About Us

At Vandelay Design, our primary focus is equipping creatives, small business owners, and entrepreneurs with the right tools to make their business venture a success.

We strongly feel that education is one of the main keys to success, so our blog is the heart and soul of our site. Educating you–our readers–makes what we do meaningful and worthwhile. The goal of our blog is to provide designers, photographers, developers, freelancers, bloggers, and business owners with the latest design news and trends, while also supplying them with the creative bouts of inspiration that we all need for success.

The Story of Vandelay Design

Vandelay Design was launched in 2007, making it one of the oldest active design blogs online. The site was launched as a combination of an experimental playground and a portfolio website. The blog posts quickly became popular, thanks to the social networks of the time like Digg, Delicious, and StumbleUpon. By the end of 2007, more than 100,000 visitors were coming to the site each month to read the blog posts.

Over the years, Vandelay Design became known as a go-to source for design inspiration and resources. More than a decade later, we’re still going strong, and we’re still committed to serving designers everywhere.

As of 2021, Vandelay Design has served more than 50 million visitors since its launch. Though much has changed in the industry during that time and many design blogs have come and gone, we’re proud to be still providing readers with resources and inspiration, and we’re excited about the future.

The Vandelay Design Team

Marc Andre, Blog Manager and Content Strategist

Marc Andre

Marc is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the blog. He plans new content, communicates with affiliate partners, and writes some of the content being published to the blog. Marc has been a blogger and freelance writer for more than a decade with experience in web design, photography, entrepreneurship, and finance. Connect with Marc on LinkedIn.

Jake Rocheleau, Featured Contributor

Jake Rocheleau

A key contributor, only Steven has published more articles on the Vandelay Design blog than Jake. In addition to our blog, Jake has also been a regular contributor at sites like Speckyboy and Hongkiat. Connect with Jake on LinkedIn.

Laura Spencer, Featured Contributor

Laura Spencer

Laura Spencer is a freelance writer with over 20 years of writing experience. Laura has managed her own writing business since 2002, and her current writing specialties include business writing, copywriting, and web content. Connect with Laura on LinkedIn.

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