Groovy ’70s Color Palettes with Hex Codes

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70s Color Palettes

We’re taking you back to the 1970s, where groovy colors and vibrant palettes ruled!

Colors from this era are known for being earthy and warm, and ’70s palettes contain colors that often clash with each other. It’s a vibe unique to the decade, which makes it easy to use ’70s color palettes to capture the retro feel of the era.

Whether you’re working on a ’70s-inspired website, branding project, or home design, ’70s color palettes can offer a unique visual that stands out and gives your project a vintage aesthetic. (And don’t forget to use the ’70s fonts and ’70s patterns to complete the look).

70s Color Palettes

From psychedelic purples and oranges to deep blues and greens — there were so many fun color combinations from this era. Now it’s time to get creative with your graphic designs using these iconic colors.

We’ve collected 21 fabulous ’70s color palettes complete with their Hex Codes, so you can easily add them to your design projects. If you need help choosing colors, these palettes should prove to be extremely useful.

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Groovy ’70s

Groovy 70s Color Palettes

This ’70s-inspired palette is the epitome of ’70s style. It includes dark pastel red, beige, teal, and brown. This color palette is a perfect choice for vintage logos, product packaging, and retro poster designs.

Far Out

Far Out 1970s color palette

It’s easy to create a ’70s vibe with this vibrant color palette. It features light green, off-white, gold, and burnt orange. Use it for ’70s-inspired illustrations, home decor, and party decorations.

Dream On

Dream On color palette

This retro color palette is inspired by ’70s dreamscapes. It features burnt sienna, light khaki, dark orange, and vivid aqua for a pop of color. This is a perfect palette for an eco-friendly business because of its natural, earthy tones.

1970s Rainbow

1970s Rainbow Color Palette

Bring 1970s style to life with this bright and bold palette. It includes red, peach, teal, and navy blue. This retro 70s color palette is perfect for party invitations, posters, social media graphics, and ’70s-inspired textile designs.

Flower Power

Flower Power

Here’s another classic 70s color palette. It includes warm, earthy colors – orange, tan, brown, and green. This one would be perfect for environmentally-friendly product packaging, branding projects, and travel-related designs.

Goin’ Bananas

Goin' Bananas

This retro 70s color palette is a party in itself! Featuring orange, yellow, teal, and pink, the bright, bold 70s color scheme makes this a perfect palette for retro posters, party invitations, greeting cards, and beauty product packaging.

’70s Sunset

70s Sunset Color Palette

Capture the beauty of a ’70s sunset with this colorful palette. It features light orange, white, light peach, and bold red. This ’70s-inspired palette is a groovy choice for interior design projects, product packaging, and social media graphics — any project that calls for warm, bold colors with a retro vibe.

 Brick House

Brick House

This palette includes the 70s-inspired colors olive green, banana yellow, marigold, and fiery orange. Tapping into ’70s nostalgia, this earth-toned palette is perfect for travel, eco-friendly, and health food projects. 

Disco Queen

Disco Queen

Bring out your inner Disco Queen with this collection of colors! It features raspberry, pink, beige, and orange. This groovy palette is perfect for retro beauty and makeup packaging, social media graphics, and fashion branding projects.

Disco King

Disco King

With a perfect variety of light and dark colors, this collection of ’70s-inspired colors is ideal for vintage-style logos, posters, and textile designs. It features dark army green, off-white, teal green, and ruddy brown. Disco King will bring your project to life with its bold combination of colors. 



This palette will take you on a trip back to the 1970s. It contains olive green, golden yellow, pale cerulean, and dark brown. This palette clashes in a good way and is perfect for vintage-style illustrations, print design projects, and ’70s-inspired packaging designs.



This palette will help you chill and relax with its calming, feminine aesthetic. Featuring vermilion, pink, alabaster, and teal, this ’70s-inspired palette is perfect for peaceful home designs, branding projects, and beauty & health packaging designs.

Jeepers Creepers

Jeepers Creepers

This beautiful color palette is all about making a statement. Featuring dark teal, muted gold, peach, and teal, Jeepers Creepers is a fantastic choice for branding projects for travel-related companies, boho-inspired graphic designs, and interior design projects.


Boogie - 70s Color Palette

Bring ’70s flair to life with this cool palette. Featuring dark brown, off-white, gold, and aqua blue, Boogie is a great choice for vintage-style posters and illustrations, textile designs, and branding projects.


Slammin' 1970s Color Palette

Looking for a palette with brighter colors? Check out this bright and bold palette! Featuring an array of jewel tones, Slammin’ includes deep purple, vibrant gold, copper, and fuchsia. This 70s-inspired palette is perfect for product packaging, social media graphics, and retro graphic designs.



Bring ’70s vibes to any project with this fun and funky palette. With brown, peach, khaki, and bright orange, this one is perfect for retro advertisements, product packaging, and custom textiles. 

Stellar ’70s

Stellar 70s Color Palette

As the name suggests, this ’70s-style palette is out of this world! With colors like dark purple, sand, lime green, and copper penny, Stellar ’70s is a solid choice for retro party invitations, posters, social media graphics, and fabric designs.



This ’70s color palette evokes feelings of peace and harmony. It features navy blue, tan, bright yellow, and kelly green. Peace is a great color combination for eco-friendly projects, travel-related designs, and health & beauty branding initiatives.

 Good Vibes

Good Vibes

Bring some good vibes to your project with this cheerful color palette. Featuring orange, sand, harvest gold, and light teal, Good Vibes is perfect for any retro, surf-style projects, party invitations, social media graphics, boho designs, and product packaging.



Make a bold statement with Psych, featuring a combination of colors with a vintage feel — dark burgundy, sand, copper penny, and dark green. Psyche is a bold choice for logo designs, posters, and ’70s-style illustrations.

 ’70s Sunshine

1970s Sunshine Color Palette

This beautiful color palette will bring some sunshine into your project! Featuring police blue, tan, golden yellow, and sea blue, ’70s Sunshine is an excellent choice for retro designs with a modern twist. This palette is perfect for branding projects and home decor & interior designs.

Final Thoughts on 1970s Color Palettes

Using retro color combinations in your designs is an easy way to add ’70s flair to any project. Whether you’re looking to make a bold statement or add subtle vintage vibes, this collection has a ’70s color palette that will help you make your project stand out. So go ahead and get groovy with these ’70s color palettes!

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