3 Solutions to Help Your Agency Manage Many Websites at Once

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Running an online web management and marketing agency can be both exciting and exhausting. You will face more stress as you scale your client base, especially if you need to manage all of your clients’ corporate websites. Fortunately, you can minimize the time you spend on website management by using a single platform to do so.

There are a lot of great tools that you can use to manage multiple client sites at once. Here are a few of them.



Duda is a popular web development and management platform that has been used to create nearly 13 million websites. It is a go-to solution for many design agencies, because it is an efficient platform for building and managing websites across many different industries.

Here are some of the key selling points.

Single login platform for multiple sites

Having to log in and out of numerous website-specific CMSs, development tools, design tools and hosting platforms  is a massive time sink. This is an even bigger waste of time if you need to manage sites for multiple clients on a regular basis. Since some clients need you to tweak their content, update style sheets, monitor their apps or post new blog posts every week, those lost minutes can really add up.

That won’t be an issue when you use Duda. You can take care of everything for all of your clients from one dashboard and manage login credentials for all client-side collaborators, so you don’t have to enter passwords manually for each one or even visit multiple administrator login screens. Deploying updates, adding SSL certificates, creating progressive web app versions of sites and more can all be done from a single location.

Managing all of your client websites through one centralized dashboard can easily cut an hour off of your team’s time per client each day.

Highly efficient web design tool

 When you are managing websites for your clients, sometimes you need to make some last-minute tweaks to the layout or change core elements of the design. This can be a massive pain if you need to change the templates for numerous pages on a given site at once – let alone if a few customers ask for updates around the same time.

The good news is that Duda has one of the most efficient what design platforms at your disposal. It comes with a very easy to use GUI drag and drop interface, and many design elements – including style sheets, widgets, page “sections” or even entire themes – can be managed with shareable libraries. You shouldn’t have any trouble making quick changes for multiple clients.

This should significantly shorten the time it takes to create and update websites for your clients. You can pass those time savings along to them in the form of lower prices when they ask for a website quote.

On the go editing

 Whether you intend to update the website periodically or leave that responsibility to your clients, it is important to have a simple platform that makes it easy to make changes. Duda offers on the go editing from mobile devices, which will save a lot of time and frustration when your clients’ sites need to be tweaked.

Assigning different permissions to various stakeholders

 You need a loyal team when you need to manage websites for multiple clients. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to manage your team as your client base grows. Here are some challenges that you will face and the solutions that Duda offers:

  • You need to make sure different people are designated certain roles. Duda allows you to create a number of different roles for each member on your team – and your clients’ teams. You can create a role for bloggers, designers, ecommerce experts and administrators. You can also assign a custom role for people that have more than one responsibility, but don’t need administrative privileges.
  • You will use different people to help manage different sites. One team member may be responsible for helping with Client A and C, while another will help with Client B, D and E. You can assign different permissions to each sites.

Since all of your clients’ sites are accessible through the same platform, you can easily change permissions for each team member on each site.

Ease of collaboration

 Managing websites for different clients can be overwhelming at times. It can be more overwhelming if multiple people are working on the same projects. You need to make sure that people don’t replicate each other’s work, undo changes or avoid opportunities to streamline certain overlapping processes.

This is another area where Duda can help agencies that need to manage sites for multiple clients. The platform has a number of tools that improve cross-team collaboration.

Your design team will be able to quickly communicate and make informed decisions when you need to incorporate new elements into final design for your clients’ websites. Duda is a dependable web design platform that has been used to create nearly 13 million websites. It comes with a number of impressive features that will create sites that stand out and impress any client.

If you are a web design or management agency pro, you will appreciate its efficiency, especially if you are managing sites for over half a dozen clients. The ability to manage all of these sites from a single platform, make quick design changes and easily collaborate with your team makes it an ideal solution for these agencies.


GoDaddy Pro

GoDaddy is a well-known domain registrar and hosting provider. The company has also created a new system for managing sites, called GoDaddy Pro. Godaddy Pro is a free service that you can use to manage your clients’ websites.

There are some other benefits as well. One benefit is that you can create “Restore Points,” in case you want to return to an earlier version of a site. This is especially helpful if a client site is modified by hackers or one of your team members makes a mistake.

When attempting to best manage your own sites, or even your clients, the following time-saving features and tools are in place.

  • Update core, plugins and themes across all your WordPress sites with one click
  • Automate WordPress backups, cloning and migrations
  • Get real-time performance, security and uptime monitoring for all your websites
  • Log in once for access to all your clients’ products
  • Manage DNS, set up email, configure hosting – all from a single dashboard
  • Buy for yourself or your customer or just email them a shopping list

You can also automate all cloning, migrations and WordPress backups. Since these processes can take a lot of time, it will save you if you need to handle them for many clients.

Another benefit is that you can get real-time performance and security feedback. This keeps any issues from falling between the cracks when managing sites for a number of clients. The good thing about creating a website or site management platform with GoDaddy, is that you know they are a solid name and won’t be going anywhere anytime soon.



Wix is a popular tool with a tremendous amount of functionality. The biggest selling point of Wix is its powerful website builder. Wix is usually known as a great platform for beginners who are wondering how to build a website from scratch. However, due to its wide collection of 500 templates and its most intuitive interface, Wix is also great if you need to quickly build and maintain new sites for multiple clients at once.

Through the use of online commercials, YouTube ads, and associating themselves with celebrities and popular online influencers, Wix has continued to improve its brand and the concept of creating a site without the need to hire a design team or learn to code yourself.

Another benefit of using the Wix platform and website builder, is the massive amount of apps they have available for users on their platform. With WordPress using plugins to help their users add more functionality to their site, Wix has created their own app market to provide users with many of these same features.

You can also manage client sites from your Wix dashboard. Unlike other drag-and-drop site builders, with Wix, you can build sites on more than one domain from a single login.

Choose a Reliable Platform to Manage All Client Sites in One Place

Managing websites for all of your clients can be overwhelming. Fortunately, there are a number of platforms that make it easier and more efficient. et started experimenting with at least one of these three today. You may be surprised by how much time you save.

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