12 Must-Know Advantages of PHP

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PHP Developer
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A popular choice in today’s web world is using PHP. PHP is a general-purpose scripting language that is especially suited to server-side web development where PHP generally runs on a web server. Its clarity in design, well-organized modules, and better upkeep of various technologies, make it the most popular language in the online industry today.

Its popularity and credibility can be gauged by the fact that reputed organizations like Harvard University and popular social networking site Facebook, both are based on PHP. This is possible because PHP websites can be easily maintained, improved, and updated from time to time.

Having said that, let us examine a few good reasons for you to pick PHP for your website.

Advantages of PHP

1. Open Source

PHP is Open Source. This means it is readily available and absolutely free! If you are planning to hire PHP developers and they have a good background in C and Java, they will do excellently in PHP. If the truth be spoken, PHP is actually much simpler than the rest so you can stay assured of fabulous results.

2. Cross-Platform

PHP is cross-platform and therefore enables operation across various operating systems. It works excellently on LINUX, UNIX, and Windows platforms. What’s more, it interfaces effortlessly with Apache/MySQL.

3. Support

PHP, as mentioned before, is very popular. Therefore, there are a number of references and guidelines available on the net. One can also find many support groups, forums, and teams supporting PHP. Stuck somewhere? There’s always enough online library support to get you through. This wealth of online support is also available in multiple languages.

4. High Returns

PHP often enables people to create dynamic websites. This ensures more visitor participation and thereby better returns.

5. Huge Community

The PHP community is a large one. Owing to its popularity, there are many PHP developers, PHP contributors, PHP users, and employers that are offering PHP jobs. If you are looking to hire PHP developers, then you are definitely not alone.

6. Embedding

What makes for an interesting quality is that PHP can be easily embedded into HTML. This makes it very easy for one to convert an already existing static website, into a bold and new dynamic one.

7. SFS

Stability, Flexibility, and Speed are the chief qualities that attract business owners to choose PHP.

8. Bright Future

Although PHP is already well established, its future prospects are infinite. The keynote is that PHP is loosely typed. This makes simple scripts much faster to develop. One has to devote much less energy to design.

9. Quick

PHP, being very fast to develop ensures that there is a quick turnaround time. When you hire PHP developers, their efficiency brings you an online solution that you were probably seeking for a long time.

10. Extensions

PHP has multiple extensions and is extremely scalable. When you hire PHP developers, they ensure that the results are measurable. This helps you calculate your ROI and gives you a better position over the competition.

11. Other Tools

If you need to access other web-based tools like Google maps (which is always advisable for a business website), or any other, PHP makes it easy to access.

12. Pre-Configured

More often than not, many hosting services have a “ready to use” PHP setup. This does not require any special configuration. Of course, if you need a high-security kind of website, you can easily go ahead modify it.