’60s Patterns and Backgrounds for Authentic Retro Designs

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If you’re looking for a bit of retro inspiration, ’60s patterns and backgrounds are the perfect place to start. Graphic design in the 1960s was all about experimentation, and that sense of adventure is still evident in many ’60s-inspired designs today.

Use ’60s patterns and backgrounds to add a touch of nostalgia to your work, whether you’re using them as part of a vintage-themed project or incorporating them into a more modern design. Either way, they’re sure to add some visual interest to your work.

If you’re not sure how to get started with ’60s patterns and backgrounds, we’ve got a few ideas:

  • Try pairing ’60s patterns with clean, minimalist elements to create a contrast between old and new.
  • Use ’60s patterns as background textures or overlays to add depth and interest to your design.
  • Combine multiple patterns to create a collage effect.
  • ’60s patterns and backgrounds can be overwhelming if used excessively, so use them sparingly. A little goes a long way.
  • Stick to a limited color palette to keep your design from looking too chaotic, but use bold, bright colors.
  • Use ’60s patterns as accents to add interest without overpowering the rest of your design.

’60s Patterns

Now that you know how to use ’60s patterns and backgrounds, it’s time to start incorporating them into your work. Here are some of our favorite groovy ’60s patterns. From retro floral to hippie mushrooms, you’re sure to find the perfect pattern for your project.

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Groovy Patterns and Backgrounds

Groovy 60s Patterns and Backgrounds

This groovy set of patterns and backgrounds is sure to set you up for sixties success. It comes with a combination of retro elements with a fresh modern take.

You’ll get 8 vector seamless ’60s patterns in all different styles — geometric, floral patterns, and abstract. Plus 8 funky vector backgrounds like a psychedelic butterfly, groovy wavy lines, and a retro sunset. It also comes with 16 editable PSD poster designs to use however you please. 

Hippie Patterns Collection

Hippie Patterns Collection

This collection of 1960s patterns was inspired by the hippie movement. It’s all about peace, love, and good vibes and has patterns with sun, smiles, and flowers in vintage colors and textures. It comes with 5 simple seamless patterns, 5 crazy patterns, and 4 bonus psychedelic backgrounds.

Retro Spring Patterns

Retro Spring Patterns

If you’re looking for the perfect vintage 60s seamless pattern with flowers for creating fabrics, stationery, wrapping paper, packaging, and textiles — look no further!

This collection includes 20 different seamless floral patterns, all in a funky orange and yellow color palette. Of course, you get the layered PSDs with your download, so you can easily change the colors to meet your needs.

60s Vector Floral Patterns

60s Vector Floral Patterns

When your design calls for a seamless pattern with flowers, turn to this massive collection! This vintage-inspired set comes with a whopping 72 groovy patterns, all with florals.

Use them for textiles, wallpapers, packaging, backgrounds, invitations, and so much more. They come as AI swatches, SVG, and PNG repeat tiles.

’60s Flower Vector Patterns

60s Flower Vector Pattern

This set comes with a bright, bold pattern with flowers in four different color choices — blue, brown, red, and yellow background.

Use this groovy pattern texture to add retro flair to packaging, make your own textiles, or add lots of peace, love, & color to a website. The possibilities are endless.

Retro 60s Seamless Patterns

Retro 60s Seamless Patterns

Don’t worry — not all ’60s patterns are floral. This set of 16 vintage 1960s seamless patterns has geometric shapes, pop art patterns, and abstract designs.

Use the transparent PNGs for scrapbooking, packaging, greeting cards, wallpapers, fabrics, branding, home decor, and so much more.

Groovy Flower Seamless Pattern

Groovy Flower Seamless Pattern

This pattern just screams vintage 60s with a whisper of warm fall colors, too. The retro floral seamless design is perfect for home decor projects, packaging, stationery, and textiles.

The download comes with a fully editable EPS, a high-resolution tileable JPG, and a tileable PNG with a transparent background.

Autumn ’69 Retro Vector Pattern Set

Autumn 69 Retro Vector Pattern Set

Here’s a set of 40 vector seamless patterns that are sure to bring that groovy vibe to your retro design.

These bright, colorful geometric patterns are perfectly suited for packaging, fabrics, stationery, and more. They have a watercolor look that will give a handcrafted aesthetic to your project. You’ll get 40 seamless patterns in AI, SVG, and PNG.

’60s Retro Floral Pattern Vector

60s Retro Floral Vector Pattern

Dust off your bell bottoms and fire up the VW bus! This retro design couldn’t be more ’60s if it were drawn by The Beatles themselves.

Use it for anything from textile design to website backgrounds to packaging and much more. This groovy flower power seamless pattern comes in AI and EPS.

Hippie Cartoon Seamless Pattern

Hippie Cartoon Seamless Pattern

There are times when you want to invoke the 1960s but with the design style of modern times. That’s when something like this cartoon-like style pattern comes in handy!

It’s full of fun vintage 60s references, like peace signs, VW buses, and psychedelic swirls, but in a modern doodle illustration. Your download will include a vector EPS, vector AI, and high-res JPG seamless pattern.

Vintage Flowers Seamless Patterns

Vintage Flowers Seamless Patterns

Here’s more flower power for you to choose from! This collection includes 8 seamless patterns and 8 digital papers, all in assorted vintage colors and ultra-high resolution.

These are perfect for vintage home decor, baby showers, party invitations, scrapbooking, website backgrounds, and more. 

Mushrooms Vector Pattern

Mushrooms Vector Pattern

It wouldn’t be the psychedelic sixties without some silly mushrooms, would it? This vector seamless pattern features 60s-style cartoon trippy mushrooms in a crazy color palette.

Use this pattern for scrapbooking, home decor, custom fabrics, party invitations, packaging, and social media graphics.

Retro Vintage Flowers Pattern

Retro Vintage Flowers Pattern

There’s no mistaking what entire decade this colorful pattern background is inspired by! This vector retro flower seamless pattern has the 1960s written all over it with its hippie daisies and peace signs.

Use it for anything from textile design to website backgrounds to packaging, social media, party invitations, and much more.

’60s Backgrounds

’60s backgrounds are the perfect way to add a touch of retro flavor to your work. Whether you want groovy daisies or psychedelic waves, these ’60s-inspired backgrounds are perfect for mod, hippie, and vintage-themed design projects.

Psychedelic Backgrounds

Psychedelic Backgrounds

These trippy, swirly, abstract backgrounds were popular in the ’60s. They feature bright colors and swirling patterns, creating a trippy and psychedelic effect.

These backgrounds are perfect for psychedelic art and other counterculture designs, websites, social media, video covers, album art, and more. You’ll get five high-resolution JPG files with this set.

Psychedelic Backgrounds Vol. 2

Psychedelic Backgrounds Volume 2

Here’s another set of swirly backgrounds you can use to create that trippy psychedelic aesthetic in your designs. The abstract swirling patterns give it a sense of movement and depth and invoke the happy vibes of the decade.

Use them for posters, flyers, social media graphics, websites, and packaging. This set comes with five high-res JPG files.

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Acid Waves Backgrounds

Acid Waves Backgrounds

If your project calls for some trippy ’60s-inspired abstract sunset rainbow background, then you’ve found it here! You’ll have your choice of acid waves or a more natural-looking sunset illustration.

These groovy designs are perfect for posters, home decor, flyers, and more. What’s more, they’re vector files so you can edit them as you see fit.

Acid Waves Backgrounds

Acid Waves Backgrounds 2

Here’s another set of vintage 1960s-inspired backgrounds with a trippy hippie carnival vibe. Use them to make far-out event posters, album covers, show flyers, groovy social media graphics, and wacky packaging.

You’ll get editable design vector files, so you can change colors and edit however you want.

Retro 60s-70s Backgrounds

Retro 60s-70s Backgrounds

Smilies, daisies, checks, waves, and animal print — all in a warm color palette. That is certainly ’60s, baby! Feel the good vibes?

Use these vintage 1960s groovy backgrounds for album art, concert posters, business brands, packaging, home decor, web graphics, and social media graphics. You’ll get 6 high-res JPGs.

Groovy Daisy Retro 60s Digital Paper

Groovy Retro Daisy 60s Digital Papers

Just like the ’60s, this collection of digital papers is all about peace and love. It comes with 16 groovy backgrounds featuring daisies and peace signs in cool pastel colors.

Use them for birthday party invitations and decor, scrapbooking, wallpapers, crafts, social media graphics, and more.

Retro Groovy Paper Backgrounds

Retro Groovy Paper Backgrounds

Inspired by the warm sunsets and groovy decor of the ’60s and ’70s, this set of ten retro paper texture backgrounds is perfect for event flyers and posters, social media graphics, video covers, album art, packaging, and home decor.

The collection includes ten different high-resolution JPG files. 

Retro Background Set

Retro Background Set

Here’s a fun set of geometric backgrounds with a bit of a mid-century modern aesthetic. These are perfect for wall art, home decor, branding projects, packaging, social media graphics, posters, flyers, and more.

You’ll get eight different backgrounds in vector EPS and high-res JPG.

Simple Bounce Backgrounds

Simple Bounce Backgrounds

Vintage 1960s designs don’t always have to include daisies and peace signs. Sometimes you can just use simple abstract colors and shapes to invoke the feeling of the decade.

This collection of backgrounds comes with 20 different high-res JPG files, all with simple pastels and abstract shapes, inspired by the ’60s.

60s Retro Trip Revival Digital Papers

Retro Trip Digital Papers

This collection includes 12 groovy hand-drawn designs with a variety of 60s-inspired backgrounds including florals, geometric shapes, circles, and other retro elements.

Use them for scrapbooking, website backgrounds, social media graphics, and more. You’ll get 12 high-resolution JPG files.

Trippy Retro Background

Trippy Retro Background

Here’s a trippy melting rainbow background that’s a perfect background for event posters, party invitations, album covers, book covers, flyers, social media graphics, websites, and home decor. Plus, it comes in vector format so you can edit it to suit your exact needs. Far out!

Using These ’60s Patterns and Backgrounds in Your Designs

The ’60s were a groovy time. We had all the peace and love we could handle, and everyone looked cool doing it. If you’re looking to add some retro flair to your designs, why not use these ’60s patterns and backgrounds? They’ll give your work that extra bit of style that’ll have everyone saying, “Yeah, baby!”

And if you’re looking for more ’60s-inspired design resources, check out our collection of groovy ’60s fonts.

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