7 Ad Networks for Design Bloggers

In recent years as the number of blogs and websites in the design/development industry has drastically increased, several ad networks have been established specifically with the purpose of serving this industry. Just like the number of blogs and websites in the industry increasing, new products and services are constantly coming out to target this audience, and the networks showcased in this post exist to bring advertisers and publishers together.

If you’re a blogger or a website owner in this niche you may be looking for a way to sell ads on your site. Here you’ll find 7 networks to consider. Many are invitation-only networks, but generally they do accept suggestions for new sites to be included in their network.


BuySellAds is currently the most popular option for design blogs and other sites in the design/development niche. According to their website, over 2,900 sites are using BuySellAds. In order to place BSA ads on your site you will need to be approved for the program, but it is not invitation only. BSA provides publishers with a lot of flexibility in terms of ad sizes and even how the prices are determined (flat monthly rate vs. CPM).

BSA is unlike the other options on this list in that you are not limited to the number of ads that can be shown on your website. Of course, the number of ads will have an influence on how much you are able to charge advertisers, but you’ll be able to decide how many ads you want to use, what sizes, and where you want to place them. BSA’s commission is 25% of the ad revenue, so you will get 75% of whatever the advertisers are charged. BSA is also unlike other ad networks listed here in that advertisers will be buying and ad specifically for your site, rather than buying an ad that will be shown across the entire network.

The Vandelay Design Blog has been using BSA for over two years now and we have had nothing but positive experiences.


The Deck

The Deck has been around since 2006 and is a selective, invitation-only network. Only one ad impression is shown per page view, and The Deck is selective with the advertisers that are accepted. The ads that are served through The Deck are small 120 x 90 banners with room for 80 characters of text.

The reputation of The Deck makes it an appealing network for publishers who are able to get accepted to the program. Their website does not include a form to submit your site for approval, but they do recommend using a contact link/email to make a request.

The Deck


AdPacks.com is a division of BuySellAds. Unlike the standard ads through BSA, AdPacks.com is invitation-only and publishers show only one ad per page. Advertisers can purchase ads target sites that focus on design, usability/UX, or web development. If you think your blog or site would be a good fit for one of their AdPacks you can fill out their contact form to request inclusion.

Fusion Ads

Fusion Ads is an invitation-only network where publishers show only one ad per page. Advertisers can purchase ads for one month, a one week burst, or for one day. Ads are 130 x 100 and 80 characters of text.

Fusion Ads


InfluAds publishers also serve just one ad per page. The ads are either 120 x 90 or 154 x 70, both with 60 characters of text. Publishers decide which ad size they would prefer to show. InfluAds keeps a fee of 19.2%. InfluAds classifies publishers into the following communities: startups and entrepreneurs, work and productivity, design and UX, and web development.

You can request to join InfluAds through their site.


Yoggrt is an ad network that is currently in beta. Publishers will receive 100% of profits during beta. The ads shown through Yoggrt are 160 x 90 with 80 characters of text. Yoggrt recently updated their site to say that they have temporarily closed the network to new publishers, but they plan to re-open in a few months.


What Ad Networks Have You Used?

If you have any experience with these ad networks (or others that are applicable to design blogs) please feel free to share in the comments section.

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