Absolute Best Keyword Tools for Planning Web Content

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Part of having a successful website or blog is targeting the right keywords and phrases. This sounds like it would be an easy task, but with endless possible combinations of words and phrases, it can be quite difficult to find keywords that will generate traffic from search engines without putting you in competition with too many other sites.

Fortunately, there are a number of keyword tools online(some free, some paid) that can help with the process.

I’ve included links and details about a handful of these tools in this article. Some tools are designed specifically for creating and managing pay-per-click campaigns, but they can also be helpful if you’re just trying to optimize your site’s content.

Free Keyword Tools

Keyword Research Tool from Apogee Web Consulting
Cost: Free

This tool allows you to see what words and phrases are used in your competitor’s keyword meta tag.

keyword research tool

SEO Book’s Keyword Suggestion Tool
Cost: Free

One of the more useful and unique free tools, SEO Book’s Keyword Suggestion Tool not only gives you related words and phrases, but it also shows the search volume and provides links to the results from other keyword tools like Wordtracker and Keyword Discovery. The links help you to save time by not needing to visit a lot of different sites and perform repeated searches.

seo book keyword suggestion

SEO Book’s Keyword List Generator
Cost: Free

Are you having trouble coming up with a list of keywords for a PPC campaign? Type in your URL and a few keywords and this tool will generate a list for you.

keyword generator

SEO Book’s Keyword Misspelling Generator
Cost: Free

Sometimes searchers will spell words incorrectly. You can benefit from knowing common misspellings and using them in your PPC campaigns. This tool eliminates the need for you to figure out possible misspellings. Type in a word or phrase and you will get a list of possible mistakes.

misspelling typo keyword tool

Cost: Free

One of the most frequently used free keyword tools. Enter a word or phrase and Overture will show you related phrases and search volume for each.

wordtracker webapp tool

Google’s Keywords Tool
Cost: Free

A fairly simple and valuable tool that shows related keywords, search volume, and levels of competition. Provides a large number of suggestions based on pages that are ranking well in Google for the phrase that is entered.

google adwords planner

Good Keywords
Cost: Free

Includes keyword suggestions, misspelling suggestions, phrase builder, and more. One of the more simple programs that still includes multiple tools. Requires download.

good keywords windows app

Keyword Tools with a One-Time Cost

Rapid Keyword
Cost: $69.99 (one-time payment)

Rapid Keyword helps you to find the right keywords by showing results from both Google and Overture’s suggestion tools, as well as by providing possible misspellings. You can analyze the competition by seeing how many competitors are on the major PPC programs for particular words or phrases. Several keyword management tools are included. Offers a one-day free trial and a 60-day money-back guarantee.

rapid keyword app

The Permutator
Cost: $49.99 (one-time payment)

The Permutator includes a keyword suggestions tool as well as various tools to help create and manage lists of keywords. It also includes a typo tool and an ROI calculator. A trial version is available.

permutator app

Cost: There is a free version as well as $189 and $389 versions.

Web CEO is SEO software that includes a keyword tool. The keyword tool provides keyword suggestions, search volume, competing sites, and much more. Requires download.

web seo ceo website

Keyword Tools with On-Going Costs

Cost: $299 for a 1-year subscription (weekly and monthly options also available)

One of the leader keyword tools, Wordtracker will help you to find the right keywords and other phrases in which they are commonly used. There is an option for a free trial.

wordtracker website

Cost: Standard version is $49 per user (the first user per organization is free) plus 7.9% of the amount spent on ads managed by Marketo

Marketo is a complete PPC management program. It features keyword tools, bid management and optimization, and testing tools. There is an option for a 30-day free trial.

marketo seo tool

Keyword Discovery
Cost: $599

Compiles statistics from over 180 search engines. Features include keyword research, suggestions, misspellings, seasonal search trends, and more.

keyword webapp website

Cost: $35 per month

Wordze offers tools such as keyword research, historical keyword data, analysis of competitors, importing keywords, managing projects, and more.

wordze webapp