video animation maker on the market for businesses. They are offering lots of templates and the web tool is super-simple to use. Wideo is offering a 7-day free trial and their first premium package starts from $59 / month (10 downloads per month, 1-minute video, 20 templates at your disposal).

12. Uncode WordPress Theme


Uncode is a pixel perfect creative multi-use WordPress Theme based on the well known and highly respected Visual Composer designed with terrific attention to details, flexibility, and performance. Start creating your new, intelligent and gorgeous website today. The price is $59 and it can cover any type of project.

13. Pagely – WordPress Hosting 


The Pagely® Managed WordPress hosting stack is built upon Amazon Web Services and it’s considered one of the best solutions on the market. Featuring developer friendly tools, shell access, and git integration, their WordPress VPS plans to deliver. Power-users & Developers rest easy knowing their instance is mirrored across Amazon availability zones for a quick recovery and amazing front AND backend performance.

14. Logo123


Logo123 is a logo creator with Artificial Intelligence, as you select your favorite designs, their algorithm learns your preferences and presents more designs that match your tastes. It is super simple to use and the results will amaze you. Give it a try

15. MailMunch 


MailMunch will help you increase your business by converting abandoning visitors into leads. It lets you create multiple types of gorgeous and professional opt-in forms so you don’t have to rely on one way of collecting leads. Their solution includes pop-ups, embedded forms, top bars, slide boxes and more. The pricing is budget friendly, the silver plan starts from only $6.3 / month.

16. Ucalc


With uCalc.pro, you can make a calculator or form without coding skills. A calculator can be easily created with the builder to fit any industry: from estimating quotes for entertainment websites to service cost calculations and placing orders via email or phone. By dragging fields and adding their values to a formula, you can configure a custom calculator in just 10 minutes.

17. uSocial.pro – An easy way to create Social buttons for your website


uSocial.pro is an easy-to-use builder of “Like” and “Share” social buttons. The metadata builder makes shares more attractive in social media and drives extra traffic to your website. Buttons have a modern design, lots of positioning options and a share counter. Clean code with asynchronous loading and well-developed layouts ensure stable and speedy work of buttons on any platform.

18. RumbleTalk

Rumble Talk

With RumbleTalk it takes two minutes to create your own stylish group chat. There are already more than 558,000 customers trusting and benefit by using their solution. It is Free and have also premium plans, The pricing starts from only $14 / month and include video and audio calls plus anything a user may need.

19. SalesMate – CRM solution


Salesmate is a complete CRM solution for any kind of business, small or large corporations. It is super-simple and intuitive to use and it will help you automate part of your daily tasks. They are offering a 15-day trial and the pricing starts from only $15 / month.

20. GoodieWebsite

Goodie Website

Goodie is made of highly talented developers that are having a different approach. They focus strictly on small business websites that can pay a fixed cost of $999. Goodie is making gorgeous websites that have the latest technologies, are fast and secure. Get in touch with them.

21. InvoiceBerry

Invoice Berry

InvoiceBerry is probably the best invoicing solution for small businesses and freelancers. It is packed with lots of useful features and building a professional invoice takes less than 60 seconds. They are offering a free forever plan that covers the basic needs (3 clients, 1 user, 2 templates) and their premium plans start from only $15/month.

22. Userlytics


Userlytics enables you to user test the user experience of your websites and competitor websites, unreleased Mobile Apps, advertisements, and social media content, at all stages of the design and development process. They capture the interaction, the verbal commentary of the participants, AND the participants themselves and their context through their webcam, so you can be sure they are your target Persona and not a professional tester.

Time on Task, Success/Failure and System Usability Scale (SUS) metrics. Branching logic that personalizes the user experience test script to the actions and responses of each participant, like moderated usability testing but with the scalability of unmoderated UX testing,  and much more. Check it out!

23. Ecommerce Themes

Ecommerce Themes

PSDCenter started in 2009 and since then they are doing great things, having an excellent track record. They can do pretty anything as a web development team, including eCommerce websites. The development team specializes in PSD to HTML services on various platforms like Shopify, Bigcommerce, WordPress, and more. Get in touch with them and start your project.

24. CloudCart


Cloudcart will help you sell online your products really fast, without having the usual high costs associated. Forget about spending lots of money, hiring developers and graphic designers etc. They can even help you connect the online store with your Facebook and eBay accounts. The pricing starts from only $7.49 / month.

25. EzeeRankTracker


Ezen Rank Tracker is considered the best solution on the market, having a great track record. It is super-simple to use, showing you exactly what you need in a matter of minutes. Most of the Companies out there Charge Monthly or Charge for Updates but Ezee Rank Tracker is One-off Fee. Its updated regularly from last 4 years and thats the speciality of this software.The cost is budget friendly: $99 for a lifetime license.

Most of the above web tools have free trials or even free plans, like InvoiceBerry. So it is super-simple to test these resources and check how your company will benefit. Please share your thoughts with us and other readers.

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