Awesome ’90s Color Palettes with Hex Codes

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90s Color Palettes

Are you a graphic designer looking to add some fly ’90s flavor to your projects?

If so, you’ve come to the right place!

1990s color palettes are a great way to bring a retro touch to your designs. With their bold, bright hues and soft pastels, ’90s color palettes are sure to make any project pop.

’90s Color Palettes

The nineties are trending again, and there’s no better way to inject a bit of that decade into your projects than with these vibrant colors. We’ve created a selection of ’90s color palettes with hex color codes so you can easily use them when choosing your colors.

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’90s Neon

90s Neon Color Palette

This ’90s neon color palette is perfect for making any project stand out. With a mix of bright colors, it creates an eye-catching look that’s sure to get noticed.

It’s great for projects that need a splash of pizzazz, such as logos, posters, and even websites.


Electric Color Palette

This palette is perfect for projects requiring a bold and daring color palette. The mix of fluorescent colors creates an exciting – electric – vibe that will make any project stand out from the crowd.

It’s great for projects that need a dynamic punch, such as magazine covers, album art, video game graphics, and social media graphics.

’90s Icon

90s Icon Color Palette

Our ’90s Icon color palette is perfect for capturing the spirit of the decade. With its mix of bright orange, pink, green, and purple, it creates a youthful and energetic atmosphere that will take your viewers back in time.

This palette is ideal for fun and playful projects, like promotional materials, children’s books, or even websites.


Fly Color Palette

Bring ’90s nostalgia to your projects with this fly color palette. It features a mix of loud colors — lime green, bold pink, bright blue, and vivid orange — that will create an edgy look perfect for any project that needs attitude.

’90s Bling

90s Bling Color Palette

Go all-out glam with this ’90s Bling color palette. Featuring gold, hot pink, aqua, and bright purple, it creates a totally ’90s luxury vibe that’s perfect for any high-end brand’s throwback campaign or social media graphics.

Classic ’90s

Classic 90s Color Palette

This color palette will add a classic ’90s touch to any project. With its mix of pink, light green, black, and brown, it creates a calm and peaceful vibe that will leave viewers feeling relaxed.

It’s ideal for projects that require a softer look, such as greeting cards and illustrations.


TGIF Color Palette

What better way to add ’90s vibes to your project than with this palette? Its mix of hot pink, vivid yellow, soft blue, and purple creates an upbeat atmosphere that’s ideal for any project calling for a cheerful look.

It’s great for projects such as greeting cards, websites, advertisements, and social media graphics.


Dial Up Color Palette

Give your project an old-school blast with our Dial-Up palette. It features a mix of pastel pink, aqua, and purple paired with black. This creates a nostalgic vibe that’s perfect for any project calling for a retro touch.

This palette is perfect for ’90s party flyers, wedding invitations, and even websites.

Fanny Pack

Fanny Pack Color Palette

Bring ’90s style to any project with this Fanny Pack palette. Its mix of bright blue, yellow, and red, paired with earthy sand, makes it a hella perfect choice for fashion and apparel projects, logo designs, and video game art. 

Oh Snap

Oh Snap Color Palette

Looking to create something cool and edgy, ’90s-inspired with a modern twist? Oh snap, you’ve found the perfect color palette! Try it for logos, websites, branding packages, and more.

Muted ’90s

Muted 90s Color Palette

The nineties weren’t all bright colors. Here’s an awesome ’90s palette that combines a range of earth tones paired with dusty rose and a light blue.

It’s perfect for creating logos, posters, and vintage-style graphics.


Y2K Color Palette

This ’90s flashback is ideal for any project that needs an extra pop of color. Y2K features a range of warm colors — mustard yellow, deep red, and dusty rose, paired with dark green.

This is great color inspiration for interior design projects, apparel, and branding designs.

’90s Rainbow

90s Rainbow Color Palette

This ’90s color combination is full of bright, fun colors that will take any project to the next level. ’90s Rainbow includes hot pink, sky blue, bright yellow, and olive green — bright rainbow colors with a ’90s twist!

This palette is perfect for projects like posters, flyers, and social media graphics. 

’90s Pastels

90s Pastels Color Palette

For a more subtle look, ’90s Pastels has you covered. This color scheme includes a range of muted tones, including sky blue, light green, pale yellow, and lavender.

Pastel color palettes are great for website design, logos, and baby or beauty product packaging.


Booyah Color Palette

If you want the quintessential ’90s look, Booyah is what you need. This bold color palette is made up of vibrant colors like bright pink, blue, green, and yellow – perfect for projects like flyers, posters, or cartoon illustrations.

Channel 3

Channel 3 Color Palette

This vintage color palette is all about nostalgia. Channel 3 brings back the classic ’90s look with its bright aqua, gray, and earth tones. It’s perfect for projects like vintage-style logos, web design, and product packaging. 

Wicked ’90s

Wicked 90s Color Palette

This color palette is all about ’90s culture. Wicked ’90s brings together vibrant color swatches of green, yellow, purple, and red — perfect for projects like album covers, book covers, t-shirt art, and advertising designs.

Chill Pill

Chill Pill Color Palette

Chill Pill has a mixture of ’90s-style pastel colors paired with deep purple to create a relaxed vibe. This color combination is ideal for projects that call for a laid-back aesthetic, like greeting cards, invitations, stationery design, and website graphics. 

 Da Bomb

Da Bomb Color Palette

Take your ’90s design to the next level with Da Bomb. It’s a palette of bold and bright colors – brown, yellow, purple, and aqua.

It’s perfect for projects like logos, posters, and illustrations that need an extra ‘oomph.’

 Yada Yada

Yada Yada Color Palette

If you’re looking for a ’90s palette with a modern twist, Yada Yada is the one to go with. This mix of bright teal, black, persimmon, and sand will create an eye-catching look perfect for websites, packaging, social media graphics, and more.

Use These ’90s Color Palettes in Your Designs

’90s color palettes offer a unique way to bring a retro touch to any project. With their bright and bold hues or soft pastels, these colors will surely add some ’90s flair to your designs. So get creative and start experimenting with these ’90s color palettes today.

And, if you want your project to be all that and a bag of chips, be sure to use a ’90s background and a ’90s font in your design, too!

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