Ditch Coding and Get Super Adaptive Images and a Modern Website

Employing modern web design techniques requires keeping abreast of ever-changing technologies and the latest design trends.

The advent of mobile devices for example, ushered in the need for responsive images; particularly for online marketing and retailing purposes.

Images can cover more than half a page in a modern website’s design. It has been that way for more than two years, and the use of images as opposed to text continues to grow. The proliferation of mobile devices, and the correspondingly wide range of resolutions they require, compounds the problems web designers face.

This example shows how a modern theme, Uncode, is used to create a modern website that promotes a movie. It illustrates the impact the appropriate use of imagery can have.


Why You Want the Most Advanced WordPress Theme Grid System

Before zeroing in on the uses of images, it’s important to take a meaningful approach to delivering web pages in their entirety.

That means selecting a WordPress theme that does not place limitations on the types of layouts that you, the designer, may wish to create.

With Uncode, you can create any layout that lies within the realm of possibilities, plus a few layouts you might have considered to be impossible to produce. This WordPress theme, with its unique, highly-advanced grid system, has dozens of options that can be mixed and matched in any way you wish.


You can work with boxed or fluid layouts, limited or full-width layouts, responsive layouts, and on and on. You also have complete control over the use of white space, gaps, paddings, and content block widths, along with the use of skins, and parallax effects.

Insofar as images are concerned, Uncode has taken what could be a huge problem for a designer, and made it a hardly a problem at all.

As a designer, you want to deliver the highest quality image needed for a particular device, and nothing more. Overkill goes hand in hand with load time, and nothing will be gained from a viewer’s perspective.

This Hot New Asynchronous Adaptive Image System is Your Friendly New Design Companion

Uncode’s Adaptive Image System functions by detecting a visitor’s screen size, after which it creates appropriately rescaled versions of your images and web pages.

Check out its adaptive asynchronous images system here – Tom Robak


This is the opposite of the traditional way in which responsive images are supposed to work. The Uncode approach will work with nonstandard screen sizes, as opposed to a preselected set of standard screen sizes.

In the traditional way, every image you have in your website, or on a webpage, requires a separate http request to a server.

String enough of these requests in serial, and you begin to have performance issues. You’ve probably noticed this in some image-rich websites.

You can of course limit the http requests by dropping images, but that could be at cross-purposes to your UX objectives. After all, images communicate much more effectively than does text. Viewers don’t read pages, they scan them.

The Undsgn team that produced the Uncode theme realized the problems serial http requests can lead to.

To avoid these problems, they developed an asynchronous image-gathering solution in which the code loops through and requests images on almost an instantaneous basis – the next best thing to a purely parallel request.

From the designer’s and viewer’s perspectives, multiple images appear to be downloaded in parallel, even when they may come from separate servers.

Examples of Modern Websites That Focus on Images

Large website images command a user’s attention. They pack a punch, and they can even tell a story. They can make a business’s unique value proposition stand out, often without requiring the use of text.

Large, informative images are becoming a staple in modern-day websites. With Uncode, large images can be used freely, and without negatively impacting load times or responsiveness – as these five modern designs clearly and effectively demonstrate.

Awesome Websites created with Uncode

Sugar Hill


Thomas Schuppisser

View the awesome grid system


Cool Websites included in Uncode

Below are examples of websites that you will receive when you purchase Uncode WordPress Theme. You can find them all here.

Creative Agency


Creative Artist


Blog Metro


And many more…


A Few More Words About Uncode, and the Features You Will Love


It can be said that the most impressive Uncode feature is nothing more than its modern, totally innovative design. That is what 70% of its users will tell you. 80% will tell you about the positive new and unexpected experiences they’ve had when using this theme, and how much they are impressed by what these core features can do for them:

  • Hierarchical theme options, centralized typography and color options, and an enhanced medial library.
  • A design that involves fewer modules, but provides greater flexibility for the user.
  • Masonry/Isotope and Carousel formats that are the most advanced on the market.
  • Built-in headers.
  • 1-click demos.
  • Outstanding documentation and support.

A Theme Preferred by a Growing Number of Designers


Uncode is a modern theme in any way you care to define modern. It only makes sense to use a brilliantly designed, modern theme to keep pace with the latest website design trends. Uncode is also a smart theme; smarter than the competition.

If you have any doubts, simply check out the asynchronous Adaptive Image System, or the Advanced Grid System, that is the most advanced feature of its type in any WordPress theme. Try it out, and it’s almost certain that it will soon become your design tool of choice.

This is a sponsored post on behalf of Undsgn’s Uncode.

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