A Call for Your Articles About Social Media

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I’m compiling a list of blog posts about social media and I’m asking you, my readers and visitors, to submit your work (if you cover the topic of social media). I’d like to work together to create a great list of resources that can benefit everyone. Here’s how it will work:

– Submissions will be accepted through Friday, November 9th.

– You can submit up to 3 posts per writer (if there are too many I may have to limit how many are published from each person).

– Submissions can be new posts or already existing posts.

– I’ll be categorizing them and publishing the collection a few days after the 9th.

– Posts can cover a specific social media site, a specific aspect of social media, or they can be general in nature.

I can’t guarantee that all submissions will be posted, but if it’s on topic there’s a really good chance. It’s an easy way to get a link to one (or more) of your posts. The submission form is below. Thanks in advance for your participation.

Submissions are now closed.

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